Urban Decay Vice3

October 28, 2014

Do you remember me going on and on about how Linda-doesn’t-do-big-palettes? Yeah well, watch me eat my words now! Because the new Urban Decay Vice3 is breaking all rules… this naughty palette has managed to find its way front and center within my collection, plant itself on my overcrowded vanity and doesn’t look likely to be moved from its prime real estate for a long time.

Urban Decay Vice3 palette

Urban Decay Vice3 features 20 brand new, limited edition eyeshadows housed in a sleek palette (slimmer than Vice and Vice2) and a funky neoprene zippered case that fits an iPad mini! To be honest, the palette itself does not feel very hardy, and knowing my butter fingers’ tendency to drop anything bigger than a Tom Ford quad, or even smack them across the room on occassion… I have to be extra careful with Vice3. Regardless, at USD60 for 18gm of product, that’s a real steal. Vice3 is not just ordinary eyecandy on the outside, it contains some seriously smooth, creamy shades with excellent color payoff. There is something for everybody – enough nudes and neutrals to please, and loads of color options too to cater to every need. And there is a good range of finishes too, from mattes to satins and shimmers… omg those shimmers!!

Urban Decay Vice3 palette

As usual, when presented with large palettes, I get shocked senseless and don’t really know where to begin. But Urban Decay takes care of that by arranging the shades in columns of coordinated quads. The 2 columns on the extreme right and left are the neutrals, the left ones are the lighter nudes that are great as base / highlight / all over wash, and the right ones are darker for definition / crease / lining. And the 3 columns in the center of the palette are the ones for color play.

For ease of discussion, I’m just going to number the columns from 1 to 5 starting from the left.

Urban Decay Vice3 column 1 swatches

Column 1 are entirely matte neutrals. Swatched left to right from top to bottom of palette:

Urban Decay Vice3 column 2 swatches

Column 2 are the aqua-marine shades. Again, swatched from top to bottom of palette:

Urban Decay Vice3 column 3 swatches

Column 3 reminds me strongly of Gucci’s Autumn Fire and Charlotte Tilbury’s The Vintage Vamp in concept, although I don’t have either of those palettes on hand for a comparison swatch.

Urban Decay Vice3 column 4 swatches

Next we have a column comprising some of the most pigmented shades of pink-purple! It could also be the reason why I’m so in love with Vice3… 😉

Urban Decay Vice3 column 5 swatches

Lastly on the right most column of the palette, we have the smokey quad.

I have been playing with this for the last few weeks, and here are a few eye looks that I’ve come up with.

Urban Decay Vice3 EOTD

Urban Decay Vice3 EOTD 2

Urban Decay Vice3 EOTD 3


Urban Decay Vice3 EOTD 4

Obviously there are many more you can do with Vice3, these are just some ideas to get you started. Urban Decay Vice3 is a very flexible palette with lots of options. I love that they arranged the shades in coordinated quads for those of us who suffer from big-palette-paralysis, and still have plenty of other neutrals / nudes and bold colors thrown in for good measure. There is even a dual-ended brush included, which is the same size as their regular brushes (which is valued at USD28), so it is really good value for money! Urban Decay Vice3 is already out in the US, and will be launching in Singapore on 1 November at Sephora!

xo Linda





This product was provided for my consideration.  All views expressed here are my own honest, unbiased opinions.


6 responses to “Urban Decay Vice3”

  1. Noodles says:

    Oh these are much more exciting than the Naked palettes! Very tempted to get this now 😀

  2. bellyhead says:

    😀 Hahahah! You got one! I have to say, the range of finishes and colors from brights to neutrals really make this a comprehensive palette.

  3. No way you got that one!
    Am I in a dream? Like it is so huge, lol.
    It must have been really good, I will go and check that out next time I am at the counter.

    • silverkis says:

      It is huge… you know me well, Sara. But for once, it has shades that I like, and actually good mix of colors instead of… you know…10 shades of purple, or 20 shades of brown!

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