Sizzling pouts à la YSL

February 6, 2014

Chinese New Year tradition mandates we deck ourselves out in red, and this year, I took that quite liberally with varying hues of red…on my lips!  All thanks to Kate’s driveling, I got terribly hooked on k-drama Miss Korea, and was really lemming that faux minimal eye look complete with bright statement lip.  Next thing I know, I was at the YSL counter and bagged these:

YSL Rouge Volupte 34


YSL Rouge Volupté (34) Rose Asarine is a bright pink-red that is quite cool-toned on me, although I suspect it may turn warmer and redder on others.  It is of the original Rouge Volupté  formula, which glides on smooth, is mostly opaque in one swipe, and has a glossy finish.  It has impressive staying power for such an emollient lipstick, and leaves behind a stain long after it is gone.  As such, it is the perfect bright lip for the non-stop feasting that defines CNY.  Rose Asarine is from the current SS2014 Flower Crush collection, and is joining the permanent line-up.

YSL Rouge pur Couture 52 lip swatch


Whilst I was minding my own business aka swatching away like mad at the Tangs counter, Sarah whispered to me that the hottest shade du jour was No. 52.  I stared stupidly back, what’s No. 52??

YSL Rouge pur Couture 52


YSL Rouge pur Couture (52) Rosy Coral shot to instant fame thanks to K-drama You Who Came From The Stars.  Apparently it is completely soldout in most parts of the world, and was restocked in Tangs just as I happened to be there (how convenient).  Despite its name, Rosy Coral is more of a neon powder pink that turns a cool red or orange depending on the way the light hits.  The word that comes to mind is vermillion… somehow that seems to have been lost from modern vocabulary.  It is from YSL’s Rouge pur Couture line, which boasts a super creamy and pigmented formula.

YSL Rouge Volupte 34 lip swatch

At first sight, I was worried Rosy Coral would be a dupe for Tom Ford True Coral which is sadly under-loved in my collection, but amazingly, it swatches more opaque than True Coral, and is more pink/red.  Regardless, it is close enough, and if I had to choose between the 2, I would pick YSL over Tom Ford for the lower price and a more comfortable formula.

YSL 52 vs TF True Coral swatches

With Valentines’ Day just round the corner, I think YSL Rouge Volupté (34) Rose Asarine and Rouge pur Couture (52) Rosy Coral offer a fresh take on the red lip.  Pair it with a bright matte complexion base (I recommend Lancome’s Blanc Miracle reviewed here), and stand out like a rose!  xoxo

15 responses to “Sizzling pouts à la YSL”

  1. Linda says:

    Would of got 52 if I wasn’t busy on the other side of the counter 🙁

    • silverkis says:

      oh… can still pick it up?

      • Linda says:

        Nope, the SA sold the last one to some other lady while I was checking out the other side of the lipstick display, even though I was there first and got ignored 🙁 I really hate how SA’s always ignore me and bee line to older ladies. The SA was doing the whole Korean actress pitch even though they both have no idea who the actress is and it was rather awkward and funny to watch. They don’t have the Rose Asarine either 🙁

      • Linda says:

        One in Australia 🙁 I’ll try my luck with it again next month or something in a bigger city.

        • silverkis says:

          Well, if you’d like, I can purchase one here on your behalf and send it over! With the strength of the AUD and high sales tax, i don’t think it’ll cost you a whole lot more….

  2. Lullylux says:

    Hi, I really enjoy reading your blog and particularly the efforts toward French orthography.
    For example, some very famous beauty blogs on Internet do not mind at all removing all the accents, and thus modifying both the meaning and the pronunciation. So that is definitely something I enjoy about your blog,

    So I just wanted to give a hand here: I think you meant “à la” instead of ” àla”. Those are two distinct words. Same thing with “dujour”, you probably mean “du jour” which means “of the day” (it would be a bit like writing “lipstick oftheday”.

    Thanks and keep up with the good work!

  3. bubblymichelle says:

    YES! The YSL is the clear winner here.. if they’d been more lightly scented, i’d pick them over TF too!

  4. rubyangel711 says:

    Hi there! You’ve just been tagged! If you’d like to do the tag yourself, have a look at my “Lipstick Tag” post:


  5. I adore Rose Asarine, as you know 😉 But now you have me STARING at 52! I think I scored the last 57 in Hong Kong — as featured in Miss Korea, lol but My Love From Another Star is way more popular a show so I doubt I’ll be able to find 52 until I go back to the UK D:

  6. rubyangel711 says:

    *le sigh* I’ve fallen head over heels with both—especially Rose Asarine

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