Edgy & fashion-forward Too Cool for School is in Singapore!!

December 6, 2013

I first discovered Too Cool For School about 2 years ago when I was in Korea (read about it here), and fell in love with the brand right away.  There’s something about the kooky designs that just gets me all excited like a school girl!  Stepping into Too Cool For School is a complete sensory experience in itself, and so much thought has been put into each product that just astounds me.  Packaging aside, this is a brand that I personally embrace because I think so many of their products are truly innovative, forward thinking, and very on trend!  And so, I was ecstatic to be invited by Too Cool for School Singapore, to visit their flagship store in Far East Plaza to check out their latest collection!

Too Cool for School storefront at Far East Plaza

To the uninitiated, Too Cool for School may seem like a quirky lifestyle store at first glance.  But once you venture in, you’ll be transported into a makeup playground!  Everything was so immaculately displayed, I wanted to touch and experiment with everything!

Too Cool for School display

Too Cool for School Christmas 2013

For Christmas 2013, Too Cool for School has launched an entire range of makeup collection entitled “Glam Rock“.  And boy, is it funky!

Too Cool for School Glam Rock collection

The Glam Rock collection of eyeshadows and blushes are so on trend at the moment, and the shades are reminiscent of the NARS x Guy Bourdin collection (reviewed here) and the Shiseido Eye Color Bar (reviewed here).  The textures are all soft and feels almost creamy to the touch.  The blushes in particular are very well pigmented, and the shimmers on the eyeshadows are really beautiful!  Unfortunately due to the very tungsten lighting in the store, I couldn’t get accurate swatches.  But at $16 and $19 each for eyeshadow and blush respectively, I strongly recommend checking them out for yourself!

Too Cool for School Glam rock Extreme Eye liners

To define those eyes further, are a whole new class of Glam Rock Extreme Color Eyes Eyeliner.  These come with a thin brush tip that is resilient enough to draw the most defined cateye, and the colors pack a punch.  The liquid formula is both smudgeproof and waterproof… and they don’t kid when they say smudge proof.  I was checking it out with Sam when she looked at me with those gorgeous eyes of hers wide open, and exclaimed, “Linda! What is this magic?!  Have you ever seen anything like this?!?!?”

Too Cool for School Glam rock Extreme Eye liners swatches

5 powerfully pigmented colors to choose from, and at $28 each, I might just grab all of them!

Of course no rock chick would look glam without some serious lip color as well.  And there are 2 really rocking shades – Bloody Kiss (a cool-toned, medium cherry red), and Red Velvet (looks like a dark prune in the tube but applies into a wine shade… reminds me of YSL’s Prune Avenue for Fall 2013, reviewed here).  For those who are prefer a more toned down look, there are 2 suggested beige shades to pair with the Glam Rock eyeshadows – Pale Beige (a sheer cool-toned pink beige), and Satin Beige (a warmer, semi-sheer beige).  Lipsticks are $26 each for 3gm.

Too Cool for School Glam rock lipstick swatches

Some of my personal faves:

The biggest attraction Too Cool for School had for me, was its forward thinking and innovative products.  Long before the Beauty Blender was in vogue, before Shu Uemura’s Lightbulb sponge… was the Marshmallow Puff which accompanies Too Cool for School’s Pudding Aqua Shaking BB Foundation.  Personally, I find the Marshmallow Puff to be softer and easier to use than Lightbulb, and at $9 it is much more economical than the Beauty Blender.

Too Cool for School Aqua shaking BB

And way ahead of Tom Ford’s now infamous Brow Sculptor, is Too Cool For School’s Like a Model Eyebrow Pencil.  I’ve been using this for 2 years now, and I LOVE IT.  It glides so easily, and the triangular tip allows you to draw as fine a line as you need, and is thick enough to fill in the rest of the brow quickly.  I use the brush at the other end for smoothening everything out.

Too Cool for School brow sculptor

Best Sellers:

And here are some of the most popular products from Too Cool for School…

Too Cool for School best sellers

First on the left, is the amazing Dinoplatz Escalator Mascara.  I took a double-take when the BA showed me this as I have never seen anything like it at all!

Too Cool for School dinoplatz mascara

The short bristles on this brush makes it a breeze to work with my pathetic Asian lashes.  But what makes this so curious, is that a simple twist of the handle turns the wand head from being short and fat as shown here (for volumnizing) to long and thin (for lengthening)!

2nd from the left in the Bestseller list above, is Too Cool For School’s Lunchbox!

Too Cool for School Lunchbox

Years before Lancome came up with its Teint Visionnaire, Too Cool for School had already bundled a concealor and highlighter together with a foundation!  And all in a pocket-sized, travel-handy bottle!

3rd bestseller from the left is Too Cool for School’s Milk Tint.  I only managed to swatch a few of them, but hopefully they give you an idea of the range of opacity, tone and textures of these babies.  They come in bold colors as well as sheer glossy finishes.  One thing in common, is these babies leave a nice stain behind.

Too Cool for School Milk Tint swatches

The next 4 are skincare items, oh yes, Too Cool for School has tones of goodies for the face and body too!!  I have yet to try them for myself, but briefly:

There are plenty more amazing and gorgeous finds at Too Cool for School!  Head over to Far East Plaza #03-53 to check them out for yourself!  For those living in the west, there is a new outlet over at the spanking new Westgate mall #B1-K8!

Have you tried anything from Too Cool for School yet?


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  1. Nurfarahin Samsudin says:

    Is there any shop in Singapore still selling Glam Rock lipstick ( Dark Red or Maroon)???

  2. I had the same reaction as you when I entered a TCFS store for the first time. I thought it was a hipster lifestyle shop at first! I really, really like this brand and their concepts. <3

  3. Kavi says:

    That mascara packaging is absolutely awesome! Never seen anything like it :O xoxo

  4. Hey Linda ^^ thanks for linking us in your blog! I had such a great day that day 🙂

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