Tian Wei Confinement Food Singapore Review

May 27, 2020

Life with a newborn is all kinds of hectic.  The first 2 months were especially challenging for me, so much so that it was hard to remember to eat regular meals, much less plan for my own meals.  I was fortunate to have a very good confinement nanny to take care of me and baby during the first month, but the day she left I felt like I was lost at sea.  At that point, having Tian Wei Signature step in to take care of my meals was a real godsend!

Tian Wei Signature trial meal

I am a firm believer that we are what we eat, and it was even more important in the days following the arrival of my new baby.  Tried and tested confinement food after delivery  aids postpartum recovery, especially to shrink the uterus, strengthen immunity, dispel wind, etc.  On the top of my mind was how to boost milk supply, and ensure the right balance of nutrients to support baby’s growth.  Trying to navigate all the different confinement food recipes was mind-boggling, not to mention the mere thought of having to prepare 3 meals a day was too overwhelming for an exhausted mom like me.

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Tian Wei Signature took care of all that for me.  Every lunch and dinner was delivered fresh to my doorstep, each dish carefully double sealed to prevent spillage and contamination, and delivered in a thermal bag so that it was still warm when I got around to eating.  Each meal was an elaborate 3-4 course affair, perfectly balanced with meat, vegetables, carbohydrates and nutritive soup.  There were also 2 cups of red dates tea included with each delivery.

Tian Wei Signature Black Vinegar Pork Trotter

I was never a big fan of traditional confinement food before, and was very apprehensive at the beginning.  However, I was blown away from my first bite of their trial meal, which gave me the confidence to proceed with their 28-day package.  Even traditional dishes like braised pork trotter in black vinegar that had me wrinkling my nose in the past, were so well done that I found myself finishing every last bite for the first time in my life!  I particularly enjoyed their red fermented wine chicken, a dish that has practically disappeared from our modern life because nobody ferments their own red wine anymore.  My favourite part of every meal was their tasty soups!  There were so many different types of soups, all generously packed with nutritive TCM herbs designed to replenish “Qi”, enrich the blood, strengthen liver and kidney, reduce swelling, etc.

Tian Wei Signature Green Papaya Fish Soup

While I don’t consider myself a finicky eater, I definitely have my fair share of food aversions.  Hence I was very glad when Tian Wei made it a point to ask at the onset if I had any food allergies and dietary restrictions, even specifically if there was anything that I did not like.  On a whim I mentioned that I did not like salmon, and this was carefully taken into account so that every time a meal featured fish, I would find a note stating “No Salmon” in my delivery and it would be replaced with threadfin.  Throughout the 28-day period, their customer service team would also call periodically to ask if I had any feedback on my meals.  Whenever there was something that I wanted to improve (for example I wanted my red dates tea and desserts to be less sweet), the changes would be reflected by the next meal.

Tian Wei Signature fusion meal 2

Tian Wei Signatures has an extensive repertoire of dishes so that repeat items are very rare and it was impossible to get bored over a 28-day period.  There are 49 meat dishes, 42 vegetable dishes, 44 soups, and 17 desserts on rotation.  Even basic staples like rice came in different forms with the inclusion of other grains like millet and brown rice.  Apart from Chinese cuisine, they also have really unique Western and Japanese fusion dishes.  Some of these were so delicious, my husband and older son would fight with me for the last bite!

Tian Wei Signature fusion meal

In this current environment when it is so difficult to get help for your confinement,  I strongly recommend letting Tian Wei Signatures take care of your meals for you.  Their portions are generous, so you can even share it with your spouse or top up for additional pax.  Give their trial meals a go [click here to book] to see if their food is up to your expectations, or give them a call at +65 6727 5599 to find out more!

This confinement food Singapore review was generously sponsored by Tian Wei Signatures.  Regardless, all opinions expressed here are my own honest, unbiased views.

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