Benefit Brow Collection 2016

July 9, 2016

Whenever I think of Benefit, my mind immediately associates it with brows, and now it has completely redefined the competitive landscape.  No longer are brows just an accessory to frame the eyes, because with Benefit’s latest Brow Collection for 2016, there are so many things that you can do to change up your look!

Benefit Brow Collection 2016

In case you easily get overwhelmed, let me just put it upfront that we are not just talking about 1-2 new brow items…. but a complete revamp of the existing best sellers, introduction of new shades, AND launch of a whopping 6 new products!!  Excited yet?  Even more fun, Benefit has pulled out all the stops, and jazzed up the look of the entire Brow Collection.  The packaging are all inspired by magicians’ tools, resembling wands and potions, signifying the transformative powers of the brows!

There are 3 relaunches in the Benefit Brow Collection…

Benefit Brow Collection 2016 - relaunch

Brow Zings Eyebrow Shaping Kit is Benefit’s best selling wax-and-powder duo compact.  It has been repackaged, and now comes complete with a really cool dual-ended brush that folds-up!  One end features a slanted tip brush that is great for combing the wax through and making sure all the brow hairs lie in place; and the other end features a flat brush that works well for applying the powder.  There is even a handy pair of tweezers to fix those strays, and a comfortably-sized mirror on the inside of the lid.

Gimme Brow Volumizing Eyebrow Gel is the one brow product from Benefit that I’ve loved for years.  It comes with the same tinted formula containing tiny microfibres to create fuller looking brows.  In addition to the repackaging, Benefit has also added a new shade to suit a greater range of skin tones.

High Brow Eyebrow Highlighter has been reformulated to be creamier, and easier to blend under the brows for a more naturally lifted look.  Benefit has also added a new shade called “High Brow Glow” which is a champagne pink with a pearl finish.

And turning to the new products…

Benefit Brow Collection 2016 - Browvo Conditioning Primer, Precisely My Brow Pencil, Goof Proof Brow Pencil

Browvo! Conditioning Eyebrow Primer is the most intriguing to me, because it serves as a primer to hold and extend the wear of your brow products, making sure they don’t fade or rub off throughout the day.  The product is a light gel texture that is dispensed by a twist-up clicking mechanism, and the slanted nubbed applicator at the tip combs it through the brow and serves to keep the hairs in place.  More than that, Browvo contains keratin & soy proteins to help brows grow thicker, healthier and fuller!

Benefit Browvo Conditioning Primer, Precisely My Brow Pencil, Goof Proof Brow Pencil tips

There are 2 brow pencils to define the brows, each featuring a twist-up pencil end with a waterproof, long-lasting formula; and a spoolie end to brush out the hair and blend out harsh lines.  Their packaging are almost identical, and their main difference is as such:

Precisely, My Brow Eyebrow Pencil features a thin rounded tip that offers greater precision and control; whilst

Goof Proof Eyebrow Pencil offers a diamond-shaped tip that resembles the Hourglass and Tom Ford pencils, but I found it is not as easy to control and can be too pigmented.

It is great to have options, and depending on your personal preference, you may choose 1 or the other.  I can see those with thicker brows to prefer Goof Proof, whilst those with thinner brows will probably find Precisely, My Brow easier.

Benefit Ka-Brow

For those who prefer a gel formula, Ka-Brow! Eyebrow Cream-Gel Color is a fun option as it comes with a magical slanted-tip brush hidden inside the cap.  Simply pull it out, turn it around, fit the other blunted end inside the cap, and it transforms into a full-length brush that is comfortable to hold!  The cream-gel formula promises 24-hour waterproof wear, and a little goes a long way.  Use it to draw individual strands as precisely as you like, or blend it out for all-over shade.  It even holds strands in place!

Benefit Brow Collection 2016 - 3D Browtones, Ready Set Brow

And to complete the collection, 3D Browtones Eyebrow Enhancer is a softly shimmering gel that provides highlights to the brows, giving them a more depth and dimension.  The brush applicator is slightly bigger than Gimme Brow and the bristles are longer to apply more evenly from root to tip.  You may wear this over the brow pencils or Brow Zing palette, or on its own.

Finally, to keep everything in place, Ready, Set, BROW! Clear Brow Gel provides invisible hold over those errant hairs, keeping everything in place.  You can also use this gel to reshape your hairs, combing them upwards or flat depending on the look you prefer!  The formula even locks in makeup to ensure your brow powder does not fade or flake off.  I found the brush applicator to be quite effective, and easy to use.

There are as many as 6 different shades to some of the products, and each shade is numbered starting from 1.  If you find your pencil shade to be, let’s say 4, then you can safely use the same number across the entire collection!  So go ahead, have fun exploring all that you can do to transform your brows with Benefit Brow Collection!

xo Linda

This post featured products that were kindly provided for my consideration.  Regardless, all opinions expressed here are my own honest, unbiased views.

8 responses to “Benefit Brow Collection 2016”

  1. I have been hearing great things about the collection. I want to try Ka-Brow! Eyebrow Cream-Gel Color and the eybrow pencils. Great round-up!

    Ann-Marie |

    • silverkis says:

      Let me know how you get on with them, Ann-Marie. I think the packaging is incredibly fun, and if you’re going to pick any eyebrow product at all, why not have a bit of fun with it? 😉

  2. Deslé says:

    I am loving the packaging of these brow products. Too cute for words! 😉

  3. Lily says:

    I’ve never really ventured into Benefit for some unknown reason!! For brows, I enjoy using pencils to fill in sparse areas but lately I’ve been obsessed with Bobbi Brown’s brow gel! It’s so easy and for a gel, it looks very natural. Can’t go wrong with it 🙂

    • silverkis says:

      I know…. their packaging seems to target the younger group… but hey, why not have some fun with it?! Yeah, that BB brow gel is great! I’m too lazy though… i still reach for my Shu Hard9 pencil most of the time.

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