One more Badass before the year ends…

December 24, 2019

I’ve not had the chance to review many Tom Ford makeup this past few months because their PR seems to have slowly weaned me off their distribution list.  On my part, life has taken precedence (read here), and just getting through what comes in the door is filling up my waking hours (and space at home!).  However, my eyes perked up when I saw a mysterious silver-plated palette one day, and I knew I had to have this Badass in my collection asap!

Tom Ford Extreme Eye Color Quad in Badass

Tom Ford Extreme Eye Color Quad in Badass is part of the Extreme collection, and was recently released to accompany the new Badass Mascara for Holiday 2019.  It comes completely clad in stunning silver, from the exterior carton packaging to the velvet sleeve down to the actual palette itself… even the tiny brushes inside bear silver metallic accent instead of the usual gold.  Of course, the reflective silver makes this a fingerprint magnet, but I don’t usually get bothered by that.

The shades contained inside are unlike any other Tom Ford Eye Color Quads… all 4 shades are shimmery, and none of them apologetic.  This is one Badass that cries for attention people, none of that everyday-muted-tone-bullshit.

Tom Ford Badass swatches

In clockwise direction starting from the top left, the shades are:

When I first saw this palette, I assumed the deep graphite would have a translucent base as so many Tom Ford glitter shades do, but it is actually fully opaque on its own which is a nice surprise.  The textures here are grittier than usual because of the shimmers. There is also a density to the powders which makes them harder to pick up and apply with a brush, especially the 2 darkest tones, but surprisingly adheres well to the lids with a stronger intensity than usual.

Tom Ford Badass Extreme Eye Color Quad makeup look

This is my first attempt at playing with Tom Ford Badass Extreme Eye Color Quad, and despite my original intention to go easy for a daytime look, it turned into quite an intense smokey eye…which I LOVED!  The purple eggplant did get overwhelmed because I tried to layer it over the black, but you can see it in the sun.  Even though my camera normally eats up shimmers on my motd shots, you can still see them clearly here so you can imagine it is much more striking irl!

Definitely a stunning palette, one that completely unapologetic.  It is limited edition of course, so pick it up while you can if you are a bit of a badass yourself!  Have a blessed Christmas holiday, my dears! xx

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