YSL Metal Clash Palette for Fall 2015

August 25, 2015

It is nice to finally see YSL return to the 5-color eyeshadow palette format this season, and what’s even more exciting is this palette packs a real punch!  I remember first falling for YSL for their inspiring color stories, and the YSL Metal Clash Palette for Fall 2015 has reignited that love.

YSL Metal Clash Palette for Fall 2015

This Metal Clash Palette is from YSL’s Pretty Metal collection that is inspired by rockers and described as “neo-grunge”.  What is quite apt is the fusion of colors that are traditionally considered as pretty (e.g. lilac and purple) with darker sombre shades, and interpreted with an edgy attitude.

YSL Metal Clash Palette for Fall 2015

The casing of the palette deserves a mention as it is reminiscent of the metal studs on YSL handbags.  However it is not actually metallic but most likely foiled paper encased with a clear plastic cover.

YSL Metal Clash Palette for Fall 2015

And here are the swatches in a clockwise manner starting from the top right corner.

YSL Metal Clash Palette swatches

The shades in Metal Clash are (from left to right):

All the shades apply very well, in fact they are so pigmented a light touch is recommended.  I’m particularly fond of the pale lilac as this highlights the inner corners of my eyes like no other!  On the other hand, I experienced fallouts from the golden shimmer so a good primer is a must.

Many have asked about the similarities between Metal Clash and Dior’s Trafalgar palette from Holiday 2014 (reviewed here), so I thought I would show you a side-by-side swatch comparison here.

YSL Metal Clash vs Dior Trafalgar swatch comparison

Please click to enlarge

Although there are striking similarities between the 2 palettes, Trafalgar pulls more red, whereas Metal Clash is darker and pulls more purple.  I loved Trafalgar, and it is 1 palette that I still reach for throughout the year whenever I felt like a pop of red.  Although Metal Clash is not quite red, I think it is precisely what is needed to make it more wearable on a more daily basis than Trafalgar.

And to show you how pigmented Metal Clash is, here is a bold eye look featuring all 5 shades in their full glory.

YSL Metal Clash Palette bold EOTD

For this eye look, I first applied the center eggplant shade along my lash line and smudged upwards to create a darkening base.  Thereafter I added the bottom right burgundy to the inner half of my lid, followed by more of the center eggplant to the outer half.  I then patted some gold shimmer to the center of my lid, and lined the lash line with the bottom left dark brown.  To finish, I dabbed a little of the top right lilac to the inner corner and blended it up and above everything else.

And here is the full look in context:

YSL Metal Clash Palette bold makeup look

In case you were wondering if Metal Clash is all about dark, muddy shades, I am happy to let you know that the colors do not bleed into each other the way some of the other Couture Palettes do, and it is entirely possible to create a very sweet, day eye look with it!

YSL Metal Clash Palette light EOTD

For this 2nd eye look I applied the lilac all over my lid, concentrating more on the inner half.  I then added a little of the center eggplant to the outer corner just for some definition, and patted a little of the burgundy over the outer third for a bit more color.  I patted a tiny bit of gold shimmer over the center of my lid just for some more pop, and lined the lower lash line with the dark brown.

And again the full look in context.  Please pardon the rather tousled hair… I can’t resist showing off my latest hairdo!!

YSL Metal Clash Palette light LOTD

Et voila!  I have thoroughly enjoyed playing with YSL’s latest Metal Clash palette.  It has a nice variety of shades and range of intensities to allow for quite a number of eye looks, suitable for everyday wear and cool parties.  It is limited edition, so do check it out soon!

PS: What do you think of my latest multicoloured hair??

xo Linda

This post featured a product that was provided for my consideration.  Regardless, all opinions expressed here are my own honest, unbiased views.