Welcome 2014 with YSL’s Pivoine Crush Palette

January 1, 2014

Happy New Year everybody!  It has been an amazing year and here’s wishing everybody an even more beautiful year ahead!

It still feels a little early to be talking spring collections, but this beauty actually launched here in Singapore before Christmas (!!!), and I simply couldn’t resist.  So, in the spirit of celebrating beauty, I thought what better way to start the new year than with Yves Saint Laurent Beaute’s Flower Crush Collection for Spring 2014.

The collection consists of 2 collectors’ palettes – Pivoine Crush Palette for blooming eyes, and Rosy Blush Palette for petal cheeks.  Both come in a limited edition, shiny gold compact with pink matte contrasting background with exquisite gold motifs swirling over.  It reminds me of the capillaries within each petal, magnified.

YSL Pivoine Crush Palette

For today, I’m going to focus on the piece that arrested my attention from the moment I laid eyes on the press release… the Pivoine Crush Palette!

“A vibrant harmony, the mixed hues of peonies, like an explosion of luminous colours.  The shades of Palette Ombres 5 Lumieres Pivoine Crush are like precious extracts of a bouquet for the eyes” … Lloyd Simmons

And indeed, the colours do remind me of a lovely bouquet, delicate and so feminine… utterly delicious for spring.

YSL Pivoine Crush palette

Sometimes when I look at quints, I often find an odd colour that doesn’t seem to meld with the rest, or a “duplicate” shade in a darker/lighter version.  That is not the case with Pivoine Crush at all.  I look at this palette, it almost seems to me to be a fusion of several palettes, certainly a couple of trios could be picked out from this combination, but placed together in the pan, it all makes sense.

Working in columns from left to right of the palette:

And here are the corresponding swatches:

YSL Pivoine Crush swatches

YSL’s Ombre 5 Lumiere palettes are generally sheerer in formula than their Wet & Dry Pure Chromatics quads.  However, this particular Pivoine Crush palette is even sheerer than usual.  In particular, the coral shade on the top right is so sheer it took almost 8-10 layers with a brush to get any color to show up on my lids.  Also, the texture is quite dry and hard for all of them, particularly the plum shade which shows up really patchy in the swatch above.

Remember earlier I mentioned that Pivoine Crush seemed to be a fusion of several palettes?  In particular, first impression reminded me of Guerlain’s Capri eyeshadow quad which was a limited edition Pucci summer 2012 release.  I don’t own Capri myself, but was able to get one of my sweet IG friends to share a photo comparison.

YSL Pivoine Crush vs Guerlain Capri

And a swatch comparison of the two:

YSL Pivoine Crush vs Guerlain Capri swatch comparison

As you can see, Guerlain Capri is much better pigmented.  The shades are very close indeed, but Capri may lean somewhat warmer whereas Pivoine Crush is somewhat cooler and shimmery.

And an EOTD using all 5 shades of Pivoine Crush…

YSL pivoine crush EOTD

Salmon-pink on inner half of lid, pink on the outer half. Champagne gold from inner corner to above under the brow bone as highlighter. Lower lash lined with plum with coral along the inner corner.

YSL pivoine crush EOTD closeup

And here’s another play using the coral and plum shades:

YSL Pivoine Crush EOTD

Coral on most of upper lid, plum to smoke out the corners. Added a dab of pink on the middle of the lid and used the champagne as highlighter under the brow bone. Lined lower lash line using plum, and champagne in the corner.

YSL Pivoine Crush EOTD

Pretty as it may be, YSL’s Pivoine Crush Palette is an incredibly sheer creation.  It is lovely if a light wash of color is what you are looking for… but bear in mind anybody with more than the most translucent / pale skin will have to really work to get colors to show.  It is perhaps rectified by using a good primer base and a darkening base color.  I also wished there was greater variation in finishes… the shimmers were rather one-note, but at least they were elegantly done with no fallout.

I’ll be back with more on the rest of the Flower Crush collection later this week.  Until then, have a fantastic start to the new year!


10 responses to “Welcome 2014 with YSL’s Pivoine Crush Palette”

  1. Hannah says:

    I’m not very happy with this palette… The shimmers fell all over my under eye areas and even my cheeks… Something I had only experienced with old Jill Stuart and Lunasol palettes.

    • silverkis says:

      hey Hannah! Hmm… i didn’t experience fall out… maybe because I used my TF primer over this, or maybe i gave up trying to layer more. But yes, i was disappointed with this palette too. 🙁 Go get the blusher before it runs out!! I’m in lurve with it, post coming up soon!!

  2. mjacqueline says:

    Such pretty spring colours, I love the eye look you did.

  3. dandygal says:

    Thank you so much for the comparison with Capri. As I own that one, I’ll make a pass on this YSL palette. 🙂

  4. Jessie says:

    The compact is gorgeous! Defiantly going to keep my eye out for this in stores I think the colours are perfect for spring! Great post 🙂


  5. The compact ia super pretty! Uh-oh! Reading your blog is making me have a long list of makeup to get and try! 😀 Fun times ahead!

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