Addiction Romantic Mind Holiday 2013 coffret

December 14, 2013

Where has the time gone?!  We are down to 11 days to Christmas, and Spring 2014 collections are already hitting the stores!  I really can’t process Spring until Christmas is over… I mean, this Holiday 2013 is just full of gorgeousness!  Don’t take my word for it, feast your eyes on – Addiction Romantic Mind Holiday 2013 coffret!

Addiction Romantic Mind set

There are gorgeous makeup, and there are makeup that are gorgeous on the outside too!! The moment I laid eyes on this gorgeous paisley-printed palette, I knew I had to get it regardless of what was inside!  And coincidentally, the very same design is what I chose for my room’s wallpaper… so you can tell how much I love it!

The coffret consists of:

Let’s take a look at the palette:

Addiction Romantic Mind palette

Clockwise from top left:

Addiction Romantic Mind swatches

I was so in love with all the shades when I first opened up this Romantic Mind palette, but after trying it out, I realized the 2 light shades – pale blue and pink – were indistinct on me. Whilst I could still get the blue to show up somewhat after piling it on heavily, the pink seems to get lost when used next to the blue.  It is perhaps best used as a highlighter, although that is such a pity for such a pretty shade.  I think I can make it work layered over the brown, and will update when I had a chance to try that.  Meanwhile, here is an EOTD that I’ve created using the Romantic Mind palette:

Addiction Romantic Mind EOTD

I used light blue on the inner third of the upper lid, shimmery black on the outer third of the lid.  Then  patted pink in the middle and blended.  As you can see here, the pink barely shows up.  Thereafter, I lined the inner half of my lower lash line with the blue, and blended black towards the outer half of the lower lash line.

I didn’t get around to testing out the lip gloss as I’m reserving it for a very special Christmas giveaway which is happening here on 16 December (Tuesday) so do remember to check back then!!!

Until then, happy Christmas shopping!!!


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