Vanitytrove December 2012: Victoria’s Secrets! Unveiled

November 22, 2012

Victoria's Secrets

It’s always so much fun to receive a box full of goodies at your doorstep, and it was made all the sweeter this month when my December’s edition of Vanitytrove came knocking a whole week earlier than expected!  This month is Vanitytrove’s birthday month so my expectations were high, but with the theme of “Victoria’s Secrets” I didn’t quite know what to expect.  So, it was with a very open mind that I unwrapped my trove, and was genuinely pleased with the pickings as they are all products that i would use!


The star product in this month’s Vanitytrove *IMHO* is this Dr GL Collagen Essence.  Developed by local famed aesthetician Dr Georgia Lee, specially formulated for Asian skin, Dr GL has been getting rave reviews.  This particular product, Collagen Essence, was awarded “2012 Beauty Best Buys” by Women’s Weekly.  Containing Hyaluronic Acid, Dr GL’s Collagen Essence promises to penetrate deep within to deliver and retain moisture beyond skin’s surface whilst retaining a light weight texture.

To be very honest, when Dr GL was first launched, I had dismissed it as another socialite’s attempt at rolling in the dough.  However, over the years, Dr GL has not only not dissipated, but has gained a devoted following.  More importantly, the company has invested significantly in opening up more outlets in high end department stores, a sign of the company’s longer-term commitment to the business and invariably the quality of its products.  And so, i’m really excited to have this deluxe mini to try the Dr GL range of products!

Oh, the full sized (30ml) product retails for $198… which means this 10ml mini is worth $66!


I received this Gamila Secret Cleansing Bar in Soothing Geranium, which is suitable for normal to combination skin.  Gamila Secret cleansing bars are made from old-fashioned recipes, using no less than fifteen fully active wild herbs, born in a base of shea butter and six pure plant oils, including first cold pressed olive oil.

I was at Robinsons Raffles City the day Gamila Secret was launched and had the opportunity to try it out, and I loved the earthy floral scents.  However, i’m really not a big fan of bar soaps, and at $46 a pop, i had to walk away.  So, i’m stoked to receive this in my trove!

UPDATE: I finally tried this out… but only on my body just because I was a scaredy-cat.  Boy, am i glad!  This dried up my skin like the Sahara Dessert winds, and i ended up itching all over!  🙁


Philosophy is a US brand that i’ve flirted with over the past 10 years.  I loved the brand’s holistic approach towards beauty, and something about the lower-case text against the white background just appeals to me.  But somehow, i never ventured past its infamous Hope in a Jar moisturizer.  And so, i’m really thrilled to find this set of sachets:


Belif is the latest Korean skincare brand to be launched in Singapore, and there is something about the brand’s philosophy and packaging that reminds me very strongly of Philosophy.  Included here are:


As usual, my trove was also filled with the usual paper masks.  Featured this month, is the Taiwan-made Sexylook Duo Lifting mask which has loops to hook behind the ears for added lifting and firming effect… weird!  There is also the Ciracle Blackhead nose mask which promises to dissolve sebum, blackheads and whiteheads while shrinking pores.  I also received 2 of the Beauty Buffet masks (which I’ve already received 3-4x in the past months).


There was also a sample of 1000hrs wax strips which I had overlooked when I was photographing my trove.  I think my subconscious was repressing its presence… seriously, what am I supposed to do with them?!?  They’re so tiny (plaster-sized), I can only imagine them being good for upper lip or brow hair removal… neither of those areas a problem for me!

Oh, and I nearly forgot about the sachet sample of Ujene’s Puriste Collagen serum, which is a repeat from November’s trove.  I actually rather enjoyed it… lightweight, almost cooling sensation upon application, absorbs quickly and provides instant hydration!

So, that’s it for this month’s Vanitytrove!  If you, like me, enjoy skincare pampering, pop on over here to grab your own!

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