The Enchanted World of Tom Ford

March 4, 2014

Enchanted was a limited edition release for Fall 2012, and highly coveted by Tom Ford Beauty aficionados and beauty lovers all over.  It never made it to Singapore, and I was too late to the Tom Ford madness to have picked it up back then.  So I was really excited when I heard that Enchanted was to be re-released exclusively in Japan for Spring 2014!  And here it is in all its beauty…

Tom Ford Enchanted Eye Color Quad

Enchanted is a neutral-purple/pink palette, one that is very wearable for any skin tone.  There is a good mix of shimmery, frosted and satin finishes, with none of those infamous glitter shades that some people experience fall-out from.  This particular eye color quad enjoyed quite a lot of favorable reviews at the point of its initial launch because it was something new from Tom Ford at that time.  It is a pressed powder formula (not baked) that can be used wet and dry, and consequently felt softer and creamier than the other palettes released prior to this.  Having said that, Tom Ford has improved on all of its eye color quads since then, and I personally think that the recent releases are even better.

Tom Ford Enchanted Eye Color Quad

There are many reviews on Enchanted out there, so I shan’t bore you with the usual.  I will, however, leave you some swatches:

Tom Ford Enchanted swatches

As you can see, Enchanted is a fairly cool-toned palette overall, with a light shimmery pink champagne, a medium-light shimmery pink, a dark satin plum (it sheers out to tinge reddish), and a medium-light frosted grey-purple.  There aren’t very many ways to wear Enchanted, any combination of shades will invariably lead you to something like this:

Tom Ford Enchanted EOTD

However, it is one of those magical eye looks that goes with pretty much anything!  It is classy, yet interesting… layer on more shimmers to brighten up the eye for day, or dial up the smokey for evening.  So I can’t blame you (myself included) for coveting this despite it being a 2012 release!

But for those who are not quite so fortunate to bag an Enchanted and are adverse to paying some ridiculous premium to pick it up from ebay or the likes, I do think the Enchanted color story is a recurring theme in many existing palettes.  In my earlier review of Guerlain’s Les Tendres (here), I had shown the similarity:

Guerlain Les Tendres vs Tom Ford Enchanted


Guerlain Les Tendres vs Tom Ford Enchanted swatch comparison

Enchanted has also been compared to SUQQU Himesango by Belly @ Wondegondigo; Tom Ford’s Orchid Haze (my review here) by Sara @ Color Me Loud; and Tom Ford’s Seductive Rose by Sabrina @ The Beauty Look Book.

Obviously not quite the same, and to the collector, nothing will ever replace a “lost” LE palette.  But if you are an utilitarian like me, there are always options.


0 responses to “The Enchanted World of Tom Ford”

  1. bellyhead says:

    Thank you for the link love! 🙂
    Enchanted looks absolutely gorgeous on you. I love how the glitter coat brings a kind of liquid glossy shine to your lids. This is a very very pretty palette!!!

    • silverkis says:

      Oh but Belly, I went out and scoured the web for Himesango after your comparison (before they sneaked Enchanted out again)… I do agree SUQQU makes more elegant palettes, suitable for my crepe-y lids!

  2. Deanna says:

    This palette is lovely. Although, it looks very similar to the Lancome Dancing Rose Color Design Palette, so if people missed out on the Tom Ford palette, the Lancome one could suffice.

  3. Ahh Enchanted. I am afraid to use mine after this one fell down and was almost about to break. It could be the most tragic event of last year for me but luckily Enchanted has an interesting gummy to stone type of texture (especially after a year) and doesn’t break, lol.
    Thanks for the link love. It look beautiful on you, so enjoy yours!

    • silverkis says:

      oh my goodness, Sara! If I dropped my Enchanted, that would be tragic indeed! Perhaps my Enchanted (though recently acquired) is of the 2012 batch because it has that stoney texture that you described! But you have to use them…. else it is just sad….. Bet it looks amazing on you!

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