By Terry Eye Designer Palette in Color Design

March 30, 2015

It’s a brand new week, and I’m celebrating the return of regular radio programming (we had all week long of sentimental music due to the National Mourning). As I am typing this, I realized Passenger’s “Let Her Go” is playing infinite loops in my head. Instead, I decided to douse myself with a fresh musical therapy, one which is much more appropriate for our topic today. Please indulge me this #MusicMonday with Nina Simone’s classic “Feeling Good”.


And in this beautiful world that Ms Simone just reminded us of, I’d like to introduce you to this wonderfully hued creation – By Terry Eye Designer Palette in Color Design.

By Terry Eye Designer Color Design

When I first spied Color Design online, I thought the colors looked garish, there didn’t seem to be any cohesion in colors at all, and I was afraid it’ll turn out clown-ish. And so as always, when I start from a low base, I am better able to appreciate. This is the 2nd of 2 limited edition Eye Designer Palettes from By Terry (the first, Smoky Nude, was reviewed here last week) and features bolder colors whilst the first was filled with neutrals.

By Terry Eye Designer Color Design

Upon closer inspection, Color Design really isn’t quite as befuddling as I had initially thought. The top row consists of 5 shades that reside along the pink-purple spectrum, and the bottom row consists of another 5 shades of gold-brown. Fairly straightforward, but confused by the seemingly random sprinkling of warm and cool tones throughout the palette. This all became evident upon swatching.

By Terry Eye Designer Color Design top row swatches

From left to right according to their placement on the palette, the shades are:

By Terry Eye Designer Color Design bottom row swatches

From left to right according to their placement on the palette, the shades are:

At last, my skin is finally recovering from my bad encounter with a chemical exfoliating mask… so I went crazy playing with this palette, massive #eyemakeupporn to follow!

By Terry Eye Designer Color Design EOTD 1

I found myself trying to find a darker shade to match the copper and golds, one that is not brown (else what’s the point of a Color Design palette? One could easily manage that with just any brown palette!). My initial experiment with the dark blue did not work out well, so I decided to just break the up top and bottom.

By Terry Eye Designer Color Design EOTD 2

And to demonstrate how inept the gold really is on its own, I applied it over the dark blue in the crease. Just for the fun of it, I had dusted some of the light cool-toned pink as a base prior to the blue, just to see if it would layer up some invisible shimmers the way Smoky Nude did, but alas, that experiment failed.

By Terry Eye Designer Color Design EOTD 3

Finally I succumbed and simply let the palette do its own thang instead of trying to finagle my own way. So here are the pink-purples on the top row in their full vibrancy.

By Terry Eye Designer Color Design EOTD 4

And yes, gold-browns as nature intended it!

By Terry Eye Designer Color Design EOTD 5

Last one for the road…. all light pastels! I was very surprised at how well this one turned out as I never have any luck with such soft colors, and if I wasn’t so taken aback by the results myself (and in a crazy rush), I might have drawn a bolder more Japonesque black liner for a modish look. But at the very least, that light pink really does show up on its own.

I think By Terry Eye Designer Palette in Color Design is perfect for those who don’t normally like to wear colors, but would like something different to add to their mostly-neutral eye wardrobe. Instead of packing all the colors of the rainbow on a compact palm-sized palette, By Terry has chosen to compose 2 lovely monotonal quints with the exception of that blue!) that are suitable against a variety of skintones. All the shades had lovely smooth texture, some more melt-in-your-touch than others, but overall all excellent. I also did not have any problems with the shadows fading or creasing on my lids, even when used without primer (which is a rare feat for me!).

By Terry Eye Designer Palettes are now available online at SpaceNK UK (unaffiliated link) and will launch at Escentials in Singapore in May.

This post features a product that was kindly loaned to my for my playing pleasure.  All opinions expressed above are my own honest, unbiased views. 

xo Linda

8 responses to “By Terry Eye Designer Palette in Color Design”

  1. I had thought of maybe purchasing this palette but it’s quite pricey and I was worried when I read Sara’s review. I’ve read in more places that they aren’t pigmented and that can be ok sometimes but it can also be frustrating.
    I must say that on you they look gorgeous! I loved reading your review!!
    Ingrid Hughes

    • silverkis says:

      Thank you so much first for stopping by, taking time to read my review, and for leaving me your thoughts Ingrid!! This is quite pricey, although at the 25% off in Sephora Fr, it seems quite a nice value. I’ve also read from other blogs that this palette is not as well pigmented as the other Smoky Nude one, but I didn’t actually experience that as you can see from the swatches & EOTDs. But ultimately, you must like a whole lot of pink-purple to want to own this one! 😉

  2. 38noodles says:

    Must agree with the others’ sentiments on how beautiful the purple pink look on you! I think I’ll pass on this, since I only seem to be drawn to two of the shades out of ten.

  3. Lily says:

    Love the purple on you. This palette doesn’t really speak to me though. YSL Tuxedo looks so much more appealing!

    • silverkis says:

      Hi Lily, thank you so much, that pink-purple look turned out much better than I had hoped. YSL Tuxedo sure looks more exciting, but I’ve heard the textures may be problematic?

  4. Wow I am really surprised to how pigmented that purple pink look on you. I can never get that show up so well. Now I am wondering if we have the same palette or if I happened to receive a dud. *sigh*

    • silverkis says:

      Hi Sara, yes i was surprised as well when you mentioned that the palette didn’t work so good on you. I didn’t use any primer nor used the shadows wet or layered a whole lot. Remember that day we were chatting and you said the pink fades on you? I was wearing this very EOTD and I looked in the mirror right away, it was still strong. So, I really don’t know what happened there… 🙁

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