Stronger Skin with Albion Eclafutur

August 24, 2014

It was not such a long time ago that I thought adding a serum to my skincare routine was a pain. Aahh the impatience of youth! However, once that has been established, suddenly adding a pre-primer or a booster, doesn’t seem like such a chore anymore. In fact, I like having options – whitening, anti-aging, firming and lifting, detox, etc. Now if there is 1 that does it all… Lord of the Serums if you will…and that would be Albion Eclafutur.

Albion Eclafutur

Albion takes a new direction with its Eclafutur. The name calls forth a more radiant future, and is aligned with the brand’s philosophy of helping women achieve clearer, fair skin. Eclafutur seeks to achieve all that, by addressing the skin’s fundamental well-being, repairing cellular damage and allowing the skin cells to return to their optimal functions. It uses the natural antioxidant powers of Okinawa Wild Grape Ryukyu Ganebu to repair the damages of environmental stresses on the dermis; and the reparative properties of Cupuacu butter to heal damaged skin.

Albion Eclafutur

Eclafutur is meant to be used as a first step of skincare, immediately after cleansing, before toner / moisturizer / serum or anything else. The idea is to first repair the skin, prepping it to better absorb whatever other products that follow. In order to do that, Albion is utilizing a new micellar nanoparticles technology developed by Japanese company NanoCarrier for the pharmaceutical industry. This technology delivers the active ingredients deep into the skin and enables fast absorption.

Albion Eclafutur swatch

The product comes in a sleek crystal turquoise blue bottle with pump dispenser. One pump dispenses just about enough for my face although I sometimes feel like I can do with 2, and a 3rd for my neck. That is because Eclafutur is a thin milky fluid that gets absorbed instantly, and leaves behind absolutely no trace. Immediately, my skin feels silky smooth and looks more toned.

Apart from the initial texture and feel, Eclafutur is supposed to go to work on the inner layers of the skin, repairing damage within 8 hours. So you will wake up with healthier and more beautiful skin!

As I am always testing so many new products it is hard to be completely sure if there are any improvements. But certainly, I find my skin more stable and less easily irritated. Prior to this, my skin has been suffering from random red flare-ups. Since I started on Eclafutur, the old redness have not gone away completely, but it has been much more controlled. For starters, I don’t wake up with random new red patches anymore, and the existing ones no longer feel itchy and flakey. Not quite the miracle I was expecting, but still there is improvement. And given the number of new skincare I am going through, my skin could have been a lot worse.

Albion Eclafutur was soldout in Japan when it was launched, and sold 35 million bottles within the first 5 months. It finally made it to Singapore last month and was soldout fairly soon after. If you are interested, do ask for a sample (if that is available) or get your name down on the waitlist!  xoxo

6 responses to “Stronger Skin with Albion Eclafutur”

  1. L says:

    Thanks for the link! I didn’t know that about alcohol. But my skin seems to disagree with products containing alcohol. Gosh, back to trial and error again. BTW, any idea what the red figures under “Acne” and “Irritant” mean in the link you gave?

  2. L says:

    Hi! Any idea if this contains alcohol? I threw away the box in my excitement when I bought it last month. To be honest, I feel that it does nothing to my skin AT ALL. In fact, I started to experience some breakouts and have stopped using it since then. No doubt the bottle is really pretty haha. I don’t know if this is the culprit or not but it was the only new product I was trying during that period so…

    I’m a purist in skincare so I like to use products from the same brand. But after reading this post, I’m thinking of giving it a second chance. Plus the fact that it’s really expensive haha. What do you think of mixing different skincare brands? I’m currently using Kiehl’s.

    • silverkis says:

      Hi babe, i’m so sorry to hear that this broke you out! It does contain alcohol [ingredient list here, but alcohol is actually very common in skincare to act as a delivery agent, stabilized by the presence of more acidic ingredients. In which case, it shouldn’t cause breakouts.

      I also like using products from the same range, but it is not possible as i’m always testing new products. In fact, I was using Eclafutur in the daytime with Guerlain and Creme Simon, and it worked well for me. This is a booster serum in a sense, and should work on its own or paired with something else. Having said that, i didn’t notice earth-shattering results, but over a period of a month, I did notice my skin stabilizing and becoming more resilient.

      I don’t know if this gives you comfort to try this again, but please come back and let me know if you do! xoxo

  3. Noodles says:

    Thanks for this!! I’m totally on board the pre-serum train, and didn’t even know Albion launched this. Must go see if there are samples available!

    • silverkis says:

      Hi Noodles! yeah, i’m really into layering my serums now… and those light textured ones that are absorbed quickly are my faves! Definitely try it and see how you like it!

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