Tory Burch Divine Blush & Bronzer for those Sun-Kissed Cheeks

August 13, 2014

Fall runway trends seem to be carrying over the ease of summer, using harmonious (if not similar) shades for both eyes and cheeks. The look is soft, with that lingering summer glow, and dusky rose / mauve / burgundy shades predominates. So, I thought it is quite apt to introduce this chic little palette that I have been enjoying for the past month. In fact, I’ve enjoyed it so much I couldn’t stop to take a picture and write a review. This is Tory Burch’s Divine Bronzer & Blush.

Tory Burch bronzer & blush casing

I seldom rave about packaging, but this one deserves to be showcased. It is a nifty little case that fits perfectly in the purse or for travel, and looks so chic with its orange and gold detailing that I want to take it out #flaunt. It even comes with an accompanying orange suede pouch with a golden snap button closure with the Tory Burch logo embossed. Don’t let the small size fool you though, this compact houses 5gm of product, which is just a smidgen less than Chanel Jouer Contraste Powder Blush and costs less too.

Tory Burch Divine bronzer & blush close up

The product itself has a beautiful embossed design with the signature Tory Burch logo in the center. It comprises of 3 shades – a lovely peach pink shade in the center, a medium brown in the lower half, and a light slightly sheer beige in the upper half. These shades have a satin finish with some gentle sprinkling of fine shimmers in each of these shades, enough to give a luminosity to the shades without turning into a disco ball. I think this was marketed as a trio of blush (center shade), bronzer (lower half), and highlighter (top half). However, it is quite impractical to try and dig out those shades with a small brush and use them separately #lazy, though not impossible. The way I like to wear this, is to swirl it all together and apply it all over my cheeks for that summer glowy flush. The result is a gorgeous dusky rose shade that is universally flattering across a variety of skin tones!

Tory Burch Divine bronzer & blush swatches

Personally, I felt this little gem has been largely misunderstood so far. Indeed it is tiny for a face palette, incomparable to the likes of Tom Ford (on a different price point too). And it may seem sheer at initial swatch. But if there is a case for blushilighters like this and this, there is certainly a case for bronzilighters! This is one of those products that does not fare well under finger swatching, but just swipe a dense fluffy goat brush over it (my weapon of choice is Tom Ford’s cheek brush), and it applies like a dream. Tory Burch has her own retractable kabuki brush to pair if you’re short on ideas. And to apply as a bronzer for contouring, simply swipe your brush across the lower half of the pan. There is no need to try and avoid the pink shade, it melds well with the brown. For more defined sculpting and highlighting, I would pick up either the darker brown or lighter beige shade using a flatter brush like the Rouge Bunny Rouge #14.

Tory Burch Divine bronzer & blush

Tory Burch Divine Bronzer & Blush is a lovely cheek palette that contains 3 beautiful and wearable shades. The texture is soft and blendable, and with the right eye brushes, the shades work wonderfully on the eyes as well for the tone-on-tone look that is so on trend at the moment… pale peach flush on cheeks and natural-looking eyes with just a dash of summer glow… I am ready for Fall!


8 responses to “Tory Burch Divine Blush & Bronzer for those Sun-Kissed Cheeks”

  1. oh I didn’t even know that such a pretty thing exists, so lovely. Where are they boing sold lol.
    Thanks for letting us know!

  2. Omg ! This palet is gorgeous !
    We only have this brand in shoes and bags here 🙁 !

  3. lilian says:

    My first encounter Tory Burch when I was in Hawaii in February. I saw this blush and also tried the lipsticks. The orange packaging is worth to rave. I am a packaging addiction ^.^ this blush is in my shopping cart in and out. :p

  4. Noodles says:

    This looks gorgeous! Even the pouch looks fab! I wonder if we’ll get the makeup line in Taiwan, don’t think I’ve seen it in the boutiques so far 🙁

    • silverkis says:

      I think this should be carried in the departmental stores as it is developed with Estee Lauder, but it may also be in the boutiques (i’m not sure). Let me know if you need help getting hold of it!

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