Tom Ford Spring 2016 Runway Color Collection

February 16, 2016

This spring 2016, Tom Ford has refreshed its permanent makeup offerings, and there is plenty to love!  Apart from some extensions to their popular Cream Color for Eyes, there are a couple of completely revolutionary and brand new releases.  Let’s take a look at some of my top picks!

Tom Ford SS16 Runway Color Collection

The most hotly anticipated (and perhaps controversial) of the SS16 releases is the Tom Ford Patent Finish Lip Color [SGD72].  These are a hybrid between lip stains and lip lacquers, with very enduring last and a high shine glossy finish.  By now, long-wearing glossy lip lacquers are nothing new, but Tom Ford has been able to make these even more long-lasting, they basically stay on until removed!  And with a color intensity that is the best of its class!

Tom Ford Patent Finish Lip Color

There are 8 fantastically bold hues to love, ranging from bright cherry to blackened berry.  Here are the swatches of all 8 shades:

Tom Ford Patent Finish Lip Color swatches

  1. Red Corset is a medium mauve red that is everyday wearable
  2. Exposed is a medium-deep fuchsia
  3. Ravageur is a neutral-toned medium red
  4. Infamy is a brightened pink with strong blue undertones
  5. Stolen Cherry is a brightened cherry-cola shade of cool-toned red
  6. No Vacancy is a bright poppy vermillion
  7. Erotic is a brightened fuchsia
  8. Orchid Fatale is a stunning berry that is much more wearable than most people realise!

To up the shine factor, there are some sparse micro-shimmers worked into the formula.  My lips generally don’t take well to shimmers, but these did not irritate me at all.  Here is another look at the same set of swatches:

Tom Ford Patent Finish Lip Color swatches 2

These Patent Finish Lip Colors come in sleek pens with a click dispenser and a sponge applicator head.  I was very much on the fence on this form of packaging initially, because sponge applicators get soggy after awhile and they crumble apart.  Not to mention unsanitary from a hygiene perspective.  But any other sponge applicator wand that go right into the tube containing the product would probably be even worse.  The saving grace is the applicator tip really makes applying the product around the the curves of my lips a breeze.  It provides perfectly even coverage, and allows me to define my lips without bleeding.

Tom Ford Cream Color for Eyes SS16

We have been seeing these little pots of Tom Ford Cream Color For Eyes [SGD68] pop up with every other season the past year, and now the most popular shades have been made permanent to satisfy those who have been unsuccessful at securing theirs.  And of course, we all know that we are not supposed to keep cream products (especially those for the eyes!) for more than 6 months after their first open date, so now we can get replacements for our beloved shades!

Tom Ford Cream Color for Eyes Burnished Copper & Midnight Violet

There are 8 shades in the Tom Ford Cream Color for Eyes family, 3 of which are repromotes.  Unfortunately at the time of my preview, 2 of the shades were unavailable, and I was also not able to swatch all of them for you.  The repromotes [pictured on the left in the earlier picture] are – Platinum and Spice from Holiday 2014 [both reviewed here], and Caviar which looks very similar to the cream shade in the Black Oyster Cream & Powder Eye Color from Summer 2015 [reviewed here].  The 2 shades that I received are Burnished Copper [top right] and Midnight Violet [bottom left].  Swatches for your reference:

Tom Ford Cream Color for Eyes Burnished Copper & Midnight Violet swatches

Tom Ford Cream Color for Eyes size comparison

One of the biggest critiques of this season’s releases is the drop in size from previous Cream Color for Eyes.  Apart from the fact that the jars are smaller and taller, the new crop carries only 0.17oz / 5ml versus 0.21oz /6.3ml whilst the price remains the same.  This is a marked increase in price per unit and never a good thing despite the fact that few of us will be making a dent on these jars before their expiration.

As soon as I am able to access the full range, I plan on adding more swatches here – so stay tuned!

Tom Ford SS16 Eye Definition Eyeliner

To complete the eye look, Tom Ford Eye Definition Eyeliner [SGD56] is the latest addition to the brand’s eyeliner offerings.  Much as I love Tom Ford Beauty, I’ve never had much luck with their eye liners on my heavily hooded lids that are prone to smudging.  So I was very intrigued with these new twist-up and retractable eyeliners.  There are 6 shades all with a matte finish, and I have 2 of them – Black & Azure.

