Tom Ford Wicked Narcissist Blushes

March 13, 2014

I realize I could write this blog into oblivion just by reviewing discontinued and extremely rare products, and probably get stoned to death along the way.  But, domus mea, regulae meae.  And seeing as how Tom Ford likes to pop out previously LE items from time to time, you never know when this might be useful.  Not to mention, I really like how these 2 names go together, i.e. The Wicked Narcissist.

I am talking about these 2 Tom Ford blushes of course.

Tom Ford Wicked Cheek Color


Tom Ford Wicked Cheek Color is a soft medium rosy pink with shimmers.  It is very finely milled and dense, and literally melts against the skin when applied.  I love the slight shimmers that really highlight my cheekbones, and does not emphasize my pores at all.  On me, Wicked is warm-toned, but should work well across a variety of skin tones.

Tom Ford Narcissist Cheek Color


Tom Ford Narcissist Cheek Color was a Fall 2012 limited edition release, and was recently re-released in Japan for Spring 2014.  It is a bright bold fuchsia, that is incredibly pigmented.  It is equally soft and finely-milled, and is easy to blend on the skin.  On me, it is cool-toned but is a delicious pink without being too blue or red.  Due to the color intensity and pigmentation, you do need to use a very soft and less-dense brush and a very light hand.

Tom Ford Wicked Narcissist swatches



And for those who love collecting bright blushes, here are some comparison swatches:

Tom Ford Narcissist blush comparison swatches


Chanel Fantastic (LE) is warmer, redder and a cream-based blush.  THREE Emotional Rescue (LE) is similar in tone but far less intense and just a wee bit redder.  YSL Radiance Blush No. 6 is closest in tone but not as intense in color.  Burberry Hydrangea Pink (LE) is warmer

Tom Ford Cheek Colors really don’t need much raving from me, it has been sufficiently lauded on the blogosphere.  I love them enough, but I must point out that they don’t last the longest on me.  They do fade after 8 hours on me, whereas there are other blushes that stay longer on me.  And apart from Narcissist, the shades in the permanent collection (6 shades) are easily dupable.  Of course there is the luxury element, which is irrefutable.

I’ve been lusting after Narcissist for so long, it was a real personal triumph to finally have it in my collection.  And it has taken the arrival of this gorgeous beauty to finally tip my hand with this post.  If ever there is a limited edition item that should be brought back permanently, I hope it is Narcissist!  Thanks for stopping by and gushing with me!


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  1. Nikki says:

    I skipped out on Narcissist because it looked intimidating in the pan back then but slowly I began to see its beauty which was too late because it’s a LE. 🙁

  2. bellyhead says:

    Narcissist is one of my very very very favorites!!! 🙂

  3. Oh these look so nice. I want the Narcissist one! I’m definitely going to look into finding this LE… somehow, someway! xo

  4. lunalunaface says:

    Ooh Narcissist looks great! I haven’t been very into TF, and figures I’d get lured in by something LE..

  5. Sunny says:

    Narcissist looks amazing! Such a bold shade, but the texture looks very blendable!

    • silverkis says:

      yes it is!!! I wanted it so badly when I saw it floating around on Instagram…. but it was only sold in the US at that time… I really love these crazy bold blushes! So when I saw it was selling in Japan, I had to order it somehow!

  6. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh these are so gorgeous! Great post! Don’t worry. if you keep giving us pretty photos to stare at, nobody will stone you!
    Bana xoxo

  7. I want! These look so nice 🙂

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