Pop goes the new perfume… Tom Ford Lost Cherry

February 23, 2019

For the title of this post, I really wanted to write “I lost my cherry to Tom Ford…” which is a cheeky pun that makes utterly no sense of course, but in a strange turn that was what happened to me.  Cherry notes generally do not rank high on my list of fragrance preferences, and I have a strong version to the sickening sweet variety used by many mainstream brands.  So admittedly, I was only mildly interested in the new Tom Ford Private Blend for its packaging.  I mean, who can resist the cherry red encased in clear glass bottle?  But one spritz of Lost Cherry, and I was utterly and completely besotted.

Tom Ford Lost Cherry

Tom Ford Lost Cherry literally pops with a trio of cherry accord – sweet, juicy cherries combined with a dash of tart griotte syrup and cherry liquor.  It morphs and takes on multiple facets in the opening burst before settling into a black cherry cordial.  The syrupy sweetness is kept in check by the presence of roasted bitter almonds, another quality that I don’t usually favour in a fragrance, but it lends a warm and green quality to the bouquet.

Soft lush petals of Turkish rose and jasmine sambac envelops the cherry heart, accompanied by a waft of vanilla.  It is perfectly balanced, the cherry is never completely veiled, instead it becomes softer and takes on a velvety quality that I love.  But true mastery is in maintaining the balance, and Lost Cherry has a surprising translucency that sets it apart.  When I tried to focus on it though, I found myself falling into a base of cedar-sandalwood-vetiver and tonka beans.  These lend subtle depth to the fragrance, and a sort of sexy masculinity.

Tom Ford Lost Cherry is a happy and playful scent, yet very grown-up and subtly sexy.  I’ve really enjoyed wearing it myself, but I can also see it on my man.  For the first few weeks after I received it, I could not stop wearing Lost Cherry.  If there is a purse-spray, I would buy it in a heartbeat.  Because unfortunately for me, Lost Cherry has very little sillage, staying very close to the skin.  Even then, it lasts only about 5 hours before being completely lost, so a mid-day touch-up is definitely needed.

This post featured a product that was generously provided for my consideration.  Regardless, all opinions expressed here are my own honest, unbiased views.

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