YSL Top Secrets UV Shield SPF50 / PA++++

June 24, 2013

Aaahhh… clear sunny skies again!!  As I look out into the sunshine, I’m reminded of the need for good sun protection!  I’ve been under such a haze lately (pun intended) that I’ve just applied my BB cream as a sunscreen cum makeup base, skipping over an actual sunscreen.  That’s not recommended of course, as sunscreens breakdown over time, and multiple layers give you better protection.  So, here comes a very belated review of some of the recent sunscreen products in the market… starting with YSL Top Secrets UV Shield!

YSL Top Secrets UV Shield SPF50 PA++++

I believe this is a revamped formula, and with SPF50 / PA++++ rating, it is one of the most protective sunscreens available in the market!  What makes this even more ideal for the current climate that we live in, is its anti-pollution and anti-free-radical barrier functions!  YSL’s Top Secrets UV Shield is enriched with Shea butter extract with detoxifying properties to protect skin against everyday urban aggressions by capturing floating metal particles.  Vitamin E combined with tyrosinase-inhibiting peony extract protects the skin against free radicals generated by external aggressions.

Despite all the heavy lifting, YSL Top Secrets UV Shield is light as a feather!  It goes on easily and smoothly, and does not leave my skin feeling greasy and does not cause my makeup to cake up.  It has a lovely floral fragrance which is similar to all the other YSL beauty products that I’ve tried so far.  What is even more spectacular, is it leaves my face looking glowingly fresh, brightening up my complexion so much that I was tempted to just dust on some powder and go (but of course I didn’t… because that’s like erm… asking me to run out of the house without my knickers on!).

This review had me all torn up inside… simply because my first love has always been Guerlain.  In fact, I had a review of Guerlain’s UV base all ready to go… but then, I discovered YSL!  And, let me just whisper this: I think YSL Top Secrets UV Shield surpasses Guerlain for texture and scent!  Ok, you didn’t hear that from me!!

Grab your sunnies, and pop by your nearest YSL beaute counter and try this one out for yourself & let me know how you like it?!


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  1. miss belle says:

    oh, now i really want to try this : )
    i’m always on the look out for a high uv cream, but light at the same time – kind of hard to find!

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