YSL Forever Light Creator CC Cream

March 20, 2014

We are fast approaching Spring-Summer 2014, and with it, a whole new class of CC creams are coming our way.  First to hit counters, is the YSL Forever Light Creator CC Cream.

YSL CC Creams


Compared to YSL’s Top Secrets All-in-One BB Cream (reviewed here) that was launched last year, the latest Forever Light Creator CC Cream contains even more skincare benefits.  In particular, it contains the GlycanactifWT Complex central in YSL’s Forever Light Creator skincare range, that helps to correct uneven skin tone.  Coupled with increased sun protection with SPF35/PA++++, the new CC Cream works on the skin inside and out.

Unlike the BB Cream which came in varying shades of beige and was therefore suitable as a light foundation-replacement; the CC Cream comes in very different colors with the purpose of providing color-correction and is best used layered with other base products.

YSL CC Cream swatches

The 3 shades available are:

Similar to its BB sibling, YSL’s Forever Light Creator CC Cream has a light fluid texture, although I found it to be less runny and a bit more tactile.  As such, I found it harder to blend with a brush and is easiest applied either with a hand in sweeping motions, or with a large fluffy brush.  Other angled or dense foundation brushes tended to make it streak and took more work to apply properly.

YSL CC Cream swatches

While I loved YSL’s BB Cream, I had a lot of problems with this CC Cream.  As an all-over base color, the colors are completely wrong as you can see from the swatches above.  I was initially matched to Rose as I had NC20 complexion, which after testing all 3 on my face, was indeed the “best” match.  However, it left me looking waaay too fair and pink.  Completely unnatural vis-a-vis the rest of my body.  Lavender left a greyish cast on me, and looked even more ghostly.  Apricot would have been ideal if I was trying for a summer tanned look.  The most obvious way is to blend both Apricot and Rose together for a better match, but the coverage is sheer, and not sufficient on its own for my purpose.

One way to make this work for me, would be to wear this completely sheered out, more as a color-correcting makeup base, and layer on a darker shade of foundation.  But in this instance, I believe there are many color-correcting primers in the market with more elegant textures (smoother, thinner, more translucent) that are easier to layer with.

The CC Cream gives a matte finish, which is something I welcome if worn on its own, but renders it harder to blend other liquid foundations over.  If you have a strong leaning for liquid bases, I suggest mixing both on your palm and applying both together.  Layering with powder is easier, although with the already matte finish of the CC Cream, you will need a very finely-milled, preferably luminescent / shimmery powder to prevent looking overly matte / flat.

Despite its hydration claims, I found the YSL CC Cream to be drying on my skin.  After a week’s use, I went back to the BA who sold this to me, and he immediately noticed that my usually oily-combination skin was drier than usual.

Overall, I found YSL Forever Light Creator CC Cream to be too challenging to use properly, particularly since the idea of a CC Cream is meant to be an all-in-one skincare / makeup product, much like a BB Cream.  It may work well for those with more tanned complexions (Apricot for NW25-35), or are very fair (Rose/Lavender for NC/NW10-15); and generally oilier skin.  I tried my best to make this work on me, and even had the YSL BA try his magic on me (including prepping, powdering with a darker shade of powder than usual, plus all over bronzer!!!) but there is just no way of making any single shade of this CC Cream work on me in a flattering manner.  I did like the fact that it’s matte, which is a welcome change from all those “dewy” BB/CCs out there, but I did have to compensate with a more hydrating moisturizer before and after.  So, for those who are interested, I would strongly suggest getting a sample and wear it on your face for some time before making an investment.


15 responses to “YSL Forever Light Creator CC Cream”

  1. Janine says:

    I totally need these.

  2. bubblymichelle says:

    A great review! Glad I didn’t buy this >.< hehehe

  3. Sophie Gusone says:

    So could send me the ingredient list please Linda ??

  4. Sophie Gusone says:

    Very nice review…this new CC looks amazing !!

    I love YSL products but because of my allergies, i had to check first the ingredients, so it would be nice if you could send me pictures of the ingredient lists please ??

    Thanks so much !

    XXX Sophie

  5. Emmy says:

    I want this!!! I wanna try the Rose one for it suits my skin tone. I am so curious on how it will work on my skin.

  6. michelle says:

    Thanks for the review….I swear by it…

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