Mulling over the Success of Tom Ford Beauty FW2014

September 30, 2014

Tom Ford is one of those brands that have me completely in awe. It seems to be focusing more on limited edition capsule collections rather than maintaining an extensive permanent range. And this model appears to be really working, because season after season, every piece in their new collection are snapped up faster than you can say “limited edition”. But for those of us who have been supporting the brand for some time, the inability to swatch the pieces in person before making a decision, the lack of breathing room to mull and consider the price adjustments (oh yes, have you realized they raised the prices recently?), is starting to get tiresome. Watching the thriving black market for Tom Ford limited editions, and seeing how normally sane people getting all riled up over challenges in obtaining a “backup”… makes me think that maybe it is time to draw a line in the sand and say enough is enough.

Tom Ford Beauty FW2014 Eye Color Quad and Contouring Cheek Duo

When I first spied images of Tom Ford Beauty’s FW2014 releases, I wasn’t moved at all. I thought for once my wallet is safe, as none of the items seemed interesting to me. But somehow I got caught up by the great hullabaloo, and tried to order them online from the US before they were slated to be launched here in Singapore (a whole month later than the rest of the world!). When that failed, I had already committed emotionally to buying them, so much so that I even booked myself a makeover with the local counter just to secure the “right to purchase”. In the end, one still got away from me. Trials and tribulations of a Tom Ford addict.

Tom Ford Beauty FW2014

My haul from Tom Ford Beauty FW2014 collection. It’s interesting how Nude Dip photographs very differently under different lighting. This is taken under sunlight, and the flashback from the sun is causing it to show up very silvery.

Having swatched them in person at last, and actually tried them out on my face (versus relying on somebody’s hand swatch), my favorite item from the FW2014 collection is (are) the Tom Ford Contouring Cheek Color Duo.

Tom Ford Beauty FW2014 Contouring Cheek Duo

Tom Ford Beauty FW2014 Contouring Cheek Duo: Softcore (left) and Stroked (right)

These are duo cheek color and highlighting powders in a palette that is the exact same shape and size as their regular Eye Color Quads or the Shade and Illuminate. Whilst I really did not like the cream texture of the Shade & Illuminate, and the regular Tom Ford bronzers are all way too dark and orange for me; I was very happy to find that both the Contouring Cheek Color Duos worked very well on me! The darker colored product works like a blusher, and is meant to be placed on and just under the cheek bone to sculpt. The lighter colored product is a highlighter that you can apply above the cheek bones and the higher points of the face to draw light.

Tom Ford Beauty FW2014 Contouring Cheek Duo swatches

The main point of contention seemed to be that the colors were somewhat unusual for blushers and/or bronzers. But the beauty in Tom Ford has always been its ability to bring unusual cheek colors to being, and these Contouring Cheek Color Duos are simply sublime. The textures are so soft they practically melt to the touch! They have a satin, soft shimmery finish that gives the skin a lovely luster without looking frosty or oily. Softcored (the one that got away) seems cooler, more raspberry on my skin; whereas Stroked is warmer and more coral. What I really love, is how I can get my cheeks and overall highlighting done with just 1 palette. God knows I skip highlighting most mornings simply because I couldn’t be bothered to pick up another palette. Now if only they can get a non-blushing bronzer in there too!

Tom Ford Beauty FW2014 Nude Dip Eye Color Quad

Again, Nude Dip photographs very differently under different lighting conditions. But this photo here, is as close to the real thing as it gets.

And, of course, there is that by-now-infamous Tom Ford Eye Color Quad in Nude Dip. This is the palette that should have been in the Tom Ford permanent collection from the beginning, which is rather the surprise to me when it came out as a seasonal limited edition release. Nude Dip is a neutral palette, filled with everyday wearable colors that busy girls can just swipe a single color on their lids and go. I can understand why Tom Ford fans went crazy over this one, and even non- Tom Ford regulars wanted it. This is like Naked 3 all over again, except, much more luxe. And yes, limited edition has a certain cache to it. Even then, I’m really not a nude kind of gal, I like colors. The brighter and bolder, the better. But I really should have known better when it comes to Tom Ford.

Tom Ford Beauty FW2014 Nude Dip Eye Color Quad swatches

Tom Ford Beauty FW2014 Nude Dip Eye Color Quad swatched in clockwise direction starting from top left shade in palette

The textures and richness of color are exceptional. If Orchid Haze was neutral, Nude Dip is the brighter and more shimmery sibling to the smokier Orchid Haze (reviewed here). It almost reminds me of Summer 2013’s In the Pink trio (reviewed here), except this is a quad and it lacks a glitter shade. On my lids, Nude Dip is much more forgiving than Orchid Haze, as the latter made me look somewhat aged and even more sleep deprived than I normally am; and the colors translates better than In The Pink.

