Tom Ford Ice Queen Eyeshadow Quad

January 6, 2014

Tom Ford Beauty released a new eyeshadow quad last November in time for the Holiday 2013 season, named Ice Queen.  After culling as many as 4 eyeshadow quads from the pitifully small range, Ice Queen is joining as a permanent member (we need more, more!).  Unfortunately Estee Lauder Singapore has decided we are not worthy of a new quad, and so Tom Ford die-hards will have to ship this in from the US.

Tom Ford Ice Queen Eyeshadow Quad

Tom Ford Ice Queen is a distinctly cool-toned palette, filled with icy whites & greys.  That’s right, I was perplexed for a long time as I had expected this to be a blue palette based on online pictures and descriptions.  But when I finally got to try it out on my own skin, there is actually very little blue in Ice Queen.

Tom Ford Ice Queen Eyeshadow Quad

The shades, in clockwise direction starting from top left, are:

And here are the corresponding swatches from left to right:

Tom Ford Ice Queen Eyeshadow Quad swatches

And here are some shameless EOTDs…

Tom Ford Ice Queen Eyeshadow Quad EOTD

Once you have used a Tom Ford eyeshadow quad, the formula seems fairly straight forward.  I just went on auto-pilot mode here: Satin dove-grey all over the lid, matte blue-grey on the outer corner, winging up to a small cat-eye (I didn’t go too dramatic as I was wearing this out in the day, but obviously you can!).  Dabbed silver glitter on middle of lid, and finished with shimmer white on inner corner.

Tom Ford Ice Queen Eyeshadow Quad EOTD

Overall, I find Ice Queen to be of the finest quality from Tom Ford thus far
(which is saying ALOT).  However, I wished the 3 paler shades were not quite so close in intensity and color, and that the disparity with the dark matte grey is not so great.  It would have been a truly fantastic palette if there was another color to play with, perhaps if the satin dove-grey was more of a medium intensity.  Of course, you could always blend the dark matte grey and light satin dove-grey together for a medium grey shade… which I actually did attempt, but failed.  As it is, I personally feel Ice Queen is somewhat one-note.  Another interesting thing to note is, the blue seems to come out more on cooler skin types.  On warmer skin it may come across more murky grey.

xo Linda

12 responses to “Tom Ford Ice Queen Eyeshadow Quad”

  1. Erika says:

    I really can’t get over how beautiful the blue eyeshadows you’ve been scoring lately are! So envious!

  2. ellynanggraini says:

    Thank you for the review dear, I plan to get it

  3. Shari says:

    Never gave this a second look but seeing it on you made me. I do wish the same though – that the other two shades wouldnt have been so close to the

  4. I love Tom Ford. I have Orchid Haze and have pretty much OD-ed on it last month 😛

  5. rubyangel711 says:

    Great review! Haven’t tried anything from Tom Ford, but overall I’ve read some pretty good reviews on his cosmetics line. This quad is beautiful:)

  6. pearlessence says:

    Ooh, I like this Tom Ford quad the best out of the ones you showed. The eye look is so pigmented!

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