Tom Ford Lips & Boys 2016 – Full swatches of all 25 new shades!

December 2, 2016

It’s that time of the year again, when we makeup lovers must make that impossible decision and choose our beaus.  Tom Ford has launched 25 new shades for its annual Lips and Boys collection, and returned 25 hot ones from previous years. These are highly covetable pocket-friendly miniature lipsticks from the luxury brand (0.07 oz/ 2.07 mL vs. 0.1 oz/3mL for the regular size), and limited edition hues that cannot be found anywhere else!

Tom Ford Lips & Boys 2016

This year’s Tom Ford Lips & Boys feature 5 cream finish lipsticks, 10 metallics, and 10 matte.  The hues seem to fall mostly in the purple – brown spectrum, although there are occasional pops of red and pink.  There are plenty of nudes and modern variations of neutrals to choose from, and here are the complete swatches!

The Creams

Tom Ford Lips & Boys 2016 - satin

There are 5 new cream lipsticks, in that classic cult-favourite formula that has won over so many fans.  Smooth, well pigmented, good coverage…. you name it.  The 5 new shades in running order are Alexander (bottom right), Bradley, Jack, Michell and Ashton (top left).

Here are the swatches:

Tom Ford Lips & Boys 2016 cream swatches

The interesting thing about these new creams is that they all seem to pack some element of shimmers, although in fairly conservative amount.  They are all richly saturated with color, and the shimmers only provide a touch of dimension and shine without being too obtrusive.  The only exception is Alexander which has a touch more shimmer to it, but it works for that light pink shade, transforming it from being too nude.

The Metallics

Tom Ford Lips & Boys 2016 - metallic

There are 10 new metallic lip colors in this year’s Lips and Boys, and they’re all surprisingly wearable.  From left to right, the top row features – Elliott, Logan, Jon, Inigo and Ryan.  And the bottom row are – Travis, Aaron, Snowdon, Douglas and Graham.  The swatches are below.

Tom Ford Lips & Boys 2016 metallic swatches

I want every one of the 5 shown here!!  All the shades pull purple against my skin tone, which is a real stroke of luck.  As with previous metallics, these tended to sheer out and are much more wearable and less goth than it appears in the tube.  The only exception is Logan whach packs a healthy dose of intensity, and is a stunningly brilliant fuchsia!

Tom Ford Lips & Boys 2016 metallic swatches

I consider this next group of metallics as modern neutrals.  Personally, I’ve always found brown lipsticks to be rather dated, especially if they are full on opaque and dark.  Travis is an interesting way to wear such a dark hue, and is in fact a very elegant and sophisticated shade!  Snowdon is one of the crowd favorites this year, and a wearable everyday staple!

The Mattes

Tom Ford Lips & Boys 2016 - matte

This year’s Lips and Boys feature 10 brand new matte lip colors, which is where I suspect many would gravitate towards.  I love Tom Ford’s matte formula, and so far there had only been 8 of them ever introduced, so these 10 are very special indeed.  Pictured in clockwise direction, starting from the top, are – Christiano, Thomas, Anderson, Jared, and Dylan.  Here are the swatches:

Tom Ford Lips & Boys 2016 - matte swatches 1

There are some lovely pinks and reds here for variety, and I think all of them are very wearable.  Personally, I am very drawn to Jared and Thomas, which is a direction I’ve been gravitating towards all year!

Tom Ford Lips & Boys 2016 - matte

The last 5 in this year’s Lips and Boys Collection are also matte.  I love how smooth and creamy they are, and they don’t leave my lips parched and wrinkled at the end of the day.  Pictured above in clockwise direction, starting from bottom right corner, are – Christopher, Nicholas, Evan, Dominic, and Ben.

Tom Ford Lips & Boys 2016 - matte swatches 2

I was surprisingly pleased to see how these turned out when swatched, because despite looking so dark and foreboding in the tube, they all turned out to be really wearable shades!  Ben manages to tread that precipice of dowdy opaque browns by packing some hints of red and yellow undertone to make it interesting, but could be a little too warm for some.  On the other hand, Christopher is one that I would wear in a heart beat, as with Dominic and Nicholas!

In addition to the 25 swatched here today, Tom Ford has also returned 25 shades from the previous collections.  The returning boys are: Julian, Collin, Cary, Ian, Addison, Flynn, James, Richard, Patrick, Michael, Justin, Giacomo, Rafael, Luciano, Leonardo, Jake, Austin, Eric, Hiro, Roberto, Alejandro, Tony, Joaquin, Drake and Alex.  Check out the swatches here and here.

The Tom Ford Lips and Boys 2016 Collection is out in stores now!  They retail for SGD50 each, and there is a beautiful collectible box that comes free with every 3 of these lipsticks purchased.  For the true collector, there is also a specialty trove that contains all 50 lipsticks available in very limited quantity.  I’d rather wish they produced a 25-piece set for sale though, with just the new shades from this year.

So tell me, which of these Boys have caught your eye?!

xo Linda


12 responses to “Tom Ford Lips & Boys 2016 – Full swatches of all 25 new shades!”

  1. Lily says:

    I’d get Ashton just for the name. And looking at the swatch, I think I’d enjoy the colour too!

  2. ThePartyParrotBlog says:

    Whan a lovely review, Linda! I must say that I adore TF lipsticks and this collection is gorgeous. Also – so many cute names, including Jon (Snow?) haha


  3. Jenn says:

    Thomas and Christopher need to be mine! Absolutely beautiful swatches. I don’t think I’ve tried Tom’s matte formula yet, so I think that means I should get one 😉

    xoxo Jenn –

    • silverkis says:

      Oh yes, you definitely need to try at least 1 (definitely more) of his matte lipsticks!! Thomas is definitely on my radar as well! Let me know what you think of them… can’t wait!

  4. Alison says:

    I’m with you on Jared, Thomas, Christopher, Ben, and Nicholas for sure. That’ being said, Thomas, Christopher, and Ben are less well represented in my collection of lip pie colors. I think I am going to see if Christine has figured out dupes from Nicholas, try on Ben to see if I can pull it off or not, and probably get Christopher for sure and see about Ben and Nicholas. As pretty as it is I am sure to have loads of dupes for Jared.

    • silverkis says:

      I wanted so many of them, but i ended up with the same old boys that I know I will use…. that being said, I still can’t get past Travis and Jon!

      • Alison says:

        Yes, Travis is so unique. I’m thinking of Travis and Ben at the moment. I’m in a phase of wearing a little more warm tones and I think these could work for me.

        • Alison says:

          Well, I went, I tried, and I wound up with Ben. Travis I could not pull off. Christopher I had dupes of. Chanel L’adoree seems close to me. But Ben was very unique. A cool toned brown, very urban and sophisticated. It’s on order now.

          • silverkis says:

            Ben!! Wow that’s not even on my radar… but since we’re the same color tone, I need to go check it out now!

          • Alison says:

            On me, Ben reads as a very cool brown with hardly any pink or orange. That is if the store lights can be trusted. They were sold out but I ordered it from another store and am awaiting delivery.

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