Tom Ford Beauty FW2014 Nude Dip Eye Color Quad EOTD

And finally, there were 2 lipsticks in Tom Ford’s classic Lip Color formula.

Tom Ford Beauty FW2014 Twist of Fate Lip Color

Tom Ford Beauty FW2014 Lip Color swatches

Negligee is warmer, muted medium plum shade with a soft lustrous shine. Twist of Fate is brighter medium coral with a satin finish. Both had rich, opaque color at first swipe. I was surprised by these, as neither were very high up on my must-buy list, but once I tried Twist of Fate on my lips, I had to have it. It has a nice brightening effect to the overall combination of Nude Dip on eyes and Stroked on the cheeks.

And to bring it all together for you, here is how they look on me:

Tom Ford Beauty FW2014 LOTD

I’m wearing Tom Ford Nude Dip Eye Color Quad, Stroked Contouring Cheek Duo, and Twist of Fate Lip Color

I contemplated breaking these up into 3 separate product reviews, but seeing how every other blogger has already covered these in depth, I thought I’d just cover it all in 1 post. Tom Ford Beauty’s FW2014 collection is understated, and took on an unexpectedly quiet tone compared to other brands (and particularly astonishing considering how bold the Summer 2014 palette was!). But sometimes it is nice to have something different, a breather before the shimmer and sparkle of Holiday collections ensnares us all. I am still desperately trying to hunt down the Contouring Cheek Duo in Softcored because I believe the combination of blush and highlighted in 1 palette is sheer genius. Nude Dip is a nice neutral palette for everyday wear (I have already created indentations in mine as I type this) but I probably wouldn’t buy this at insane mark-ups on evilbay, nor shorten my lifespan trying to get a backup. What about you?

xo Linda


12 responses to “Mulling over the Success of Tom Ford Beauty FW2014”

  1. Jess says:

    This is a wonderful post inteoducing the Tom Ford Fall 2014 Collection! Love your excellent pictures!

    When I first saw the Nude Dip Quad popping up in pictures online, I was not tempted at all either. But now, I’m so desperate to get it… Well, maybe there is still a chance…

    • silverkis says:

      Thanks Jess. Yes i feel exactly the same as you about this entire collection. I think you can still get it from ebay…question is how much you are willing to pay. 🙁

  2. Jan s says:

    Lovely combination on you 🙂 that lipstick is a really pretty colour

  3. Noodles says:

    You look so stunning! I think it’s probably best I don’t have easy access go TF (and Suqqu) I’m a sucker for LE and hard to get items. Lol at the Blackmarket description, very very true.

  4. Lily says:

    Love that photo of you, Linda 🙂 I’m a little weird when it comes to Tom Ford. Maybe because it’s been blogged about so much and touted as THE BRAND to have, but sometimes I find it a little overrated. I have Cocoa Mirage and it didn’t blow my mind away. The brushes are another story though 😛

    • silverkis says:

      Thanks Lily. You’re right, TF has been talked about too much. I’m prob going to cut back… yeah i keep telling myself that. Cocoa mirage is not my fav palette… in fact it’s the only one that i’ve not owned at 1 point or another. And i’ve owned pretty much all of the rests. ;P Golden Mink is a nicer alternative in the same color family, Cognac Sable is one of my faves along with Burnished Amber which as been DC-ed.

  5. Hi Linda,
    why exactly it didn’t work with buying them from US?
    I am so on the same page with you when it comes to picking up another compact for highlighter in the morning. Since the effect is rather subtle, I just drop it. I even tried to place a highlighter compact next to my brushes to enable me highlighting without success.
    The thing is, these two duos on the cheeks are very close. You got the match of your lipstick (Twist of Fate goes best with Stroked) so even if you can’t get your hands on Softcore, don’t worry.
    I love the faceshot as usual and your makeup looks so stunning. Great swatches as well. Thank you.

    • silverkis says:

      Hi Sara, it appears that quite a number of merchants no longer ship to freight forwarders. And was so great in that they waited 2 weeks before formally cancelling my order, by which time it had all soldout online elsewhere. Thanks for your sweetness as always. xx

  6. lilian says:

    Hi Linda, the nude dip swatches were perfect!! It was difficult for me to swatch the perfect colours. I have Negligee and Stroked. I am a bit worry about Softcore. I will wait until Australia launch…I don’t think we have it here yet. I have to get it from USA and I always miss out the nail polish because forwarding services cant send nail polishes or perfume. But lately found a company can do it but I haven’t tried yet.

    • silverkis says:

      Hi Lilian, oh lucky you… you’ll get a 2nd chance to purchase these! I’m still on the prowl for Softcore… I’m not crazy about Tom Ford nail polishes, so that’s not a loss for me.

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