Vanitytrove May 2013: Floral Notes Unveiled!

April 23, 2013

It has been a really long while since I last did an unveiling post for Vanitytrove.  This month, I decided to do a quick one because I noticed quite some unhappiness on cyberspace.  To be honest, when I first saw pictures of some of the troves that went out, I was shocked.  Judging from how packed past years’ Mothers’ Day troves were, this was comparatively lighter in content.

Anyway, here is my trove:

VanityTrove May 2013

Not too shabby eh?  The thing that had alot of people unhappy, was the fact that the Lunamer set had to be collected in person at the Astalift store in Ion, by presenting a tear-out coupon in the back of the VT mag included in the box!  Most people, myself included, would not / did not bother to read the mag in detail.  It just so happened, that I actually thumbed through the mag this time round (partly because I kept going IS THIS IT?!??) and the page jumped out at me.  Without the Lunamer set, the box does look rather pathetic.

Let’s take a closer look shall we?

Lunamer set

Lunamer set

As it happened, I was planning to be in Orchard shortly after I received my trove, and was able to pick up the items!  Included in my box was the Lunamer brightener, which was their star item from the range.  Lunamer is from the same company that created Astalift, and targets busy ladies aged 20-30.  The Lunamer brightener helps exfoliate dead skin cells and dirt trapped in our skin using nanotechnology, and is gentle enough to be used daily.

The other 3 pieces that had to be collected in person were: Lunamer clear wash, Lotion I (for normal skin), and Emulsion I (for normal skin).  The lovely ladies at Astalift / Lunamer also provided me with satchet samples of the Lunamer cleansing oil, more Lunamer brightener, Astalift jelly and essence!!  Used together, these promise to bring my skin back into balance and health.  Will try these out at a later stage, and post my review so stay tuned!

The other items in my trove were…

Kose Infinity Deep Protection UV

Kose sunscreen

I was actually quite happy to receive this as Kose is a well established brand, and I was hoping to be able to experience their latest Infinity range of products.  Sunscreen, and one that is SPF50+ PA++++ is always a good item to have on hand!

Nuxe Melting Cleansing Gel

Nuxe melting cleansing crea,

When I first saw pictures of some of the troves that went out early, I was very nervous as the bulk of the troves comprised of the entire Nuxe collection.  Not that Nuxe isn’t a great brand, in fact i’m rather fond of some of their textures, just that i’ve tried the micellar water cleanser from this particular range and it stung my sensitive skin.  Also, I think the point of beauty boxes is to try a variety of items from different brands, not just one single brand.  Anyway, I will give this a fair shot and see how it goes.

Go60 Age-less! Treatment Masque

Go60 mask

This is probably the single most expensive item in the trove, although I have started to regard sheet masks as a standard throwaway item in these beauty boxes, and had initially overlooked it.  Supplied by Go60, a fast-service spa concept by Mary Chia, this mask promises to tighten pores and reduce fine lines.  Priced at $60 for 5, this single sheet mask alone is worth $12!

But don’t tear open to use this just yet!  Flip to the back of the mask and call the number listed at the back for a complimentary facial at Go60!  You do have to bring the mask down with you, and they will apply the mask at the end of your facial.

Also… the selection of this mask is quite interesting… it makes me think that Vanitytrove is finally starting to take note of individual subscribers’ age, skin type, and preferences.  The other masks that are available are Go Hydrate! and Go Radiant! Treatment Masques.

Aqua Rine Japanese Aroma Bath Sea Salt

Bath salts copy

I think these 2 satchets of bath salts gave rise to this month’s theme “Floral Notes”.  I was initially a little disappointed because I don’t have time to sit in a tub anymore with a little 6 month-old, but was pleasantly surprised to read that these could be used as a regular scrub in the shower!  Used this way, these satchets are actually very generously sized, about 2-3 showers I think!

I tried out the Rose scented one, and was very happy to find the texture to be ultra fine, finer than even your regular table salt!  A note of warning though, if you have any broken skin, these will sting slightly just like…well, rubbing salt on an open wound.

When I rubbed them on my skin in circular motion as instructed, there was a very slight warming sensation.  There was a very light rose scent, but not in that artificially sweet kind of way.  Over-riding it, was a warm sea scent… I imagine that’s how being wrapped in seaweed (one of the ingredients) would smell like.

Bach Rescue Pastilles

Bach pastilles

Vanitytrove had released some sneak pictures of this earlier on, and I was like oh no…. I’m not overly fond of the food items that I sometimes find in these beauty boxes.  But I suppose part of being beautiful was having fresh smelling breath.  It is quite a stretch, regardless.

Sebamed Femine Intimate Wash


Seriously, after Cetaphil in the last trove, this is just too much.  I feel like a trek down adolescence again.  This time, it isn’t even a decent-sized bottle like Cetaphil, and was partly the reason for the many long faces.

Dr.Ci:Labo Aqua-Collagen-Gel Enrich-Lift-EX


I really have no reason to complain because I received this little gem that was missing in most of the troves that I’ve seen so far!!  Since it wasn’t featured in the VT mag, I’m guessing it is the topup for sharing this month’s VT banner on Facebook!  So ladies… you know what to do next month!

I’m extra stoked because I’ve tried this before, and i LOVED IT!!  This time round though, they’ve given me the Enriched version for matured skin.  Haha… another reason why I think they’re taking note of subscribers’ profiles!

So, there you have it, my May 2013 Vanitytrove!  I believe there are at least 2 other versions of this month’s trove out there – one comprising of mostly Nuxe items, and another with Sampar items  (PS: Sampar is a re-issue, it was featured in Vanitytrove last year.  I’ve also reviewed Glamor Shot Eyes here!).  Which one did you receive, and how did you like your trove this month??

6 responses to “Vanitytrove May 2013: Floral Notes Unveiled!”

  1. Your trove looks so much more attractive than mine!! 😀

  2. Susan says:

    Nice review! I have seen the Dr.Ci:Labo Aqua-Collagen-Gel Enrich-Lift-EX in stores here, but didn’t know it was that good. Any recommendations on facial masks?

    • silverkis says:

      Hi Susan, thanks for stopping by! What sort of facial masks are you looking for? For hydration, I’m really fond of SK-II’s paper masks. Guerlain recently launched a new Super Aqua Hydrating cream mask that I’ve just tried and LOVE! Will be reviewing that soon! Or if you’re looking for deep-cleansing & detox, Cellilux makes a great mud mask! The review for Cellilux is here!

  3. Ash says:

    I love the rescue remedy gum so I look forward to trying the pastilles.

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