VVB Victoria, Victoria Beckham x Nails Inc Bamboo White

June 22, 2015

Happy #ManiMonday again folks!  As promised, I’m back with the 2nd nail polish from the VVB x Nails Inc collaboration – Bamboo White!

Victoria Victoria Beckham x Nails Inc Bamboo White

Similar to the other shade – Judo Red [reviewed here], Bamboo White comes in a hand frosted glass bottle made from the finest Venetian glass, and the sides are kept clear to show the nail polish shade contained inside.  Whereas Judo Red was bottled in a white glass bottle, Bamboo White comes in a contrasting black bottle!  Yes, I was expecting something black from Victoria Beckham as that is her signature color.

Victoria Victoria Beckham x Nails Inc Bamboo White nail swatch

Bamboo White is described as a delicate bone shade, and on me it is an off-white beige with slight grey undertones.  Although it is formulated with the same stretch to fit technology as Judo Red, I found Bamboo White to be much less easy to apply.  It took me 3 coats to sufficiently cover my nails, not so much because of a lack of opacity, but it tended to be streaky and caused the coverage to appear uneven.  However, once it dried fully, and with a glossy clear top coat, it looked fairly level and did not emphasize any ridges on my nails.  Bamboo White is one of those timeless shades that will look chic and elegant in any season.  Having seen it in action on a number of my friends, I must note that it does look better against some skin tone then others.

Both VVB x Nails Inc nail polishes (Bamboo White and Judo Red) are limited edition, and are now available at Sephora, Nails Inc website [unaffiliated link], and other retailers.

I hope everyone had an enjoyable weekend with their dads, I ended up spending Sunday at a friend’s home celebrating her daughter’s 3rd birthday, and had unbelievable fun watching my own son run around playing with the other kids!  It’s crazy how much I can love that kid.  On a not-so-nice note, I witnessed some cyber-bullying over Instagram, and when I showed some support to my friend, I started getting unfollowed as well.  I think I speak for bloggers alike when I say that we put our hearts and souls into our work… the best part is we don’t get paid for doing what we do.  Our only satisfaction is in knowing that there are like-minded people out there who actually takes time out to read our blog posts, and like our Instagram pictures, etc.  People may think we do it for the money and free stuff, but the truth is, this doesn’t pay the bills.  I don’t always have time to return every single Instagram like, and if your account is private I usually respect that, nor am I always the most prompt to reply every comment.  But I try my best, and I count many of my readers and followers as my friends and family.  Sure, follow or unfollow, it is your choice, and I sincerely hope that the day you start finding me a crap blogger or mindless Instagrammer, then please for goodness sake unfollow me.  But if you are doing it to send a message or out of spite, then I find that incredibly sad.

xo Linda