Tom Ford Lip Contour Duo for Fall 2016 – Full Swatches!

September 8, 2016

Did you all catch the Tom Ford AW2016 runway show on their website?  In case you didn’t, the video is still available… but what is more important to know is that the Fall 2016 collection is finally *officially* launched!  Even though the collection had already shipped out in the US weeks ago, we have been embargoed from public release until now… and so, I am excited to be able to show you complete swatches of all the 8 Tom Ford Lip Contour Duo!

Tom Ford Lip Contour Duo for Fall 2016

Just in case you are wondering, the Fall collection this year will revolve mainly around the Tom Ford Lip Contour Duo.  There are a couple of Cream Color for Eyes that will be making a reappearance and joining the permanent line-up.  They are Pink Haze [first reviewed here] and Platinum [reviewed here].  In addition, there will be some fresh base products next month, as well as the exclusive Orchid Collection and new Soleil Collection.

Now, let’s turn to the topic at hand today – Tom Ford Lip Contour Duo!

Tom Ford Lip Contour Duo for Fall 2016

The Tom Ford Lip Contour Duo are absolute genius in my opinion.  The cap on top pulls off to reveal a swivel-up pencil-tipped Lip Shaper, and the bottom pulls out to reveal a slim full coverage lipstick!  The entirety is sexily packaged in Tom Ford’s signature deep mahogany with gold detailing.  There are 8 gorgeous shades available, and here are the complete swatches:

Tom Ford Lip Contour Duo – Lip Shapers

Tom Ford Lip Contour Duo - Lip Shaper swatches

I don’t always wear a lip liner, and when I do need one, I often find that I don’t have the correct matching shade.  With as extensive a lipstick wardrobe as any decent makeup junkie would have, it is impossible to have as many lip pencils to go.  So imagine my delight when every one of Tom Ford’s Lip Contour Duo comes with the perfect matching Lip Shaper!

These are so much more than just a regular pencil liner… because you know, how dull would that be?!  Tom Ford’s Lip Shapers are creamy, swivel-up and retractable pointed tips that not only contain some gorgeous shades to match their accompanying lipsticks, but are also shimmery!  With the lipsticks as slender as these Lip Contour Duos, you don’t really need something to outline the contours of your lips.  However, where I often like to use it is on my cupid’s bow to accurately define the heart-shaped arch of my lips, and with these built-in shimmers, the Lip Shapers double up as highlighters as well!  You could also go over the lipstick with the Lip Shapers, filling in the center of the lips for additional sparkle.  There are a few shades (e.g. 6-Devil Inside & 8-Make Me) where the Lip Shaper is a shade lighter than the Lipstick, allowing you to create an ombre effect.  And with the creamy texture, it is easy to blend out without fear of leaving a dreadful ring after eating or drinking!

Tom Ford Lip Contour Duo – Lipstick

Tom Ford Lip Contour Duo - Lip Color swatches

I had numbered the swatches according to the numbers that are printed on the Lip Contour Duos, but I realize the online site does not list them numerically.  So for your reference, here are their full provocative names and a brief color description:

  1. Public Display – medium warm-toned brown with a strong yellow-undertone
  2. Fling It On – light warm-toned pink-beige
  3. Dream Obscene – light-medium neutral-toned mauve that pulls purple on me
  4. Show It Off – medium-dark rosewood
  5. I’ll Teach You – brightened fuchsia
  6. Devil Inside – brightened vermillion
  7. Secret Escort – brightened cool-toned berry red
  8. Make Me – dark burgundy that manages to stays much more elegant boudoir than vampy

Tom Ford lipsticks have a cult-like following for good reason, they are often creamy and luxurious-feeling on the lips, and the color is richly saturated.  There have been many different textures that have been released over the years, and if you are wondering how much more different they can get, then you may be surprised by these yet!  The Tom Ford Lip Contour Duo lipsticks come in a slender tube that perfectly fits the contours and narrow width of my lips.  They also are nicely opaque in 1 swipe despite having a bit more slip to them than the classic Tom Ford Lip Colors.  The finish is a very elegant and flattering satin shine that plumps up the lines on my lips.

Here are a few makeup looks featuring 4 shades of Tom Ford Lip Color Duos…

Tom Ford Lip Contour Duo - I'll Teach You MOTD

I’ll Teach You is one of those shade I love to reach for when I feel just a bit tired, because it instantly perks me up!

Tom Ford Lip Contour Duo - Show it Off MOTD

Show It Off surprised me because I wasn’t expecting it to be this sombre, but it actually worked quite well, with equal parts of plum and brown in the color mix.  Very elegant, daily work-appropriate color!

Tom Ford Lip Contour Duo - Dream Obscene MOTD

Dream Obscene is one of those universal pleasers – very girlie, slightly coy pink that goes equally well with a nude look or a smokey eye.  Wear it everyday, anytime.

Tom Ford Lip Contour Duo - Secret Escort MOTD

Secret Escort turned out more red than I had imagined from the swatch, but the cool undertones keep it wearable for me.  This is a day-appropriate red, and one that I will love and hoard for a long time!

I found these Tom Ford Lip Contour Duos to have excellent lasting power despite the significant slip in the lipsticks, lasting me through several coffees and cups of water and even lunch.  The shine does fade away though, and I found that the formula leaves my lips feeling slightly dry at the end of the day.  However, nothing a slick of balm can’t fix, and I am simply addicted to the beautiful selection of shades!

Have you picked up any of these Tom Ford Lip Contour Duos, or got your eye on any of the shades yet?!

xo Linda

This post featured products that were kindly provided for my consideration.  Regardless, all opinions expressed here are my own honest, unbiased views.

8 responses to “Tom Ford Lip Contour Duo for Fall 2016 – Full Swatches!”

  1. Lily says:

    I like all 4 on you, but the first one looks best. I’m still very much in love with Lust, and I might have to get a back up by the end of the year 🙂

    • silverkis says:

      Hahahaa you’re one of a kind, faithful sort, Lily!!! I’m so glad I introduced you to Lust…;) But why don’t you explore some of the others from the summer soleil collection (assuming you can still get a hold of them)? I think there are a couple of shades close to Lust, and the formula is just as comfortable. Try something new!!!

  2. I did not want to read this post because I knew I would fall in love and want so many being the lip product addict that I am – guess what, yes, I do! Oh wow. Such a great review and a stunning TF release. Kelly xx

  3. Melanie says:

    I am looking forward to the lipsticks! Thank you for the swatches ♥

  4. Fangsfriend says:

    Your swatches are awesome- Thank You! This is what I needed to make my decision that Secret Escort is my #1 choice. It looks beautiful on you too.

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