YSL Top Secrets All-in-One BB Cream

June 13, 2013

Summer’s almost here (well, in Singapore, it’s summer all the time!), and when it’s sunny out, nobody wants to go traipsing around with a full face of makeup looking like her mother’s mother.  Instead, the time is much better spent enjoying a cup of coffee outside with friends isn’t it??  Sigh… that’s the life… I’m reminiscing about those lovely sunny days in California as I write this……….  Well, unless you have flawless luminous skin (like my 7-month old baby!!), you may need just a little bit of help looking decent enough to get out of the house.  Enter YSL Top Secrets All-in-One BB Cream!

YSL Top Secrets All-in-One BB Cream

Not another BB cream!!

Yeah, to be honest, I wasn’t looking out for another of these (until my beloved Guerlain finally rolls their version out here *twiddle thumbs*).  I was zooming around TANGS Orchard during the last member sale event, giving YSL a wide berth because I have bought waaay too much from there over the past couple of months… but then my eyes caught sight of this and I couldn’t resist checking it out!

My first impression was this baby is waaay too light… how can YSL do this to me!!  *LOL*  Then I found out the YSL Top Secrets All-in-One BB Cream came in 3 varying shades (Clear, Medium, and Dark)!!!  Hooray for variety at last!  Unfortunately for me, Medium was way too dark, which left me rather bummed.  But then, I blended out the swatch, and I was surprised by how well it just melded into my skin!

YSL Top Secrets All-in-One BB Cream swatch

YSL Top Secrets All-in-One BB Cream blended

In addition to naturally adapting to individuals’ skin tones, the YSL Top Secret All-in-One BB Cream also contains light-reflecting mother of pearl to help brighten up the skin!  Also, it contains Japanese lily of the valley bush extract for its moisturising properties, vitamin C for brightening action, and rose de mai extract for softening.  Conveniently, it comes with SPF25 / PA++, which is just about enough for running errands or going for coffee.  

This is an incredibly light-weight BB cream that leaves a sheer, luminous finish.  When I tried this on, I had a rather bad bout of eczema that left red patches on my cheeks.  So, I was rather dismayed because I found this to be insufficient at covering up all the redness.  However, I’ve also found other BB creams to have the same problem, so I’ve actually taken to using my BB creams as a makeup base.  And whilst some BB creams are just too heavy or oily, YSL’s is simply PERFECT!  

YSL Rituel Lumiere

YSL Top Secrets All-in-One BB Cream was designed with their signature YSL Rituel Lumiere in mind.  It’s incredible lightness makes it a perfect makeup base, protecting, priming, evening the skin tone, and enhancing radiance.  Obviously if that is enough, you can stop right there.  But for lesser mortals like me, it layers perfectly with YSL’s Le Teint Touche Eclat Foundation (reviewed here), giving that smooth coverage whilst allowing your natural skin to still show through!  And if that still isn’t enough, or if you needed to just set the makeup or mattify things somewhat, you can dust a light layer of YSL Le Teint Touche Eclat Illuminating Powder Foundation over it all!

YSL rituel lumiere

I apologize for not being able to take the pictures under consistent lighting & the rather poor quality… I had to snap away with my handphone before my little bub woke up from his nap!  Also, please excuse the LV luggage-sized eye bags too (when I find something that truly removes eyebags apart from sleep, I will be sure to blog about it)!  Regardless, you can see how the red patch on my left cheek and the black spot on my chin lightened as I layered on.  Even with 3 layers of makeup on, I find my skin still looked naturally radiant (in fact, more radiant and less tired than when I started!) and not cakey.  I absolutely LOVE this combination, and think it is perfect for summer!

Now that my skin is better, I have skipped the Le Teint Touche Eclat Liquid Foundation, and dust on the Powder Foundation to go to work.  The steps are entirely customizable to your own needs.

Have you tried the YSL Top Secrets All-in-One BB Cream yet?

9 responses to “YSL Top Secrets All-in-One BB Cream”

  1. uneviedeluxe says:

    I love YSL and hope to try this product out soon, but I must say the Guerlain Beauty Booster is too good to be true! Hopefully you’ll get to try it out soon!

  2. Ning Fathia says:

    What are you talking about there’s not much to cover about your skin! So lucky of you! When every brand release bb cream and later cc cream yes the urge to buy is quite a lot 🙂 I am tempted to try ysl one after I read this. I think I’m a medium.

    • silverkis says:

      Hi Ning, awww you’re so sweet! I don’t think I did a good job with those comparison picts… although they are all not-filtered or photoshopped, but somehow putting them all together in a side-by-side collage lost alot of the details. Regardless, yeah the YSL BB is quite different, perfect for layering as a base! So do try it out if you get the chance! 😉

  3. Great post! Congrats on your baby! (even though I’m 7 months late) haha 🙂

  4. I know this post is about the BB cream, but I seriously LOVE your nails 🙂

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