This Beauty Addiction of Mine…Tokyo Jazz for Holiday 2014

December 9, 2014

It has been a year since I last dabbled with some Addiction makeup, and though I loved both Departure and Romantic Mind when I first received them, looking back now I think I may have been more in love with the novelty of them. There have been so many excellent eyeshadow reformulations this year that the bar has been raised even further, and I was very unsure when I first laid eyes on this year’s Addiction Tokyo Jazz Holiday 2014 coffret. But the fog of ambivalence lifted as soon as I got ahold of it.

Addiction Tokyo Jazz

Tokyo Jazz is the most streamlined holiday set this season, comprising simply of the Tokyo Jazz palette, a full-sized Eyeliner Pencil in Black Jack from Addiction’s permanent line-up, and a rather chic makeup clutch.

Addiction Tokyo Jazz palette casing

This year’s palette features a minimalistic design with a violet color on the cover and the brand name engraved on it. I miss the art-deco silver paisley design on Romantic Mind, but you will seldom hear me whinging about packaging. As always, Addiction palettes are well-constructed and sturdy without being overly heavy. And crazily enough, this is the first time I noticed how the palette is slightly set askew (you can just about see from the picture above how the top protrudes the bottom, and the entirety is skewed to the right)… and a quick check showed me that this is a consistent design across all Addiction palettes.  Quirky!

Addiction Tokyo Jazz palette

Opening up the palette, I remembered why I was initially drawn to it. Tokyo Jazz is like a ray of sunshine in a sea of smokey shades and metallics this season. It feels almost summery, except it is not a flat marigold yellow nor is it the standard seasonal gold but a shimmery mustard. And purple is always appropriate for the royal festivities, and we have 2 of them in this palette. Swatched together, they seem just a tad bright, perhaps even a bit clownish and outrageous. But you must remember, this is Addiction, which is the Japanese version of NARS… which translates in my mind to chic, fun, cool (and if I may deviate a little here and just state on record that I feel NARS has gone all tried-and-boring-grown-up).

Addiction Tokyo Jazz swatches

Swatches from left to right:

Addiction Tokyo Jazz glitter shade swatch

This glitter shade is quite typical of Addiction and Asian makeup in general, and it’s a love-or-hate sort of thing. For me, I love it for patting over the middle of my lid for some pop. My Asian eyes without defined creases need all the help they can get! But I do make sure to wear this over a creamy eye primer to prevent fallout.

Addiction Tokyo Jazz highlighter shade swatch

When I first opened up this palette, I didn’t really think about it and went for the usual tried-and-true half-half application:

Addiction Tokyo Jazz EOTD 1

Mustard on the inner half of lid and violet on the outer half. I deepened the outer wing with a little touch of the deep eggplant and lined the lower lash line with the same. Thereafter, I added a dab of the shimmers over the middle of the lid, and finished with Black Jack Eyeliner Pencil also from the set. I think the outcome turned out much better than I had expected without any effort at all!

But because this is Addiction, and there has to be a reason why they put a black liner in there, one which is devoid of any shimmer or bells and whistles, and there has to be a reason they put a pale pink shimmery powder highlighter in the eyeshadow palette (fyi, the brand is better known for its liquid and stick cheek products)…right? These are the midnight delirious ramblings of my makeup-obsessed mind. So I woke up the next morning, and put together this funky combination:

Addiction Tokyo Jazz EOTD 2

Black Jack liner laid out thicker and winging out in a baby cateye (Hello Monday morning at the office!), and I smudged it out with the eggplant. Next I added violet to the outer wing, more smudging towards the center… I can almost fly now. Then I buffed over the rest of the lid with the pink “highlighter” shade. Finally, I lined the lower lash line with the mustard, just because.

The mustard on my lower lash line has a brightening effect, and works better on me than the standard white (too bright for me).  And the purple wing is really only obvious when I blink or close my eyes, so it is interesting without being too loud.  Here is the look in context:

Addiction Tokyo Jazz LOTD

On face: Sunday Riley Tinted Breathable Tinted Primer, Shu Uemura Oleo-Pact and Shiseido Maquillage Snow Beauty Powder

On cheeks: Hourglass Radiant Magenta Ambient Lighting Blush, Addiction Tokyo Jazz powder highlighter on top of cheeks, nose-ridge, chin and forehead

On lips: NARS Audacious Lipstick in Natalie

Addiction Tokyo Jazz

Perhaps someday I will do a comparison of several of these twist-up eyeliner pencils (I seemed to have accumulated quite a few of these recently), but for today, let me just give you a quick low-down of this Addiction Eyeliner Pencil in Black Jack. I love that it is a twist-up AND retractable eyeliner (is it so much to ask to be retractable?? You’d think not right? But they don’t all do, people!) It is a creamy formula that glides better than even By Terry Crayon Kohl Terrybly, and once it sets, it doesn’t go anywhere! Before it sets, you get a good period of time to play around with it, smudge it, blend it, use a brush and shape your wing tips, etc.

Overall, I think Addiction Tokyo Jazz is a fun little set that has lots of potential. I would love to see some complexity in the shades, and not such flat colors, but you can’t have complex shimmers and a glitter shade… that’d be overkill, so let’s leave the subtle stuff to SUQQU shall we?  The colors are well pigmented and apply true to pan (which is a lot considering how many patchy dry eggplant and violet shades there are out there). I also love the Eyeliner Pencil, I can’t get enough of smooth black liners! So, if you are like me, feeling a little uninspired by the lack of colors this season, and not feeling the pastels and pinks coming up on the horizon, this may be a good one to break the doldrums with!

xo Linda

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  1. Noodles says:

    Oh looking gorgeous Linda! I agree that this palette is like a breath of fresh air in a sea of golds, silvers, reds, and so much glitter. Haven’t gotten around to play with mine yet, I’ll have to do so soon!

  2. I am so glad you are loving this. It looks good on you. I should also try the yellow one on the lower lash line, that can be fun! Thanks for beautiful pictures and the detailed overview!

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