Tom Ford Boys & Girls Lip Color: Lily, Natalia, Georgie, Isamaya & Nico

September 16, 2017

Listen up boys, there is a whole new class of girls waiting for you!  This season, Tom Ford introduces 50 brand new girls to his annual line-up of Boys and Girls Lip Color Collection.  Most of the boys from last year return [see here] with 6 new entrants, and they are joined by 50 limited edition gorgeous girls.  Named after women he admires, Tom Ford Girls come in ivory and gold clutch-sized packaging.  I selected 5 unique shades and would like to share them with you today!

Tom Ford Boys and Girls Lip Color Lily, Isamaya, Nico, Georgie, Natalia

Clockwise from top right: Lily, Natalia, Georgie, Isamaya, Nico

There are plenty of exuberant reds, pinks and corals in a choice of Lip Color Sheer [last seen in Summer 2015] and Ultra-rich Lip Color [from Summer 2016] formulas.  The Lip Color Sheers are lighter and sheerer than before, and come in unique shades that wear well on their own for a nude look, even better layered over others.  Even the Ultra-rich Lip Colors in this series are somewhat sheerer than their name implies, and some contain shimmers whilst others are straight cremes.

Tom Ford Boys and Girls Lip Color swatches

I selected 5 on a whim, based purely on the way they look in the tube.  If you have a fairly extensive lip wardrobe like me, this is a good opportunity to pick up something extraordinary, after all, the Girls are all limited edition!

Here are some lip swatches to give you an idea of how these Tom Ford Girl Lip Colors look when worn on their own.  Do keep in mind that my lips are somewhat pigmented so the shades may look quite different on you.

Tom Ford Boys and Girls lip swatches

Unless you are a translucent waif and/or favor the deathly pale look, Lily and Isamaya are best worn layered over a darker and more opaque lipstick.  So here are a couple of lip swatches for your reference:

Tom Ford Boys and Girls layered lip effects

In the top swatch, I added Lily to the middle of my lips over a creamy pink.  As you can see, Lily lightened and added a touch of pearl.  In the bottom swatch, I added Isamaya to the middle of a warm-toned red.  The result is a much cooler-toned and lightened color, with a lustrous shimmery multi-dimensional effect.

Tom Ford Nico Georgie Natalia

I was also intrigued by the look of Nico and Georgie.  At first meeting, I felt compelled to pick up Nico, mesmerised by the dazzling turquoise shimmers.  Immediately, I was reminded of my instantaneous attraction to Jay last year.  My next pick was Georgie, which also reminded me of Theo from last year’s Lips and Boys [see here].  But despite how they appear in the tube, I was surprised by how different they are in these side-by-side swatches:

Tom Ford Girl Lip Colors Nico & Georgie swatch comparisons

Similarly, Natalia reminded of me of Rose Soleil and Skinnydip from Summer 2015:

Tom Ford Girl Lip Color Natalia comparison swatches

Before I bore you to death with my endless exuberance about these exotic shades, here is a peek at the full 50 Tom Ford Girls:

Tom Ford Boys and Girls Lip Colors

The 4 unicorn shades pictured in the front are (from left to right): Lily, Lena, Violet and Isamaya.

Here is a full makeup look featuring Nico on my lips:

Tom Ford Boys and Girls Lip Color Nico makeup look

Tom Ford Boys and Girls Collection is out in counters now.  They retail for SGD50 each, and the Girls are limited edition, so do check them out soon!

This post featured products that were generously provided for my consideration.  Regardless, all opinions expressed here are my own honest, unbiased views.

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  1. Lily says:

    I’d get Lily just for the name, but I’m not a fan of the colour 🙁 Too bad >_<

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