Albion Exage White Skincare Collection

July 30, 2016

It is getting a little difficult for me to review skincare these days because my skin has been somewhat unstable for the past few months, and I keep waking up to fresh pimples no matter what I’m doing.  It started around the time I received this set of products, and I put it aside in the hopes of giving it a 2nd trial, but my breakouts never stopped and now I’m not entirely sure if it was this that triggered it off to begin with.  But instead of postponing things further, I thought I’d introduce this new range of whitening skincare from Albion today and let you decide for yourself.

Albion Exage White

Albion recently reformulated their Exage White skincare line, which is now more powerful than before.  It goes beyond conventional whitening, and actually seeks to restore pigmented cells to their original purity to ensure a spotless and translucent complexion.  At the heart of this line is the new proprietary Cellular White Complex that is able to penetrate deep within the dermal layers, and encase skin cells’ membranes to improve their light reflective properties and eradicate dullness.  In addition, each product in the Albion Exage White line includes the Active Rebirth Technology to stimulate skin renewal, enhance cellular communication and invigorate cell energy, for bouncier, more youthful and resilient skin.

Albion Exage White Clearly Wash swatch

As with any good skincare collection, Albion Exage White begins with a cleanser.  Albion Exage White Clearly Wash [SGD41 for 120gm] is a rich foaming cleanser that deeply and thoroughly removes impurities and sebum.  It comes in a standard squeeze tube, and a small bit is sufficient for my entire face and neck.  I found that it needs a bit more water to lather up, and it works better on damp skin.  Unfortunately I do not have the full ingredient list for this Clearly Wash cleanser, but it includes Kaolin clay to remove excess sebum, and Humulus lupulus extract to control oily skin.  There is also Fucus vesiculosus extract to improve skin tone and elasticity; Perilla ocymoides leaf extract and Crataegus cuneata fruit extract to counter free radical damage.  For my dehydrated skin, I did not find this uncomfortably drying as there is Lactic acid and Sodium hyaluronate to soften and moisturise.  Regardless, my skin definitely felt well cleansed and I look forward to the next step!

Albion Exage White Pure White Milk II swatch

The 2nd step in Albion’s skincare routine is always a moisture milk, and in this case it is the Albion Exage White Pure White Milk [SGD82 for 200ml].  This is available in 3 varying formula – I for oily skin, II for normal skin, and III for dry skin.  I have the version in II, and it is a rich milky fluid that restores moisture to my skin immediately after cleansing and feels very pampering.  Albion recommends using 3 full pumps and sweeping it across the face and neck using a cotton pad.  Shown above is just 1 pump which is too little even for me, I usually take about 2 pumps first and adding a 3rd pump after my skin has had a minute or so to absorb.

Albion Exage White Pure White Milk II ingredients

Albion Exage White Pure White Milk II contains Meadowfoam seed oil, Chrysanthemum indicum extract, Glycine,  Hydrolysed silk and Natto gum to soften and moisturise skin.  It also contains Ascorbyl Glucoside and Tocopherol to lighten pigmentation.  In addition, Acetyl glucosamine and Gentian root extract work to prevent spot formation.  I am always happy to see Lecithin in my skincare as it is an excellent cell-communicating agent.  Photosteryl/Octyldodecyl lauroyl glutamate is an interesting addition as it repairs damaged skin barrier, stops the degradation of collagen and prevents premature aging due to sun exposure.

Albion Exage White Up Lotion II swatch

Albion Exage White White Up Lotion [SGD82 for 200ml] refreshes the skin and further boosts the skin whitening effect of the routine.  This White Up Lotion is available in 2 formulations, and I’m using II for normal to dry skin (I is suitable for normal to oily skin).  It is a crisp clear fluid, and I sweep it across my face with a fully saturated cotton pad after giving my skin about a minute to absorb the milk lotion.  This effectively removes all lingering traces of oiliness, leaving my skin feeling fresh and bouncy.

Albion Exage White Up Lotion II ingredients

This White Up Lotion again features Ascorbyl glucoside which is a Vitamin C derivative, and provides both the benefits of an excellent antioxidant and inhibits melanin synthesis.  Similar to the Pure White Milk, it is paired with Tocopherol, a form of Vitamin E, which has powerful anti-inflammatory benefits and prevents signs of premature aging.  Origanum Majorana leaf extract is another ingredient with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.  A selection of the same moisturising ingredients discussed earlier reappear here, including Polyprosphorylcholine glycol acrylate, Pyrus cydonia seed extract and Rhodomyrtus Tomentosa fruit extract.

Albion Exage White Generate swatch

The next and possibly last step of the regimen is the Albion Exage White White Generate [SGD82 for 40ml].  This watery serum contains an encapsulated White Induce Capsule to target stubborn age spots and tangled melanin embedded deep in the dermal layers.  Furthermore, White Generate is formulated with Albion’s Active Rebirth Technology to renew and reinvigorate skin, boosting its natural whitening powers.

Albion Exage White Generate ingredients

The key active ingredient in Albion Exage White White Generate is Tranexamic Acid which appears to be in fairly high concentration, capable of inhibiting melanin production and improving the appearance of dark spots.  It has the ability to boost barrier repair and help skin recover from damage.  This is further enhanced by Acetyl glucosamine which has the same repairing and melanin inhibitory effects.  Asparagus officinalis stem extract slows down cellular aging, preventing loss of collagen and dermal thinning.  Myrciaria dubia fruit extract and Ribes Nigrum fruit extract are sources of Vitamin C and inherent antioxidants, both are effective at battling pigmentation concerns.  Raspberry leaf extract tannins, polypeptides and flavonoids; which are anti-inflammatory, help stimulate skin regeneration, and tighten the surface of the skin.

Albion Exage Bright Dew Cream swatch

For those with normal to oily skin, or maybe for day time use, you may wish to stop at the White Generate serum above.  However, those with dry or dehydrated skin will appreciate the additional Albion Exage White Bright Dew Cream [SGD100 for 30gm].  This is a silky light almost gel-like cream that moisturises effectively without leaving skin feeling greasy.  It contains the same proprietary White Induce Capsule and Active Rebirth Technology as the rest of the line, and other powerful ingredients to combat dryness and other anti-aging concerns.

Albion Exage Bright Dew Cream ingredients

Many of the same ingredients that we have discussed above reappear in this Bright Dew Cream.  What is new here is Acerola fruit extract which is a good source of Vitamin C for fighting pigmentation and melanin formation, as is Rosa roxburghii fruit extract which inhibits tyrosinase responsible for hyperpigmentation.  Rosa multiflora fruit extract provides firming and pore refining benefits, whilst Scutellaria Baicalensis root extract is anti-inflammatory.

I am a fan of Albion’s skincare, and had really enjoyed the Exage Moist range [reviewed here] which is a close sibling of the Exage White range being introduced today.  In contrast, I found Exage White not as suitable for my skin, I don’t observe my skin looking better with use; although as I had mentioned at the start of this article, my skin has just been unstable lately.  On the other hand, I do think the formulation is sound, and there are some lovely ingredients in there at a very attractive price point.  The textures and light fragrance are all lovely, and I am particularly fond of the Bright Dew Cream.

xo Linda

This post featured products that were generously provided for my consideration.  Regardless, all opinions expressed here are my own honest, unbiased views.

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