YSL Pop Water Collection for Summer 2015

May 28, 2015

This Summer, there is a new YSL Revolution unfolding… with the unveiling of the Pop Water Collection for Summer 2015. The main focus of the collection is a whole new 3rd generation class of YSL’s cult-favorite Vernis à Lèvres and a brand new never seen before line-up of Full Metal Shadow.

YSL Pop Water selections

YSL was the first to bring us bright, translucent glossy lip colors that last with its iconic Rouge Pur Couture Vernis à Lèvres. Since then, that has always been my weapon of choice if I’m going to be out and about for long periods of time without an opportunity to touch up my lips. And now, they are getting a whole new lift with the Vernis à Lèvres Pop Water.

YSL Vernis à Lèvres Pop Water collection

The new Vernis à Lèvres Pop Water is packaged in the same classic black flacon with an angled flattened sponge applicator that delivers the perfect dosage for a sheer wash of color all over the lips. It can be built up for much more opaque coverage with more coats. And as you might have guessed by now, these new VALs feature intense but sheer color with a watery finish. In fact, they were inspired by the irresistible draw of gummy bears with their bright colors and water translucency.

YSL Vernis à Lèvres Pop Water

The new Vernis à Lèvres is formulated with the Lifeproof Colour Emulsion, which contains a blend of ethylcellulose that keeps the color pigment intact and various oils, emulsified in an aqueous base. It is coupled with a unique Aquatic Feel Boost technology that contains a high level of glycerine with a pH-activated gel to provide moisture and give a watery feel to the lips. And in place of traditional color pigments, YSL has turned to high-grade food colorants found in gummy bears to create a fluid dispersion of color that lasts even longer than before.

YSL Vernis à Lèvres Pop Water swatches

In celebration of the launch, YSL has introduced 12 shades of Vernis à Lèvres Pop Water, 8 are permanent and 4 are limited edition (shades 209-212). As you can see from the swatches above, there is a good range of warm to cool tones, covering the usual everyday wearable shades all the way to bolder reds and fuchsias. Personally, I found even the boldest hues to be incredibly wearable by simply sheering it out and wearing as a stain. The limited edition shades are really exciting to me, and my favorites are 210 and 212! For your information, the shades and their official descriptors are:

YSL Plump Up

There is 1 very special, limited edition [update: this is actually permanent!] item in this collection that deserves special mention – Vernis à Lèvres Plump-Up. This is a new moisturizing lip volumizer with long-lasting wear. When first applied, it gives a slight warming effect to the lips followed by a cooling zingy feel. My lips look visibly fuller and lines are magically plumped up within seconds. It doesn’t feel at all uncomfortable, in fact it was quite refreshing! More importantly, it is formulated with squalane oil to reinforce the lips’ lipidic barrier and hyaluronic acid to moisturize and plump up those puckers. And just like all the other Vernis à Lèvres, it is incredibly long-lasting. Wear it on its own as a lip conditioner, or underneath a lip color to enhance the wear.

YSL Plump Up before after

And to accompany those sexy new lips, YSL has released a limited edition range of liquid eyeshadows in vivid metallic hues. These are the Full Metal Shadow!

YSL Full Metal Shadow

When I first heard about these metallic liquid eyeshadows earlier this year, I had my reservations. Who needs so much bling on the eyes, right? But who am I kidding?? I LOVE SHIMMERS!!

YSL Full Metal Shadow swatchesEach of the swatches above are single swipes of the applicator straight out from the tube – the color intensity is insane!  But these Full Metal Shadows sheer out easily when blended with either finger or brush. They contain extremely high concentration of color pigments and pearls to give that extraordinary intensity, but mixed in a high level of pure water to ensure your lids don’t dry out. In fact, it lasts all day on me, without ever budging. There is about a minute after application to blend and work them, and it is so easy! The applicator is designed to be used flat side on the lids for greater coverage and thinner edge along the lash line for lining.  I simply swipe it across my lids, then use a finger and gently blend in a dabbing motion. Thereafter I take a fluffy brush and blend out the harsh edges.

The shades and their official descriptors are:

Despite my initial reservations, most of the shades are actually very wearable once blended out.  The resultant look is a very lovely shimmery, complex color that takes no time at all to create!

