Tom Ford Lips and Boys 2015!

November 23, 2015

I am super excited to be able to write about the new Tom Ford Lips and Boys today!  This collection will be launching on 23 November (which is today!) in the US, but only out in Singapore on 23 4 December [latest updated!].  The original plan was for the collection to only arrive after the New Year (or so I heard), so I had not been planning for it which explains why there are 2 Tom Ford posts back to back (I usually do try to have a much better variety here!).  In any case, I know many of you like to purchase things on the fly as soon as they are available online, so here are swatches of the full collection to help you decide!

Tom Ford Lips and Boys 2015 press pack

First of all, I’d like to let you know that these 50 boys are going to be permanent so don’t fret if you can’t get a hold of your favourite(ssss) at the initial launch, because they will be restocked!  Also, of the 50 boys in this year’s release, 25 are actually returning heroes from last year’s Lips and Boys which I had swatched completely HERE.  So, in the interest of time and space, here is the list of the returning boys so you can pop over to my previous post to check out the swatches.

The returning boys are:

Holden, Beau, Collin, Cary, Guillermo

Ian, Flynn, Addison, James, Richard

Julian, Pablo, Xavier, Stavros, Liam

Henry, Alejandro, Luciano, Leonardo, Wes

Patrick, Michael, Justin, Giacomo, Rafael


I now have a full review on 5 of the shades here, featuring Kingston, Malik, Eric, Theo & Jay! Discussion on the formula, how it feels on the lips, lip swatches including full makeup looks to put things in context.  So hop on over for more deets!

With that out of the way, let’s get down to the 25 brand new shades!  Now, these have been numbered running from 51-75, which kinda makes sense because the collection last year took us from 1 to 50.  However, since half of last year’s lot will not be returning, it is kinda strange to me, but I suppose numbers do make life a bit easier.  I mean, who can keep track of all the names of their lovers when the count is nearing 3-digit, right?!  😉

Tom Ford Lips and Boys 51-55:

Tom Ford Lips and Boys 51-55

From left to right: Ansel (51), Alex (52), Rocco (53), Austin (54), Kingston (55).

And here are the swatches…

Tom Ford Lips and Boys 51-55 swatches

And another look…

Tom Ford Lips and Boys 51-55 swatches

Tom Ford Lips and Boys 56-60:

Tom Ford Lips and Boys 56-60

From far left to right – Louis (56), Jude (57), Malik (58), Daniel (59), Drake (60).

And the corresponding swatches are:

Tom Ford Lips and Boys 56-60 swatches

Another look….

Tom Ford Lips and Boys 56-60 swatches

Tom Ford Lips and Boys 61-65:

Tom Ford Lips and Boys 61-65

From far left to right – David (61), Dempsey (62), Jake (63), Hiro (64), Eric (65).

The corresponding swatches…

Tom Ford Lips and Boys 61-65 swatches

And another look…

Tom Ford Lips and Boys 61-65 swatches 2

Tom Ford Lips and Boys 66 – 70:

Tom Ford Lips and Boys 66-70

From far left to right – Vladimir (66), Roman (67), Egon (68), Eddie (69), Derek (70).

The corresponding swatches are:

Tom Ford Lips and Boys 66-70 swatches

Here is another look…

Tom Ford Lips and Boys 66-70 swatches

Tom Ford Lips and Boys 71-75:

Tom Ford Lips and Boys 71-75

From far left to right – Roberto (71), Tony (72), Joaquin (73), Theo (74), Jay (75).

And the corresponding swatches are:

Tom Ford Lips and Boys 71-75 swatches

Let’s take another look at this spectacular group shall we?

Tom Ford Lips and Boys 71-75 swatches

There are quite a number with shimmers this time round, and I’m a little nervous though extremely intrigued by them.  In particular, Theo (74) and Jay (75) were love at first sight for me!  I hope the swatches above are sufficiently insightful and my first impression is that none of these felt sheer to me, but were creamy and had good coverage which is true to the Tom Ford Lip Color formula.  There are no mattes, but still a good range of finishes and colours.

Tom Ford Lips and Boys will be available in Singapore at the Tom Ford counter at TANGS Orchard on 23 4 December 2015.  Each of these Lips and Boys will retail for SGD50, and similar to last year, a very nice keepsake box will be provided free with every 3 purchased.  You may also choose to go all out and splurge on the entire collection, and bring home a stunning exclusive lacquered box to house all your boys!

So, what is it going to be?  😉

xo Linda


20 responses to “Tom Ford Lips and Boys 2015!”

  1. i definitely want one of the new ones but im afraid to want all of them lol!

  2. Missyrocks says:

    Your swatches rock! Thanks so much. Best swatches I’ve seen!

  3. Eileen says:

    Perfect timing! I loved last year’s boys and thought it was a wonderful way to treat myself to several new shades without having to rob a bank to do it! LOL. This year is no different. TF has put together another wonderful collection that ranges from the demure to the daring; from the classic to the unexpected. Thanks for all the swatches.

    • silverkis says:

      Hi Eileen, I’m not sure if these mini boys aren’t draining my bank account dry as it is! I find this year’s new boys very interesting, mainly because of their metallic finishes. There are also lots of very cool uncommon shades to explore. Let me know which ones you are planning on picking up!

  4. expatmuaddict says:

    This is a fabulous post Linda! Thanks so much for sharing such brilliant swatches and for making me laugh! xx

  5. Hiro (Nakamura?) and Roberto look soooooo pretty <3

  6. Lily says:

    Oooo I can see myself wearing Jake and Hiro a lot. Thanks for the swatches, Linda. I wonder who’s fanatic enough to buy the entire collection!

    • silverkis says:

      I really wanted to like Jake too but i’m much more drawn to all the funky colours in this collection! Oh i wouldn’t be surprised if i start seeing the entire set pop up on people’s Instagram soon…..

  7. Theo and Jay are stunning and the most unique of the collection.
    I said i would never buy a TF lipstick. They are overpriced no matter how lovely they are. I know we pay for the packaging of high end products but even TF pushes his luck to the extreme there..
    Having said all that, i would buy both of these lipsticks simply because Chanel do not produce similar shades and they are exceptionally beautiful. Oh dear Silverkis. You make me want to spend more money ha ha.
    When are they released in the UK and are these the mini lipsticks or full size?. Thanks for sharing those amazing swatches.

    • silverkis says:

      Hi Mandy, I agree with you about how TF lipsticks are overpriced. Definitely on a value-for-money basis when compared to the rest of the collection. Chanel hasn’t been producing as many cool colors imho though, and this particular installment of Lips and Boys are tugging at my wallet in all the right ways. 😉 Theo and Jay are definitely my top picks!!! These are the in-between sizes, 0.07oz vs 0.1oz for the full size. There is an even tinier mini which is sometimes given as GWP. Pricing wise, these are the same on a per gram basis with the full sized.

      • Thanks Silverkis. I think Chanel will probably update their Rouge Allure Lipsticks again next year. I love their Coco shines so much and they do many variations of colours and cool and warm tones with that formula.

  8. Kelly says:

    These look so pretty, I don’t own any Tom Ford lipsticks but the shade Derek looks gorgeous!

    Perfect Shade of Mauve

  9. Jaa says:

    Oh my!! Thanks for the swatches!! Just like last year, I’m having a really hard time narrowing it down to the colors that I really like! I’m glad to see so many pinks, though!

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