Tom Ford Spring 2015 Color Collection: Complete Swatches & Review of Crushed Indigo!

January 29, 2015

I’m very excited to be able to bring you a preview of the upcoming Tom Ford Spring 2015 Collection! As I had alluded to in my earlier post on the new Tom Ford Lip Color Shine, Tom Ford has taken a very bold approach to makeup this Spring. Drawing inspiration from the ‘70s rock and roll culture, the look for Tom Ford Spring 2015 is all about bold eyes and soft lips.

Tom Ford Spring 2015 Look

Tom Ford look presented at London Fashion Week Spring Summer 2015. Image source: Getty Images

Hot, sexy, smokey eyes are central to the look.  To achieve that effect, Tom Ford will be offering 3 new limited edition Eye Color Duos.

Tom Ford Eye Color Duos for Spring 2015

These Eye Color Duos feature a new formula that is designed to be used wet and dry. I was told they are similar to last Fall’s Nude Dip [reviewed here] but I found these Eye Color Duos to be richer in color, and much more dimensional when worn wet and layered together. What appears to be “white” in each of the duos are actually different opaline shades filled with iridescent shimmers to match the darker shade – pale pink for Ripe Plum, mint green for Raw Jade, and icy lilac for Crushed Indigo. They are well pigmented on their own, and may be worn alone for a delicate shimmery eye. Paired with winged liner, that could be quite a charming day look.

Tom Ford Eye Color Duo dry swatches

“Dry” swatches above are as follows:

Here are some close-up shots of each of the Eye Color Duos.

Tom Ford Eye Color Duo Ripe Plum for Spring 2015Tom Ford Eye Color Duo Ripe Plum for Spring 2015 (SGD85)…full review here.

Tom Ford Eye Color Duo Raw Jade for Spring 2015Tom Ford Eye Color Duo Raw Jade for Spring 2015 (SGD85)… full review here.

Tom Ford Eye Color Duo Crushed Indigo for Spring 2015Tom Ford Eye Color Duo Crushed Indigo for Spring 2015 (SGD85)

Although they are lovely applied dry on their own, the shades become much more intense when applied with a damp brush. And when the lighter shade is layered on top of the darker shade, the overall look really comes alive! On the eyes, these gelle shadow powders reflect the light to give a multi-dimensional look.

Tom Ford Eye Color Duo wet swatches

The swatches above are organized as follows: light opaline shade on left, dark accent color in middle, and layered on right.  As you can see, when layered, the shades in Ripe Plum produce a metallic coppery plum, Raw Jade produces a cool-toned metallic green, and Crushed Indigo a beautiful metallic peacock blue.

I have been putting Crushed Indigo through a series of tests over the past 2 weeks, and am happy to report that it really does wear as intensely on the lids when applied with a damp brush as it swatches.

Tom Ford Crushed Indigo wet EOTD

Tom Ford Eye Color Duo in Crushed Indigo EOTD when applied wet

However, when used dry, it did not apply as smoothly as what I have come to expect from Tom Ford.

Tom Ford Crushed Indigo dry EOTD

Tom Ford Eye Color Duo in Crushed Indigo EOTD when applied dry

It is also worth noting that Crushed Indigo only lasted about 6 hours on my lids before starting to fade and crease. On most people, this may not be an issue, unfortunately I have extraordinarily fussy lids. Tom Ford Eye Primer Duo typically works miracles for me in extending the wear of my eyeshadows, however I was told the formula is incompatible with these Eye Color Duos and my experience so far proved likewise.

What did work for me, was to first apply a dark cream shadow as a base (I like to use Chanel’s Stylo Yeux in Black Stream), and then pat on Crushed Indigo.  This is a method I use quite often to make bold colors pop, and I found it helped hold Crushed Indigo better, prevented fading and creasing throughout the day.

Tom Ford Eye Color Duo in Crushed Indigo EOTD when applied dry over blackened base

Tom Ford Eye Color Duo in Crushed Indigo EOTD when applied dry over a black base

Crushed Indigo also suffered from fallout during application, although once done, I did not notice further fallout as the day progressed.  So be sure to clean up after you’re done with a q-tip and some powder, or else start with the eye makeup before going onto foundation.

I’m not sure if the issues I faced are unique to Crushed Indigo only or even just the one that I received, but I will be sure to update this post if I uncover something new.

To complete the bold eyes and to inject some fun into everyday makeup, Tom Ford will also be releasing 2 new Extreme Mascaras in Black Plum and Teal Intense. These use the classic Tom Ford Extreme Mascara formula that does not clump or crumble, and has a big full brush to amplify those lashes.  I’m also happy to report that Black Plum does not smudge on me!

