Let Loose the Wild Cosmic Child in You with THREE Cosmetics this AW2018

September 24, 2018

THREE Cosmetics seems to have taken an interesting turn in its makeup aesthetics, moving ever farther away from the generic girlie cuteness that most Japanese brands are prone to, setting the pace with graphic editorial looks.  The latest feature look for the Wild Cosmic Child A/W 2018 collection looks futuristic and mod, with a distinctly British vibe, which is neither cosmic nor wild.  Regardless, if you consider the ability to transcend different genres, and stride boldly in an ever-challenging urban society, then you have finally found the mark.

THREE Cosmetics AW2018 Wild Cosmic Child

There are 3 new products in this season’s launch, all easy-to-use, category-defining products encompassing the eyes, cheeks and lips.  For the eyes, THREE offers a new liquid eyeshadow that is quite unlike any others that I’ve tried before.  The THREE Alchemist Twist For Eye is a unique matte liquid eyeshadow that contains pearl powder to give a dimensional illusion uncommon with mattes.  It takes about half a minute to dry completely, and then is budgeproof until removed with a makeup remover.  I was most impressed by the pigmentation as most other liquid eyeshadows tend to sheer out too quickly leaving barely a veil of color; instead the Alchemist Twist For Eye is capable of depositing an intense shade, so you may use them to line and cover at will.  In the eye look below, I have first sheered out a base layer in the shade 07 Mystic Knowledge all over my lid, and then added a 2nd layer from lash line up to mid-lid to intensify the color.  I also added a touch of liner and patted on some powder shimmer to make things more interesting, but it is entirely your choice.

THREE Alchemist Twist For Eye Mystic Knowledge (07) eye look

For the lips, THREE has released 5 new matte shades to the Lyrical Lip Bloom collection.  These are liquid lip stains that go from full coverage to gentle stains.  The Lyrical Lip Bloom glides on smoothly, thanks to plenty of plant oils that also keep lips nourished.  Though it goes on glossy at first, it gradually dries down to a soft matte finish that looks lived in rather than flat.  I love that it is so comfortable on the lips, I don’t even realize it is matte!  The best part is the longevity – even after a heavy meal there is still a perceptible stain left behind.

THREE Lyrical Lip Bloom Soul Sister

I was not aware that THREE had reformulated its blushes, but it certainly seems to be the case.  The new Cheeky Chic Blush is better pigmented and applies truer to pan than the previous Color Veil for Cheeks [reviewed here].  Both qualities make the Cheeky Chic Blush much more attractive propositions to me.  There are 2 new shades this season, and the one I have here is No. 15 Sweet Child, which is a sunkissed coral that surprisingly brightens up my complexion and helps to sculpt those cheekbones naturally.

THREE Cosmetics AW2018 Wild Cosmic Child

And here is a full makeup look featuring the 3 shown today:

THREE Cosmetics AW2018 Wild Cosmic Child makeup look

It is really quite liberating to be able to create an entire makeup look with merely 3 products that are so sleek they barely fill 1 of my palms!  THREE’s minimalist packaging can be beguiling, because contained within are products that pack a punch.  In Singapore, THREE Cosmetics is available at L4 TANGS Orchard.

This post featured products that were kindly provided for my consideration.  Regardless, all opinions expressed here are my own honest, unbiased views.

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