YSL Downtown Pure Chromatics Collector Palette City Drive Arty

August 18, 2013

Hello! I interrupt your Sunday evening mullings with this review on Yves Saint Laurent Beauty‘s Fall 2013 limited edition eyeshadow palette – City Drive Arty.

YSL City Drive Arty Palette

For Fall 2013, YSL has turned out 2 beautifully designed eye quads for the city girl in mind – Classy consisted of neutrals (mostly browns), and Arty which packs a punch of colors.

YSL City Drive Arty Palette

When I first saw the press images, I was prepared to pass on this palette. But by some unforeseen circumstance (my Instagram friends will know), I was able to exchange an older for something of equivalent value. And when I laid my eyes on Arty, all those sparkles and brilliant hues, I knew I had to have it.

Extreme and edgy, the YSL Arty girl pulses within the city. Inspired by the lights of the city and by the underground movements, she dares to wear Steel chrome, Neon Green, Asphalt Black, and Electric Blue for her eyes.

Somewhat scary names, but the swatches turned out rather friendly.

YSL City Drive Arty Palette swatches

The silver turned out to be much paler on my skin than it looked in the pan, and was a really lovely crisp color that is rather different from the other silvers that I own. The black contains some pink and green shimmers that make it unique and I can see myself using this on its own. The neon green turned out more mustard-yellow on my skin, and can be easily sheered out (I had layered it on thick for the swatch photo above), so it is not quite as scary as you might imagine. The blue is a medium-dark navy blue with some pink shimmers. This one was the driest of the lot, and tended not to apply as smoothly. For all of the shades, I would say the best way to pack on the shimmers is to use a stiffer, dense eyeshadow brush, and dab the colors onto the lid to get as much of the shimmers in place as possible without a whole lot of fall out. I actually wore all 4 shades on my lids over NARS eyeshadow base, which has somehow become de rigor for me.

And just to prove to you how wearable the colors can be, I created this using all 4 shades, and wore them to church!

YSL City Drive Arty Palette EOTD

I used the green on the inner part of my lids, the blue on the outer part, and blended the two in the middle using the silver. I then lined my bottom lid using the black, winged up, and blended the inner corner using the silver.

YSL City Drive Arty Palette EOTD

And this is how it all looked:

YSL City Drive Arty Palette LOTD

YSL City Drive Arty Palette LOTD

I also wanted to see if I could recreate Cara Delevingne’s look on the YSL Fall 2013 campaign poster, but tone it down for everyday use. My apologies for these next 2 pictures as I only managed to take them at the end of the day under very poor lighting condition, and frankly, not very much time.

YSL City Drive Arty Palette EOTD

I used the blue shade all along the lower part of my lid and added a sheer wash of green on top of that as a sort of highlighter. Then I lined the bottom lid with the black shade, and dabbed on some silver on the inner corner.

YSL City Drive Arty Palette EOTD

Overall, YSL Downtown Pure Chromatics Collector Palette City Drive Arty is the most fun palette that I’ve come across in a very long time. The possibilities are really endless! I know there have been some criticisms about the textures of these shadows, and I’ve actually tried to apply them using only the standard-issue sponge tips provided with the palette in the 2nd look above. And I think the results are not too shabby, far better than my previous experience with Lancome (read here). The texture and level of pigmentation of this eyeshadow palette is very consistent with the rests of the YSL quads, which is not the most pigmented on the planet, but good nonetheless, and fairly easy to apply & blend. I did not experience any fallout from the sparkles, but that is more thanks to my NARS I’d expect.

By the time you read this, the YSL counter at TANGS is already soldout of this Arty palette, but there may still be a few pieces left at the ION boutique. Alternatively, it is still available online, and I would recommend anybody who is at all interested, to place your order now.



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