Tom Ford Burnished Amber

March 11, 2014

Today, I whipped out my Tom Ford Burnished Amber Eye Color Quad and fell in love all over again…  And it occurred to me that I’ve been delinquent in reviewing this amazing-but-not-limited-edition beauty siren that since acquiring it, Tom Ford has decided to discontinue Burnished Amber!  At the risk of incurring your wrath for dangling an impossible dream, I am going to wax lyrical about it regardless in the name of properly documenting all the TF quads that I own!

Tom Ford Blend Color Eyeshadow Burnished Amber

Aaahhh Burnished Amber is so striking that it almost hurts to look at.  Full of rich, warm hues, this is a daunting palette to werk, but one that is so glorious to behold.

Tom Ford Blend Color Eyeshadow Burnished Amber swatches

All the shades in this quad are shimmery, deviating from the formulaic approach that TF usually employs – there is no matte or glitter shade.  Normally I would bemoan the lack of a light or truly dark shade in a palette, and the fact that this is clearly a 2-tone palette (gold-bronze versus pink-burgundy) makes Burnished Amber a challenge to apply.  But throw all the scientific cares to the wind, and just lookit!!  All of the shades in this palette have a certain je ne sais quoi… shimmery russet gold, shimmery burnt copper pink, shimmery rosy bronze, and a shimmery reddened wine – have you ever heard of colors like that?!

The easy way out of this one is simply to wear the shades in duos – gold on inner corner, either bronze or wine on the outer corner; dressed up perhaps with a dab of the pink in the middle.  But what makes this really interesting, is when you mix the 2 unlikely color families together, i.e. bronze and wine, pink and gold.  By blending the shades against each other, you take out much of the redness of the pink and wine shades, adding a depth to the colors.

Tom Ford Burnished Amber EOTD

I don’t have anything quite like Burnished Amber in my collection, so I am really glad to have picked this up when I did.  Notwithstanding, I think Burnished Amber may still be available in some retail counters, so it doesn’t hurt to keep a sharp lookout for it!


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  1. Shari says:

    Oh my, this looks covetable, Linda. Im quite sad it’s not available for purchase anymore.. or is it still?

  2. Eileen says:

    This was the second TF quad that I bought (Cognac Sable was the first) and it was in constant rotation for months on end. I have dark, warm green eyes and so these colors suited me perfectly. They suit you perfectly, too 🙂

  3. dandygal says:

    oh so very pretty!
    btw I am in favour of also reviewing discontinued products. you may never know when the reviews come in handy.

    • silverkis says:

      lol… i do feel embarrassed to be so tardy that it’s already discontinued! But you really never know!!! Maybe the makeup gods will bring it back! *fingers crossed*

  4. bellyhead says:

    Looks dramatic & lovely on you! I got rid of mine at one point. The red tones were a bit more challenging for me to wear, though it does make brown eyes positively glow!

    • silverkis says:

      I wished i’m as efficient as you in clearing out my stash, Belly!! I am in serious need to declutter… shall take a sharp look at all of them this weekend or the next! Yes, the reds are very scary, but when blended with the browns, they look amazing!!

  5. Oh my goodness it looks so beautiful! Looks amazing on you! Great post 🙂
    Bana xoxo

  6. This is the first TF quad I purchased and the one I love most. I was so sad to find out it was discontinued. Lovely on you

  7. I want this! I was sad to find out that it was LE.

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