YSL Souffle D’Eclat Finishing Veil

April 30, 2014

YSL recently launched the YSL Souffle D’Eclat Finishing Veil, replacing its older loose powder product, the Poudre Sur Mesure. The biggest difference is you no longer have to grind your own powder. It was quietly released together with the CC cream and Forever Light Creator Compact Foundation, and will be a permanent item in the YSL Beauty arsenal.

YSL Souffle D'Eclat Finishing Veil


YSL Souffle D’Eclat is a finely-milled setting powder that feels light and hugs the skin. Just to put things into perspective vis-à-vis the other loose powders that I’ve recently tried and reviewed, this is on par with La Mer The Powder (reviewed here), but nowhere as airy as By Terry Hyaluronic Hydra Powder (reviewed here). Suffice to say, it is very fine and smooth, and leaves the skin looking smooth and airbrushed.

It also contains Mother of Pearl particles that give a soft shimmery finish after the powder is buffed into the skin. It is a much more subdued shimmer than La Mer (in Translucent; apparently the other shades are less shimmery) and Diorskin Nude Rose (reviewed here). I loved that it mattifies my skin without clinging to every pore and bump. On my combination skin and running around in our tropical humidity, YSL Souffle D’Eclat lasts a good 6 hours on me, which may not the longest, but I can live with 1 blot & powder touch-up if I’m going out after work (fyi, La Mer lasts about 4-5 hours on me).

The packaging is nothing very innovative – your standard plastic jar with sifter lid, and the signature golden twist-cap with YSL engraved on it. It looks luxe without being too over the top immoveable weight. What I did like, was the jar is a good size that fits comfortably in my hands, and the opening is just nice for me to place my brush over it completely, so I can tip the jar over to get the powder directly onto the brush without losing anything!

YSL Souffle D’Eclat Finishing Veil is priced at SGD75 / USD60 for 15gm, which works out to USD4 / gram… not quite the most expensive, but certainly on the luxe end. It is available in 4 shades to suit different skin tones. The one I have is 01 Rose.


3 responses to “YSL Souffle D’Eclat Finishing Veil”

  1. Vina says:

    Hi Linda,
    Thanks for your reply. Now i’m pretty sure to buy the YSL loose powder, after all it’s very hard to find La Mer powder in my country (indonesia).
    I’ll get the powder as soon as possible. 😉

  2. Vina says:

    Hi Linda,
    I’m very curious about this powder, but I’m confused between YSL or La Mer powder for the better result.
    I want a velvety and glowing finish (is that possible? Haha)
    Which one do you prefer? The Ysl or La mer powder?

    • silverkis says:

      Hi Vina,
      actually the finish of both YSL & La Mer powders are very similar…. velvety (not too matte) & luminous. I feel YSL lasts longer than La Mer, but La Mer is much cheaper on a per gram basis.

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