Tom Ford Dresses up the Eyes in Platinum & Spice and sets Lips on Flame for Holiday 2014

November 18, 2014

Hot off the trail of the previous FW2014 collection, we now turn to Tom Ford’s Holiday 2014 offering. This time, it almost feels as if the brand “cheated” a little by re-promoting 2 cream color for eyes both from the Spring 2012 collection. It was soldout then, and I am glad for a second chance to add these to my collection. Of course, it really would have been nice to have something new for a change, but for those who already have these, it is a reminder to shop your stash (as I type this, I’m reminded to take Pink Haze out for another whirl)!

Tom Ford Cream Color for Eyes Platinum Spice

What is great about Tom Ford is the consistency, and top-notch quality of all its products. Platinum and Spice Cream Color for Eyes have the same whipped mousse texture of Pink Haze from Summer 2013. They are super easy to apply both with a brush and finger.  Unlike some other cream eyeshadows (e.g. Chanel Illusion d’Ombre), I don’t have a problem picking the product up with a brush, nor are they so slippery they are hard to blend.  Tom Ford’s Cream Color for Eyes set fairly quickly and stay put all day without creasing or smudging, but there is enough time to work on it and blend before they set.  However, I’ve found that they do fade after the 6th hour, and it is best to really set the entire look with some powder eyeshadow on top.

Tom Ford Cream Color for Eyes Platinum Spice swatches

Platinum is a cool-toned pewter that has a strong metallic finish.  The color sheers out substantially when applied with a brush, appearing to be my-skin-but-glistening on my NC15-20 Asian skin. It gives a very luminous look to the lids that is perhaps kept simple with some dramatic lashes and a bold dark lip.

Spice on the other hand is a warm-toned bronze with a reddened base. It feels slightly less frosty than Platinum but has some beautiful shimmers. It looks great when smoked out with a bit of smudged liner at the outer corners, or paired with Platinum.

Beautiful as the cream color for eyes are, they’re not new.  What’s new, and has been receiving most of press interest (so it seems), is a collection of 8 brand new, Lip Color Mattes. These range from everyday nudes to vivid orange and dark cherry shades. I allowed myself only 1 because of an exploding lip cabinet at home, and went straight for Flame as I’m in the mood for a bold orange lately.

Tom Ford Lip Color Matte in Flame

Flame Lip Color Matte is a vivid orange-red that is interestingly neutral-toned, and almost pulls cool on me. So for those who always found oranges too warm and difficult to wear, this may be the one to check out! Despite the vivid color, this has a translucency to it, and requires 2 or more swipes to achieve full opacity. But that gets me too orange, so I prefer building it up with a lip brush.

Up until now, I’ve always found Tom Ford lipsticks to be grossly overhyped. The classic lip colors (which I just realized I’ve been hoarding and never got around to reviewing!) dry out my lips whereas the Lip Color Sheers did not apply smoothly on me. However, these Lip Color Mattes are pure love! They still leave my lips dry – I can’t wear Flame for more than 2 days at a time without giving my lips some days in between to recuperate despite layering on lip balm massively – but strangely, it does not feel as drying as the classic Lip Color. Certainly this is the most comfortable matte lipstick I have ever owned. What is amazing is the color lasts all day! I applied my lipstick at 8 in the morning, munched on a sandwich and sipped coffee out of my Starbucks tumbler on the way to work, continued to sip water and more coffee throughout the morning, and it was still intact after lunch! Granted it faded somewhat, but evenly, leaving noticeable color on my lips. It is incredibly liberating not to have to touch up my lipstick throughout the day!

There are 8 shades in the collection, and are all permanent except for First Time and Black Dahlia both limited edition. Sadly, only 2 made their way to Singapore (I believe Pink Tease and Pussycat) and were instantly soldout. Let’s hope they bring more in shortly, if not, you can get yours online from Neiman Marcus or (unaffiliated).

And to put things into context for you, much as I know you enjoy cut up pieces of my face and arm swatches, here’s a look at both the Cream Colors on my eyes, and Flame Lip Color Matte on my puckers.  I’d have loved to be able to show you a more dramatic look, but my skin has been suffering from a bout of allergies lately and feeling extremely stressed out, even the skin around my eyes are dry and crepey, so I can’t really do much except for a light day-look.

Tom Ford Platinum & Spice Cream Color for Eyes and Flame Lip Color Matte LOTD

I’m wearing Tom Ford Platinum Cream Color for Eyes all over the mobile lid, followed by a touch of Spice Cream Color for Eyes on the outer corners. Tom Ford Flame Lip Color Matte on lips. Chanel Joues Contraste Caresse on cheeks.

xo Linda

12 responses to “Tom Ford Dresses up the Eyes in Platinum & Spice and sets Lips on Flame for Holiday 2014”

  1. Joyce says:

    hey! do those lippies transfer? I feel like I need to try them now… LOL. I ordered platinum and it finally came in the mail a few days ago. Happy to have it, as i was so bummed to have skipped it the first time around. Now I’m just afraid i bought it (and the beige cream color from last year) because I was sad to have missed these the first time! LOL

    • silverkis says:

      Hey Joyce! Nice to see you around again! I would be lying if i said they don’t transfer at all… but minimal i’d say. Yay, i’m so glad you got hold of Platinum! No matter the reason for getting it… it’s gorgeous and you’ll treasure it to bits!!

  2. rachel says:

    i just discovered your blog as i was looking up reviews on the tom ford cream shadows – thanks for this great review! i picked up Spice a few weeks ago and loovvveee it, hence i’ve been debating whether i should also pick up Platinum. would love to hear your thoughts!!! 🙂

    rachel x

    • silverkis says:

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving me a comment, Rachel! If you loved Spice, then I suggest picking up Platinum because it is limited edition, and Tom Ford seldom introduces these cream shadows. However, i personally felt I could have stopped at Spice, it is the nicer of the 2. 😉

  3. Flame looks so nice on you! Oh, you will make me buy it!
    Nooo not after spending all my money on 5 other lippies!!
    *closes her browser*

  4. Noodles says:

    Gorgeous FOTD! Kinda underwhelmed with the collection, but the items you picked are amazing on you!

  5. Sunny says:

    Hey Linda, I’m trying very hard to resist Platinum, AND YOU ARE NOT HELPING! I think I’ll love the shade, but I have really developed a preference for shadow sticks, so maaaaaybe not!

    • silverkis says:

      Sunny, i’m going to share 1 word of advice from my life’s experience: RESISTANCE IS FUTILE!!! *ROFLL* You’ll only live to regret and then spend the rest of your life prowling evilbay. I only wanted 1… i picked Spice. And then i had to go back and beg my local BA to sell me Platinum.

      Buuuuuut… if you really want my honest opinion, you only need Spice. Platinum is nice, but it’s a tad metallic, and I find powdered dupes to be better.

      Then again, it’s TF. Insanity prevails. Buy buy buy!

  6. Lily says:

    Love the 2 eye colours but I promised myself no more cream products. They die too fast. LOL!

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