Anna Sui Collectible Bohemian Caravan: Flight of Fancy

July 7, 2014

Whenever I think of Anna Sui, I immediately think bohemian princess.  There’s something romantic and artful about the lady, and her signature bohemian floral style resonates in everything that surrounds the brand.  And taking this to an even more precious level this summer, Anna Sui has released 4 of her personal favorite fragrances hidden inside adorable collectible tin gypsy caravans!  Each tin is designed differently, and inspires the collector to go on a journey to experience all 4.

Anna Sui Bohemian Caravan Flight of Fancy

The one I have here is the Flight of Fancy, first released in 2007.  The beautiful peacock bottle is the original design, and symbolizes the time when a girl first becomes a woman, proudly displaying her beauty and embracing all the opportunities the world can afford her.

Anna Sui Bohemian Caravan Flight of Fancy

Flight of Fancy is a lovely, well-balanced fragrance that is neither too sweet nor too musky.  It is really quite alluring and fresh at the same time.  It starts out with a burst of citrus notes – Java lemon, litchi and yuzu; but softened by a beautiful bouquet of Star Magnolia, rose blossom, and Purple Rain Freesia.  These are all anchored by warmer notes of amber crystals, light wood and skin musk.  It lasts about 6 hours on me, fading gently as the day progresses.  It projects fairly well and has decent sillage without being too obtrusive.  When I first received it, I took it out and spritzed on myself.  My husband who walked past after I had left the room, immediately commented that it smelled nice!

The 50ml fragrance is contained in a yellow colored tin designed to resemble an ornate gypsy caravan.  It is secured by 2 latches and has a top handle.  Once you remove the perfume, the tin can be used for storing keepsakes, lunchbox, or even a decorative ornament.  My lil bub laid claims on it the moment he saw it, and had a great time pushing it around the house like the horseless wagon it is!

These Anna Sui Bohemian Caravans are limited edition collectibles, and are priced at SGD87 – 93 (USD60 – 65 overseas).




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  1. lilian says:

    I atill have the very 1st purple bottle from Anna Sui. Love the black and purple!!

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