Tom Ford Amped Up the Sexy in Nude Lips with Skinny Dip & Rose Soleil Lip Color Sheers

May 10, 2015

For Summer 2015, Tom Ford Beauty has released 4 lipsticks in the Lip Color Sheer formula that was first launched in Spring 2014.  Of the 4 shades available this season, 2 were repromotes from the limited edition Spring 2014 release – Paradiso and Sweet Spot, whilst 2 are completely brand new.  For today, I’d like to give you a good look at Tom Ford Lip Color Sheer in Skinny Dip and Rose Soleil!

Tom Ford Skinny Dip and Rose Soleil Lip Color Sheers

It would be an exaggeration to say that I’ve been searching for the perfect nude lipstick forever… because quite frankly, I’m more of a bright lip kinda chick.  So I never knew what I was missing out on, until these 2 brand new Tom Ford Lip Color Sheers came into my life!

Tom Ford Skinny Dip Lip Color Sheer

Tom Ford Skinny Dip Lip Color Sheer is precisely as its name implies… it is lips in the buff, and extremely naughty.  It is a warm-toned peach-pink with a semi-sheer base.  It is so emollient it glides easily over my lips and is truly my-lips-but-better.  What makes it exceptional, is the addition of fine golden shimmers that gives Skinny Dip a special golden sheen.

Tom Ford Skinny Dip Lip Color Sheer lip swatch

If Skinny Dip is just a little too pale for you, there is another – Tom Ford Rose Soleil Lip Color Sheer.

Tom Ford Rose Soleil Lip Color Sheer

Rose Soleil looked a little inhibiting at first sight, so it completely caught me by surprise when I swatched it.  It is a soft plummy brown with fine pink and gold shimmers.  The texture is very similar to Skinny Dip, super emollient and glides over the lips like a dream.  It is also semi sheer, but I was able to get a better color coverage than Skinny Dip although this could be due to it having a bit more color.

Tom Ford Rose Soleil Lip Color Sheer lip swatch

What was unexpected to me, was that Rose Soleil looked so dark and so shimmery in the tube, but turned out to be such a soft juicy shade on the lips!  Both Rose Soleil and Skinny Dip are the perfect sexy nude lips to pair with the more dramatic Cream & Powder Eye Color Duos from the same collection [full review coming very soon, but in the meantime, here are the swatches].

I would also like to chat briefly about the other 2 Lip Color Sheers that are “repromotes”.  I had acquired Paradiso and Sweet Spot back in Spring 2014 [reviewed here] and found the formula extremely drying and patchy on my lips.  However, I had the opportunity to swatch the recently released versions, and found them to be much more emollient and glided much better than I could recall.  Unfortunately, I don’t have them so I’m not able to test them out in person.  Regardless, if you didn’t get them last year, be sure to give them another chance this time around!  As for Skinny Dip and Rose Soleil, these are so comfortable to wear, and they bring something of interest to an otherwise boring nude lip, that I can see myself reaching for them very often!

Do hop on over to this post for full swatches of everything else in the collection, and access links to the full review of each product!

Do you have any favorite nude lipsticks to share?

The products discussed here were generously provided by Estee Lauder Singapore for my consideration.  Regardless, all views expressed here are my own honest, unbiased opinions.

xo Linda

9 responses to “Tom Ford Amped Up the Sexy in Nude Lips with Skinny Dip & Rose Soleil Lip Color Sheers”

  1. Oooh lovely how Rose Soleil looks on you. I have a post today with that one too but I am not sure if I liked the look I came up with. On me it looks much redder… I need a good dose of bronzer for these lovely shades to work on me and I look so pale. Yes I need Terra lol.

    • silverkis says:

      Perhaps you need those darker foundations? JOKING LOLOL!!! Rose Soleil is actually really quite well balanced between plum and brown on me. It’s interesting because I’ve seen how it turned so red on some people… on me, it’s just a sheer wash of color.

  2. beauty bloss says:

    I like the look of Rose Soleil, so pretty!

  3. Lily says:

    Rose Soleil looks beautiful! I have yet to try any Tom Ford lipsticks. Maybe one day 🙂

    • silverkis says:

      Oh Lily…. TF is a major rabbit hole to fall into…. if you don’t mind, perhaps I can cut you up some tiny pieces of some of mine and put them in a pillbox tray or something so you can just try them out. I’ll never finish any of mine before they go bad anyway. But then again, you can probably try them at a counter in KL or something?

      • Lily says:

        Omg Linda I think I have to take you up on that! There is no Tom Ford in Malaysia and the counter in Singapore is the closest. I’m so curious it’s killing me. Lol lol

  4. These look gorgeous on you! I wouldn’t have considered them as they’re pricey and sheer but they’re actually quite special! Thanks for the beautiful pictures, your blog is gorgeous!!! xxxx

    • silverkis says:

      Yes you’re right, they’re incredibly expensive for lipsticks…. and I really hate it when the TF embossing on the bullet goes after a few uses. But it’s there in case you ever need a reason to indulge yourself! 😉 Thank you for your lovely words about my blog!!! xxx

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