Tom Ford Eye Definition Eyeliner Black & Azure swatches

These new Eye Definition Eyeliners are not as smooth as the Eye Defining Pencils [reviewed here], but they are certainly much more long-lasting and budge-proof!  There is sufficient time after applying to smudge and blend, but once they set they do not move even on my lower lash line.  Swatched on the arm, these feel smooth enough, but on the lids they do tend to skip a little but nothing that I can’t live with.  The colors are intense, especially the black shade, which I really appreciate.  Azure is an interesting deep cerulean that I’ve never seen in a liner until now.  I do wish there’s also a built-in sharpener so I can get a defined wing tip when I want.

Tom Ford Spring 2016 makeup look ft Midnight Violet and Infamy

Here is a makeup look featuring Midnight Violet Cream Color for Eyes and Black Eye Defining Eyeliner, and Infamy Patent Finish Lip Color.  Notice how intense and glossy Infamy is on the lips when worn in its full glory!

Tom Ford Spring 2016 makeup look ft Burnished Copper Cream Color for Eyes

On this next makeup look, I applied Burnished Copper Cream Color for Eyes all over my lids, and dabbed on a little Platinum on the inner half.  Also added Black Eye Defining Eyeliners on lash line.  Lips feature a new Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy Sculpting Gloss that I will be reviewing soon.

Tom Ford Spring 2016 makeup look ft Orchid Fatale

And here is a makeup look featuring Orchid Fatale Patent Finish Lip Color worn lightly as a stain – notice the brilliant shine despite being sheered out!  This is a very day-wearable lip color despite its blackened hue.

Overall, I would recommend giving these Tom Ford Patent Finish Lip Colors a good try if you can… I simply love them! Tom Ford Cream Color for Eyes never disappoint and the new shades are really lovely; the Tom Ford Eye Defining Eyeliners pair wonderfully and are bullet proof.  These will be launching in Singapore on 22 February, and will be available permanently!

xo Linda

This post featured products that were kindly provided for my consideration.  Regardless, all opinions expressed here are my own honest, unbiased views.


16 responses to “Tom Ford Spring 2016 Runway Color Collection”

  1. Alison says:

    I was really drawn to Infamy and was hoping you would show it in your FOTD– and there it is! Looks really fabulous on you and definitely my kind of color.

  2. Lily says:

    Hey Linda, do you have the pricing for these? I erm, need to put some funds aside. LOL!

  3. beauty bloss says:

    Oh yay for making the creams permanent! Burnished Copper will be coming to live with me asap!

  4. Orchid Fatale looks lovely on you and the cream eyeshadows remind me so much of Chanel Illusion D’Ombre in finish. Also Charlotte Tilbury too.Great Review x

    • silverkis says:

      Hi Mandy, Orchid Fatale seems to be a crowd favorite! I actually thought TF cream shadows are much in pigmented than Chanel…. those IdOs tend to sheer out too much and I need to work at it a bit more to build up. TF is the reverse for me. Also, TF feels more shimmery/metallic. I’ve not tried CT as I’ve read a lot of people had problems with it staying in place. I’d love to try though as there are some cool shades!

      • It must be my pale skin because the illusion d’s are quite pigmented for me . I will do a FOTD to show you.
        I use NARS eyebase primer and I own Marie Antionette by CT. It stays in place without creasing the whole day. They aren’t as glittery as Tom Ford’s either. I haven’t tried out any other shades by CT though.

        • silverkis says:

          The new TF cream shades are glittery-er than the older ones…. I don’t mind that because glitter and I are like intertwined, but I can see some people not liking the extra shimmer.

          • Some are saying they are not as good as the original and are more like Charlotte Tilbury cream eyeshadows. I have so many of these types of eyeshadows now that i’m overloaded. I did buy the new Chanel Stylo eyeshadow in Rose petale and i love it. Satin finish and no glitter. The gold and green have the same finish and are beautiful. The brown has the green glitter in it, which is nice but i passed. I paired my rose petale with Illusion D’Ombre New Moon and the Stylo eyeshadow Caroube and it looks gorgeous.

      • Tracey Evans Buhr says:

        CT’s Jean and Marie Antoinette are my staples – they’re so versatile. Her shadows don’t crease on my oily lids but you will have no problem if wearing a primer.

        I appreciate your reviews and showing us what they look like when applied. I’m going to order midnight violet and I’m going to venture into the patent lip product as well.

        • silverkis says:

          Hi Tracey, how’s midnight violet and the patent lip working out for you? I’m sorely tempted by CT’s cream shadows… they seem so lovely. And now with your positive feedback, it looks like I’ll have no choice soon!

  5. Melanie says:

    The Tom Ford Patent Finish Lip Color ♥♥♥ I want them all! 😉

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