Tom Ford Brow Sculpting Kit

September 28, 2015

As part of its Fall 2015 makeup collection, Tom Ford had released 2 Brow Sculpting Kits.  A handsome brow is an integral part of the Tom Ford woman’s look, and its Brow Sculptor pencil has gained cult status since its launch.  And now, Tom Ford has taken us a step further in our journey towards perfect brows.

Tom Ford Brow Sculpting Kit

Tom Ford Brow Sculpting Kit consists of 2 brow powders and 1 clear brow wax.  It is housed in a mahogany palette that is similar to the Cheek Colors, and includes a dual-ended applicator with an angled brush on one end and a spoolie on the other.

Tom Ford Brow Sculpting Kit

There are 2 variants available, and the one I have is Medium shade (the other is Light).

Tom Ford Brow Sculpting Kit Medium swatches

Each of the Brow Sculpting Kits contains a lighter and a darker shade to cater to a variety of skin tones and hair color.  The Medium kit has a medium brown with a reddish undertone, and a darker cool-toned brown that has some ash tones in it.  I’ve been using the cooler ash-brown on its own for myself, but if and when I dye my hair red, I can mix in some of the lighter reddish brown to get a perfect match.

Tom Ford Brow Sculpting Kit before after effects

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In the 3-step comparison photos above, you can clearly see the difference that the Tom Ford Brow Sculpting Kit makes.  In picture #1, I’m embarrassed to show you the unruly state of my current brows.  I’m so behind on my brow trimming schedule!!  In picture #2, I had applied the darker brow powder to my brow following the natural shape.  As you can see there are some stray hairs sticking out here and there.  And in picture #3, I had very quickly swept a tiny bit of the clear brow wax over my brow, following the direction of the brow from inside to corner.  The wax not only helped to tame the strays, it also gave my brows a slight sheen (you can observe it more clearly if you clicked on the image to enlarge) that creates a more lively and dimensional feel.

Tip: To apply powder to brows, start by dipping your brush into the powder – just dab gently, there is no need to sweep as it is easier to start with less pigment and build up as necessary than to start with too much.  Apply to brows first at the arch moving towards the tail.  Thereafter, take whatever is left over on the brush and apply towards the inner corner.  

When I first started doing my eyebrows in my teenage years, I had a much thicker brow, and I was advised to go with brow powder and brush.  It became such a natural process to me that there is always a brow palette in my wardrobe.  From my experience, whilst brow pencils are fast and easy, and allows more precision especially when trying to make minor adjustments to the shape and thickness; brow powders applied with a brush gives a more even and gentle impression.

However, the brush itself makes a difference, and I personally found the angled brush that came with the palette to be too thick to get a defined tail and edges for my thin brows.  It was also rather scratchy.  On the other hand, I found it was perfect for picking up just the right amount of wax for combing through each brow!  I also preferred to keep a separate brush for powder and wax, as otherwise it can get rather messy.  Regardless, for applying on the go, you can make do by wiping the brush down with a tissue in between uses.  The powder stays put on my brows all day and does not fade, and the wax keeps my stray brow hairs in place effectively.

Have you used brow powders and wax before?  Do you prefer powders or pencils?

xo Linda

This post featured a product that was kindly provided for my consideration.  Regardless, all opinions expressed here are my own honest, unbiased views.