November 4th, 2018

Tom Ford Boys & Girls 2018 – swatches!

Tom Ford is back with a new class of Boys & Girls for 2018.  As before, there are 50 in total – 25 boys and 25 girls.  The boys are clad in the brand’s signature dark mahogany with gold trims, and the girls in pristine white and gold.  This time round, there are 15 new shades on each side, with 10 returning favourites.  I swatched the 30 new shades (a couple were missing from the testers unfortunately), and here they are for your viewing pleasure!

Tom Ford Boys & Girls 2018

In case you are new to the brand, the Boys & Girls are clutch-sized editions of Tom Ford’s classic lipsticks, standing at a petite 2ml versus the regular 3ml.  The girls come in Ultra Rich and Lip Color Sheer formulas, both with a glossy finish and varying levels of translucency.  In contrast, the boys are richer and more saturated, with either Matte or Cream formula.

Tom Ford Boys & Girls 2018

Here are the swatches of the new shades of Girls from the class of 2018!

Tom Ford Girls - Uma, Tomoko, Camilla, Ava, Gal

  • 29 Uma – pale warm beige with a cream finish
  • 32 Tomoko – light warm pink with a slight shimmery finish
  • 30 Camilla – light brown-beige with a luminous finish
  • 29 Ava – light pink-beige with a luminous finish
  • 30 Gal – light-medium rose pink with a cream finish

Tom Ford Girls 2018 swatches

  • 36 Cardi – dark purple with lilac, silver and blue micro-glitters giving it a dual-chrome cast.  Very sheer, best used as a lip topper over another color.
  • 35 Bella – brightened red with a cool blue-toned base, cream finish
  • 35 Sonja – dark red with a cool berry hue and cream finish
  • 34 Helena – dark plummy red with a slightly sheer, luminous finish
  • 34 Imari – brightened fuchsia with a luminous finish
  • 33 Kaia – dark purple with a luminous finish
  • 32 Letitia  – medium warm-toned purple with a cream finish
  • 31 Cindy – light-medium lavender with a cream finish

Unfortunately at the time of swatching, Liora and Jessica are missing.

And here are the Tom Ford Boys of 2018!

Tom Ford Girls 2018 - OR Bryan, OP Hudson, OH River, OG Alistair, OM Mason swatches

  • OM Mason – medium cool pink with a cream finish
  • OG Alistair – medium barley beige with a cream finish
  • OH River – medium warm russet beige with a cream finish
  • OP Hudson – light rose with a cream finish
  • OR Bryan – light warm pink with a cream finish

Tom Ford Boys 2018 - OW Kendrick, Ox Li, 32 Jagger, 33 Armie, 99 Warren swatches

  • 99 Warren – brightened red with a luminous finish
  • 33 Armie – dark fuchsia red with a matte finish
  • 32 Jagger – brightened coral red with a matte finish
  • Ox Li – medium pink with a cream finish
  • Ow Kendrick – medium vermillion with a cream finish

Tom Ford Boys 2018 - ON Scott, OL Chadwick, 31 Lukas, OT Jordan, OK Donovan

  • OK Donovan – warm brown with a pearl finish
  • OT Jordan – dark ox-blood with a pearl finish
  • 31 Lukas – brightened salmon pink with a matte finish
  • OL Chadwick – dark chocolate with a luminous cream finish
  • ON Scott – dark plum with a luminous cream finish

These Tom Ford Boys & Girls 2018 are already out in counters and are also available at Sephora Singapore.  Which ones do you have your eyes on?

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