Tom Ford Indigo Night Nail Lacquer for Spring 2015

February 9, 2015

Welcome to a brand new week!!  This is going to be a power-packed week, I promise!  And I’m starting out with one of my favorite nail polishes of all timeTom Ford Indigo Night Nail Lacquer!  As I had briefly introduced in an earlier post, Indigo Night is 1 of 2 very special nail polishes that Tom Ford has designed for Spring 2015.

Tom Ford Nail Lacquer Indigo Night for Spring 2015

Tom Ford Indigo Night Nail Lacquer is a stunning royal blue with the most amazing shimmers in the bottle.  I love just turning the bottle this way and that to watch the shimmers move around, it is mesmerizing and feels like the starry night.  When applied on my nails, Indigo Night turns into a blackened blue with hidden shimmers.  The shimmers are very subtle, and lends more depth to the polish.  It shows up much better under sunlight.

Tom Ford Crushed Indigo nail swatch in sunlight

Nail swatch of Tom Ford Nail Lacquer in Indigo Night, taken outdoors under sunlight

I’m not the biggest fan of the brush design of these Tom Ford nail lacquers as they are long and thin, not the wide and flat brushes used by Dior, YSL and Guerlain.  It certainly takes some getting used to, but I’m grateful for the fact that Tom Ford has made it so the square cap snaps off (older Tom Ford Nail Lacquers did not).  The bristles are also fairly stiff and do not splay out everywhere, allowing much more precision.

The only draw back is the formula is very thin and takes up to 3 coats to be completely opaque.  If you are fairly heavy handed, you can probably get away with 2, but I usually apply very thin coats.  In any case, Tom Ford nail lacquers are some of the fastest drying polishes I’ve ever encountered, so it really is no trouble at all.

Tom Ford Crushed Indigo nail swatch indoors

Nail swatch of Tom Ford Nail Lacquer in Indigo Night, taken indoors.  3 coats with and a top coat.

Tom Ford Indigo Night is definitely an unexpected color for spring, but this is the kind of shade that I love.  It is a modern take on black, more elegant and timeless than blue.  The closest comparable I own is Burberry Ink Blue [reviewed here], which is a murkier shade than Indigo Night and contains no shimmers at all, making it feel flat in comparison to Indigo Night.  Also, Indigo Night lasts me a good 3 days before starting to experience gentle wear at the edges, which is as good as it ever gets for me.

For a review of the other limited edition nail polish in this collection, do hop over to my post on Black Jade!

This post featured a product that was kindly sent to me for my consideration by Estee Lauder Singapore.  Regardless, all views expressed are my own honest, unbiased opinions, and are not influenced in any way.

xo Linda

7 responses to “Tom Ford Indigo Night Nail Lacquer for Spring 2015”

  1. Sil says:

    It’s a pretty color too, but I prefer the Black Jade shade. Maybe it’s the lightning, but It’s harder to see the blue in this shade, once on the nails.

    • silverkis says:

      Hmm… actually I thought Black Jade is the blacker of the 2. In any case nail polishes show up differently depending on skin tone, so you really need to try these in person to tell!

  2. I am yet to try the brand …!!! The polish looks lovely and I am glad that it’s quick drying

  3. Sunny says:

    This is so not spring-y but so stunning! Not too sure about the thin long brush tho. I keep hoping all companies would go the wider and tapered way!

    • silverkis says:

      Hi Sunny, me too!!!! All beauty lovers should get together and petition Chanel and Tom Ford to change their brushes! But i really didn’t have all that much trouble with this one… at least no visible brush strokes!

  4. Wow, I love love love the first photo and how it looks in the sun, such an eye candy!
    It reminds me of Chanel Blue Satin, which is also a very deep metallic blue. I believe they discontinued it. Mine is on its way to me so I will check how close they are 😉

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