YSL Full Metal Shadow 1 Vernis A Levres 201 LOTD

Personally, I found No. 1 Grey Splash to be too cool-toned, my eyes simply can’t take cool silvers well.  Also, I didn’t feel like rocking the Fifth Element look with all silvery eyes to work, so I tried to balance things up a little bit by blending in just a dash of a warm olive bronze from this palette in the crease and outer corner.

YSL Full Metal Shadow 1 EOTD

One of my favorite looks from the line-up is No. 3 Taupe Drop sheered out for the eyes, coupled with a light single coat of Vernis à Lèvres 210 on the lips for a day at the office.

YSL Full Metal Shadow 3 Vernis A Levres 210 LOTD

And close-up on the eyes… the multi-colored shimmers are even more noticeable under low light!

YSL Pop Water 3 EOTD

Then for an evening event, I deepened the eye look by patting on the black shadow with pink shimmers from this YSL palette for a full-on dark smoky eye!

YSL Pop Water 3 smoky EOTD

This YSL Pop Water Collection is out now in Singapore and US!  Has anything caught your eye?

By now it is almost midnight, and i’m staying up in bed next to my 2-year old boy trying to get this review out in time for the long weekend mega sale.  I’d love to snuggle up and just go to sleep.  But something I heard over the radio earlier tonight is really eating away at me.  This (male) DJ was commenting about Bristol Palin’s recent wedding cancellation… something I really don’t care very much about… but it was his subsequent comment that stuck.  He said that if you are already a single mom (which I am not, but I know enough single moms for me to sit up), if you can find a man who can get along reasonably well with your kid, you should “grab the guy by the throat and marry him”!  I don’t know about you ladies, but that sounds appallingly misogynistic to me… please share your thoughts below!  I really want to know if I’m truly alone here!

This post featured some products that were kindly provided by YSL Singapore for my consideration.  Upon testing them out, I went back and bought 1 more of each in the limited edition shades.  So as you can see, the opinions expressed above are my own honest, unbiased views.

xo Linda

14 responses to “YSL Pop Water Collection for Summer 2015”

  1. 38noodles says:

    That taupe looks amazing on you! I actually got the lip plump, and didnt realise it was LE! Had read some mediocre reviews about the Full Metals, so decided to wait and see, maybe I’ll need to check out the taupe!

  2. Tirurit says:

    I think I fell in love with those VAL pop water shades!

  3. Yvonne Chua says:

    Gosh. What the DJ said sounds really bad…

    The VAL pop water swatches look good. I’m drawn to 203 and 209. Might get the 209 if it’s still available when I go shopping. Hehe.

    • silverkis says:

      Thank you Yvonne, I’m glad i’m not the only one who thought his comment was off!

      Definitely pick up 203 if you can… 209 may already be soldout, but do call around and ask to reserve if you can! Good luck!

  4. Lily says:

    Taupe Drop looks great! I have GA Eye Tints in Senso and Rose Ashes, so I think I’ll give this a miss. Don’t want too many cream / liquid products which will go bad really quickly.

    • silverkis says:

      yes I know what you mean! GA isn’t easily accessible here, and i’ve consciously not tried too hard to get them because i’m worried i won’t be able to use them up. But when these YSL popped up under my nose, I couldn’t resist!

  5. beauty bloss says:

    Ugh, what a terrible comment to make. Nobody should ever just “settle” single mum or not.
    The pop water swatches are interesting, I didn’t think they would be so pigmented. Very pretty xx

    • silverkis says:

      Yes, I totally agree!! Even if you settled for the sake of your child, there’s no guarantee the marriage will work out! It’s just a whole lot more heartache down the road!

      These are quite pigmented indeed, but they do sheer out easily as Sara had pointed out. But they work well for me… so i guess it really depends on how you like to apply your makeup!

  6. Hi Linda,
    I find that comment also unbearable, what is this? Catch a guy to marry? Terrible…
    I agree Sunny, I didn’t like these upon swatching. As you pointed out they sheer out considerably. The second look is lovely on you though.

    • silverkis says:

      How can DJs talk like that on radio and get away with it?!

      Yes, these do sheer out, but I found that’s helpful in working with such metallic shades… i’m deathly afraid of frost!! But these shimmers in the background, i love!

  7. Hey Linda, thanks for the review! I’m sitting on these because I’ve read really bad reviews about the formula. Apparently they are nothing like the GA one which I love a lot! They do look good on you tho. I might reconsider! I especially like the second look!

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