Tom Ford Private Blend Les Extraits Verts

October 19, 2016

It is not everyday that high end fragrance companies turn out a new scent, and this year Tom Ford seems to be on a roll.  After releasing 2 new flankers to the Neroli Portofino family [read here], and 2 inaugural fragrances to the Soleil collection [here and here]; now Tom Ford has gone and completely redefined the classical “green” note in perfumery with the brand new Tom Ford Private Blend Les Extraits Verts Collection.

Tom Ford Private Blend Les Extracts Verts

The Les Extraits Verts Collection consists of 3 exceptional fragrances featuring modern interpretations of the green olfactory family.  In true Tom Ford style, these are no ordinary light, crisp variations that mass labels like to churn out every spring/summer.  Surely the Fall launch date gives a hint of the darker, more glamorous brew awaiting us.  Tom Ford takes inspiration from the decadent ’70s, and returns the green note to its full luxurious Chypre-type origins.

Tom Ford Vert d’Encens is inspired by the rugged nature of the Corsican Coast, also fondly referred to as the Perfumed Isle.  It starts out with a fresh, crisp burst combined with a tinge of clean, almost-powdery sweetness.  But it doesn’t just stay that way as wafts of aromatic lavender and some vanilla weaves its way around the fragrance.  As the opening burst settles, something darker emerges… heliotrope interlaced with pine and fir balsam gives Vert d’Encens quite a different edginess.  A touch of dark chocolate softens the overall brew, and incense gives Vert d’Encens a smokey mysterious impression.

Tom Ford Vert D'Encens & Vert Boheme

Tom Ford Vert Bohème is Tom Ford’s interpretation of green at its most free-spirited.  It almost feels like a pun on a vintage-style women’s perfume that is soapy fresh and floral sweet.  It certainly starts out that way, with a bouquet of white florals and green buds, and feels cool on my skin.  White honeysuckle and narcissus predominates, their sweetness toned down slightly by magnolia and violet leaf bloom.  The impression of Lily of the Valley abounds, with a sensual white musky flavour.  Once Vert Bohème settles on my skin, a woody undergrowth starts to emerge with oakmoss and vetiver.  One of the most interesting ingredient to me, is the use of Galbanum, the “Queen of Green”, once prized and inspired great perfumers.  It once turned me off Chanel N.19, but lends Vert Bohème a touch of something earthy, green, and that element of cool that transcends an otherwise familiar scent into a Tom Ford creation.

Tom Ford Vert Des Bois

Tom Ford Vert des Bois is provocative woods at their most expressive.  There was a moment at the initial spritz that I wrinkled my nose, but as the fragrance unfurled, I found myself falling in love.  Vert des Bois starts out greener than its other 2 companions, unveiling an inventive ingredient in modern perfumery – poplar bud extract.  Spiked ouzo, olive tree leaves and plum intermingled with anise gives this fragrance its avant-garde green edge.  I sense patchouli and tonka bean at play as well.  At its heart, white floral jasmine is enriched with green mastic.  A spicy woody base of pepperwood, cistus, and oakwood absolute makes Vert des Bois unique in the Tom Ford Private Blend family, a smokey and spicier Oud Wood if you will… but much more modern and sexier in my opinion.

Tom Ford Private Blend Les Extraits Verts is one of the most interesting fragrance releases from the brand that I’ve experienced in a while.  All 3 are bold and complex, and my favourite is a mix of Vert Bohème and Vert des Bois.  On its own, Vert d’Encens wears beautifully on me… in fact I have it on for about 3 hours right now, and it is starting to smell like lipsticks and chocolates.  These are formulated as Eau de Parfum and have excellent sillage and longevity,

Tom Ford Private Blend Les Extraits Verts Collection is out now in Singapore at Tom Ford counters in TANGS Orchard, Robinsons Raffles City and the Tom Ford boutique at Marina Bay Sands.

xo Linda

This post featured products that were generously provided for my consideration.  Regardless, all opinions expressed here are my own honest, unbiased views.

4 responses to “Tom Ford Private Blend Les Extraits Verts”

  1. Janine says:

    Oh how I wish I was in connection with Tom Ford in the US. That would be a life changer for me! This scent sounds wonderful. I have the Neroli and I love it. And your photo, the one with the coffee.. GIRL… you are amazing!!!!! I just want to follow you for a couple of days and see how you do it! Seriously, not joking … you should do like a webinar thing. I’d totally pay and attend.

    • silverkis says:

      I know… I’m really blessed to be able to work with all these amazing brands that I love. I too hope you can get in with TF too! They make some of my favorite fragrances, and now they have candles too!!!

      You’re much too kind, Janine. I just happened to be having coffee at a pretty rustic joint. Was in a rush that day too, but I admit I may have gotten that slice of tiramisu just to fill a corner! ;P

  2. I’m dying to sniff these! I got a generous sample of the Soleil perfume in Copenhagen but unfortunately the mini bottle spilled all over my zip-lock bag. The scent was heavenly though. I’ve heard some gossip these fragrances might launch in Finland some time! Can’t wait as I love TF!

    xx Laura | Laurantaina Beauty Blog

    • silverkis says:

      OMG, I once dropped a sample vial of TF fragrance and it shattered all over my bathroom floor. I was devastated, and the scent lingered for days!! I hope the fragrances make it over to somewhere near you soon, as TF makes some of my favorite fragrances!

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