Chanel Collection Libre Synthetic for Holiday 2016: Architectonic & Hyperfresh

November 3, 2016
Chanel surprised us all with their Christmas makeup collection this year, that is to say, it is as far away from golds and warm berry hues as one might imagine.  Instead, for her first Holiday collection, global creative makeup and colour director Lucia Pic has taken inspiration from urban architecture and materials.  It may take some getting used to, but for the jaded makeup junkie who has seen the same ornate, gold-themed Christmas palettes on repeat year after year, Collection Libre Synthetic de Chanel is a refreshing change!  The collection is tightly curated with only 9 pieces, and today I would like to share with you the limited edition Architectonic Eyeshadow Palette and Joues Contraste Blush in Hyperfresh.
collection libre synthetic de chanel

In an unexpectedly bold move, Chanel has given us an exceptionally modern and edgy eyeshadow palette that is runway-worthy.  Architectonic Eyeshadow Palette comes encased in a cool reflective silver pan, and matching silver and blue carton packaging.

chanel architectonic eyeshadow palette packaging

Housed within the classic palette are 5 steely hues of gleaming silver and blues, for an unconventional yet wearable modern rendition of the smoky eye.

chanel architectonic eyeshadow palette

I know many fans are disappointed by the lack of intricate embossing on these powders (but fear not, for Chanel has something else to meet our collectors’ desires!), but personally I am secretly glad because I don’t feel bad jumping right in with my brush.  And Architectonic is surely one that deserves to be used over and over again, because the textures are amazing!  At first glance, Architectonic reminded me of the Oiseaux de Nuit Les 5 Ombres from Holiday 2014, but apart from the layout of the eyeshadow pans, the two have nothing in common.  Architectonic is a brand new formula that has a powder texture but the colour intensity of gel.

chanel architectonic eyeshadow palette swatches

The swatches above are all single swipes, and apart from the blue on the extreme left, all the shades have an intensity that I have never seen from Chanel before.

From left to right (corresponding to their placement in the pan):

I am incredibly drawn to the dark metallic navy with all those gorgeous shimmers, and even though Architectonic lacks any matte soft base shades to work with, the silvers blend out very nicely!


To prove to you how wearable Architectonic is, here is a soft office-appropriate eye look I wore to my 1st day at my new job!  I started by buffing the medium silver all over my lid, and then adding dark brown to the outer third.  Next I lined my eyes with a black liner, but smudged some metallic navy into the outer corner as well as on my lower lash line.  Finished by popping the bright silver on my inner corner and patted a bit on the middle of my lid.

And here is the full look in context:

collection libre synthetic de chanel makeup look

Of course, this is designed for the party season ahead, so you can dial up the volume easily with Architectonic!

chanel architectonic eyeshadow palette eye makeup look

For this dramatic eye look, I started by lining my lash line with the metallic navy blending upwards.  Next I blended on the dark matte blue, working towards mid-lid.  Finally I swept the metallic silver across the top towards the crease.  Finished by lining my eyes with black liner, and couldn’t resist pushing some of the metallic navy into the liner; and popped the bright silver into the inner corner.

The other item that I picked from Collection Libre Synthetic de Chanel is the Joues Contraste Blush in Hyperfresh!

chanel joues contraste hyperfresh

This is a super fun, and again unexpected, blush for Christmas.  Hyperfresh is a brightened pink that is the perfect counterpoint to the rather more sombre Architectonic Eyeshadow Palette.  Just like most Joues Contraste blushes, it has some very subtle shimmers built in that leaves the skin with a luminosity and no visible glitter.

chanel joues contraste hyperfresh swatch

The pigmentation on Hyprfresh is bang on tight, so I will suggest you go with the lightest squirrel brush you own.  Definitely go in with a light touch!  But you will be very pleased with the results, especially if your complexion is starting to look a bit wintry, as it gives a beautiful girlie flush.  It also has amazing lasting power, and even after a long busy day at work, Hyperfresh is still visible with nary any fading!

You have already seen Hyperfresh in action above, but here is another full makeup look, featuring Architectonic Eyeshadow Palette on the eyes and Joues Contraste Hyperfresh on cheeks…

collection libre synthetic de chanel makeup look

I am also loving the 3 nail polishes from Collection Libre Synthetic de Chanel, and will share them with you shortly!  And did I already mention the utterly drop-dead gorgeous Ombres Lamees de Chanel??  Stay tuned!

This year end is turning out to be a rather busy one for me as I just started a new job this month.  Today is Day 3, and I’m incredibly grateful to all my Instagram friends who have left me sweet notes of support & encouragement.  I also recently hit 20k followers there, which has left me feeling very honoured and deeply appreciative.  It has been truly great year, and I really hope to continue to bring worthy content to you my dear reader.  I’m not sure where life will take me, as I already have several rather long business trips penned on the calendar, but be sure if it is a collection worth mentioning, I will do it!

xo Linda

This post featured products that were generously provided for my consideration.  Regardless, all opinions expressed here are my own honest, unbiased views.

6 responses to “Chanel Collection Libre Synthetic for Holiday 2016: Architectonic & Hyperfresh”

  1. Deslé says:

    I have never owned any Chanel products. That blush is EVERYTHING!!! So super gorgeous.

  2. Great look! Love the color of that blush.

  3. Alison says:

    So pleased to learn of the new eye shadow texture. Although I have the silver grey palette from TF and never use it. So I don’t see this in my future. Hoping that some springtime palettes use it with some cool colors. Up until Candeur and Experience, the Chanel quads have been a mixed bag in terms of formula. Good that is turning around. Of course, I had to get Hyperfresh. Have not used it yet though. The Lamee palette is one for the museum though I don’t see how I could ever contemplate wearing it– unless it is unexpectedly leaning green. It’s not coming here in any case.

    • silverkis says:

      Hi Alison, yes you are right… I really hope this is a sign of even better eyeshadows in future! I really enjoyed Candeur et Experience, although I’ve seen some people had problems with the formula… I assumed fr what you wrote that yours was top notch as was mine? LOL, that Lamee palette is actually a play on browns and golds…. lovely neutrals, nothing out of this world. So it’s really just eye candy… but such a beautiful one!!!

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