Luxury Makeup Brushes Made Accessible! CDJapan Powder Brushes CB100 & CB101

March 16, 2015

It has been such an incredibly long time since I last wrote about brushes, that I find myself almost at a loss as to where to begin.  But that in no way mean that I have not been exploring or acquiring more fluffies… quite the opposite in fact.  Good makeup brushes elevate the entire makeup experience to a whole different dimension, and can become quite addictive.  However, good brushes also come at a price, so I was ecstatic when I discovered these CDJapan brushes.

CDJapan brushes CB100 CB101

CDJapan is a Japanese online retailer that carries a wide variety of Japanese goods, and for a long time was my key source of Koyudo brushes.  Their customer service is immaculate and English speaking, the site is reasonably easy to navigate (as compared to the nightmare that is Rakuten!), and they provide international shipping via FedEx at a very reasonable price.

Last year, they started offering their own collection of makeup brushes under the CDJapan Beauty label.  All the brushes are hand made in Kumano (where all great brushes are born), and are made of natural uncut hair (mostly from goat or squirrel) for the softest feel against the skin.

CDJapan CB100 Angled Powder Brush

CDJapan CB100 Angled Powder Brush

CB100 is an angled brush made of white goat hair and comes with a sturdy white wooden handle and golden ferrule.  I find the combination of white against gold incredibly attractive!  The brush is of a medium width but the hairs do spread out quite a bit after washing.  It is also quite thick, which gives a very nice plush feeling when dusting powder all over the face; and the angled design makes it suitable for blending out blushes, highlighter or even bronzer.

CDJapan CB100 Angled Powder Brush closeup

Total brush length : 15.5cm
Length of hair : 3.5 – 4.5cm
Widest part of ferrule : 2.6cm
Widest part of bristles : 5.5cm (after washing)

The goat hair used in CB100 is incredibly good quality for the price [JPY4,000; approx. USD33] and feels soft and silky against my skin.  The brush is not very dense, but is instead very fluffy which is ideal for applying powders.  The tips are silky, and the hair has some resilience, which coupled with the angled design, makes it rather directional, great for bronzing and contouring.  It could also be used to blend out blushes or even for highlighting.  Overall, it is a lovely multi-purpose brush that is great for those looking to take the first step towards high-end natural hair brushes.

CB101 Gray Squirrel Powder Brush

CDJapan CB101 Gray Squirrel Powder Brush

CB101 is a large fluffy gray squirrel brush with a rounded dome shaped head, that is suitable for all-over face powder.  The hairs on CB101 are longer and it is denser than CB100, and gray squirrel hairs of such lengths are quite rare, making CB101 very good value for its price [JPY9,500; approx. USD79].  Gray squirrel hairs are much finer and silkier than goat, in fact they are one of the softest natural hair that is available and are suitable for sensitive skin or those looking for a bit of pampering.

CDJapan CB101 Gray Squirrel Powder Brush closeup

Total brush length : 16.5cm
Length of hair : 5cm
Widest part of ferrule: 3.1cm
Widest part of brush head : 6cm (after washing)

Similar to CB100 above, this CB101 also splays out quite a bit after washing, and has become one of my favorite loose powder brush for everyday use.  It is as silky and soft as my Hakuhodo S105 [reviewed here] whilst being a fraction of the price.  It is quite dense and is very effective at picking up powder, and the rounded dome shape spreads evenly across the face, giving the brush a fairly light footprint.  This is a lovely choice for dusting loose powder all over the face, swirling in a tin of Guerlain meteorites pearls, or just for general patting and fondling.


CDJapan brushes CB100 CB101

Here’s another side-by-side look at the 2 powder brushes CDJapan currently has to offer.  Apart from the difference in hairs, CB101 is also wider and more densely packed than CB100.  Both are very soft and silky, one of the finest quality of hairs that you will ever find, and certainly unseen before at this price level.  The brushes are very well made, have sturdy handles and except for the shedding of a couple of strands at the first wash, have been largely shed-less in the past few months that I’ve been actively using them.  They also come nicely packaged in sturdy black carton boxes.  If the high prices of more commonly known Japanese brushes (e.g. Hakuhodo,
Chikuhodo, etc) is a barrier to investing in good quality brushes, these CDJapan Beauty brushes are definitely worth checking out.  To find out more and to make a purchase if you’re interested, do head on over to CDJapan’s website [unaffiliated link].

xo Linda

This post featured products that were sent to me for my consideration by CDJapan.  Regardless, all views expressed here are my own honest, unbiased opinions, and are not influenced by any monetary considerations.


6 responses to “Luxury Makeup Brushes Made Accessible! CDJapan Powder Brushes CB100 & CB101”

  1. Memoiselle says:

    Thanks for introducing this brand Linda! Both looks great but the white goat hair looks more interesting to me especially for its shape and clean looking brush. It’s time to check out the brand!

  2. Disqus! Yay!
    They both look so lovely. I am intrigued by the grey squirrel one most.

    • silverkis says:

      Hahaha…. i got intrigued by you!!! So let’s see how this goes…. That grey squirrel is a worthy investment, Sara. Very different from the chikuhodo powder brushes as it is not as densely packed and so it is much fluffier!

  3. Lily says:

    Oh I see you changed to Disqus 🙂
    I love my luxury brushes. I ordered a few Koyudo Fupas from CD Japan but they’re not shipped out yet. I hope it won’t be delayed for too long.

    • silverkis says:

      Hi Lily, yes i switched all thanks to some arm-twisting fr Sara LOL! You may want to check with them if it’s been a long time, as sometimes they don’t receive something for a very long time. In which case, if you already have most of your most wanted brushes in, you can tell them to drop the item that’s holding up the shipment.

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