Tom Ford Extreme Mascara Black Plum and Teal Intense for Spring 2015Tom Ford Extreme Mascara Teal Intense (top) & Black Plum (bottom) [SGD65 each]… reviewed here.

To round up the collection, there will also be 2 new limited edition nail lacquers in Black Jade [reviewed here] and Indigo Night [reviewed here].  There is also a repromote of Bitter Bitch from the permanent collection.

Tom Ford Spring 2015 Nail LacquerTom Ford Nail Lacquer Indigo Night (left), Bitter Bitch (middle) and Black Jade (right) [SGD48 each]

Before I go, here is an entirely Tom Ford LOTD featuring Crushed Indigo on the eyes (applied wet), Wicked on the cheeks, and Frivolous on the lips.

Tom Ford Eye Color Duo Crushed Indigo LOTD

Tom Ford Eye Color Duo Crushed Indigo LOTD

Tom Ford Spring 2015 Color Collection will be available from March in Singapore.  Will you be picking any of these up?

Tom Ford Eye Color Duo in Crushed Indigo was kindly provided by Estee Lauder Singapore for my consideration.  The opinions expressed above are my own unbiased, honest views, and are not influenced in any way.

xo Linda

19 responses to “Tom Ford Spring 2015 Color Collection: Complete Swatches & Review of Crushed Indigo!”

  1. Joyce says:

    ohhh this looks great on you!!!

  2. Sil says:

    The swatches looked so beautiful! As soon as I saw Crushed Indigo, I was hooked, so I was very glad to see your FOTD. But now I’m sad that it didn’t apply that well dry. It looked so promising on the pan!

    And, as always, great photos! You could really tell that those white shadows had different nuances.
    And you look great with blue eyeshadow, the bold eyes make your eyes pop!

    • silverkis says:

      Yes i was disappointed too, and tried many many times to make it work! You never know though, I’m putting this aside for awhile to work on some other stuff, but i’ll definitely be back again and will report if I discover something new!

  3. Lily says:

    Hi Linda, you look great in blue smokey eyes. Too bad it doesn’t work when applied dry though. I always use my shadows dry. Ripe Plum is calling my name, but if it’s fussy to apply, then I probably won’t get it. The potential though!

    • silverkis says:

      Hi Lily, I was surprised by how well such a bright bold blue worked too! I almost never wear my shadows wet too, so this was a learning process for me. But it works very well over a darkening base, so you can just do that, and pat on the shadows dry.

  4. Karla says:

    You look beautiful!, im picking up the indigo and plum eyeshadows! Cant wait to have them!

  5. Wonderful review!!
    The look is amazing on you, a real standout but I don’t think I’ll be picking any up because they’re pricey and at that range I want them to be perfect. I’d have preferred a quad but it’s a gorgeous collection nonetheless and your review is excellent, thanks for being so honest and concise!
    Ingrid Hughes

    • silverkis says:

      Hi Ingrid, thank you for your kind words. I know what you mean about wanting them perfect at that price range. I’m a bit disappointed myself since i’ve come to associate Tom Ford with nothing but the best.

  6. bellyhead says:

    Wow! Those blue tones look incredible on you, Linda!!!

    The dry application looks too patchy and knowing how lazy I am with applying wet, I think this will likely not make it into my shopping basket.

    THank you for this gorgeous preview of all the duos!

    • silverkis says:

      Thanks Belly, Crushed Indigo really is quite a stunner when applied properly. I’m generally too lazy to apply things wet too… so messy! So instead, I just slap on some black cream, and then pat the shadow on dry. It works!!

  7. Kymm says:

    Your skin looks soo flawless, and that blue really brings out your eyes babe!

  8. Noodles says:

    You look phemonenal!!! Thansk for the beautiful swatches. I am so in love with the layered effect of all three of the duos! Can’t wait to see your review of the polishes!

  9. I love these FOTDs, you look soo stunning.
    And the collection *happy sigh* I can’t wait!!!
    Exactly as I like, smokey eyes, yes please!

  10. Sunny says:

    Hey Linda, thanks for the swatches! I love love love the look you came up with! I like how the duos look, but if they’re fussy then maybe not. I buy expensive stuff so I don’t have to jump through hoops, and this formula sounds like some hoop-jumping is involved :p

    • silverkis says:

      Hi Sunny, it isn’t quite as fussy as I made it out to be… just go with a black base for the crushed indigo, and you’ll be fine. I’m not sure if the same problem exists for the other 2 shades, but i’ll report back if I find something different!

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