The year was 1957… Chanel

July 29, 2019

I love exploring the Les Exclusifs de Chanel range of perfumes because they are all so varied.  From soft to bold, none may be said to lack depth of character, each one of them distinctly Chanel.  And so I was really excited to meet the latest addition to the collection… 1957.

Les Exclusif de Chanel 1957 Eau de Parfum


1957 was first released last year to celebrate the re-opening of Chanel’s flagship store on 57th Street in New York City, and is now made available at selected Chanel boutiques worldwide.  This is the third Les Exclusifs creation by Oliver Polge, and it draws on the special relationship between Coco Chanel and America – the country where she finally made her fortune.  In the year 1957, Chanel was awarded the Neiman Marcus Award for Distinguished Service in the Field of Fashion, which was the highest fashion honor during that time.  The numbers are also an amalgamation of 2 other important dates in her life – 19 being the date of Coco Chanel’s birthday, and 57 the street where the largest boutique was in Manhattan.


To express this symbiotic relationship between Chanel and America, Oliver Polge has chosen to explore the fusion of French and American perfumery, creating a “a skin scent” composed of eight white musks to play up the clean linen style that is so popular in America, and yet woven so expertly that it is at once distinctly Chanel.  1957 opens with aplomb, bright and airy, the sensation of diving into a deep and lush feathered bed.  The layers of musks create translucency but yet at their heart is a softly nuanced complexity.  It feels lush and enveloping, so velvety on the skin I am tempted to wrap my entire body with it.  There is a honeyed sweetness, smooth and rich, never overdone.  Iris lends a light powdery texture and cedar additional spicy woody depth.

1957 is designed to be a skin scent, and after the initial burst it settles down close to me, wafting throughout the day to tease and tempt.  It is sensual and addictive, so much so I am already a third through my bottle!  So luxurious, I invite you to try it out for yourself at your nearest Chanel fragrance boutique.  Tell me if you don’t fall in love!

This post featured a product that was generously provided for my consideration.  Regardless, all opinions expressed here are my own honest, unbiased views.

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