THREE Pressed Eye Color Palette Duo 10 Dark Eyed Angel

July 30, 2015

Before I lose momentum and all sense of time again, I would like to show you the other THREE Pressed Eye Color Palette Duo that I have.  In case you missed it, I already introduced 05 Love Evolution yesterday [read here], and in that post I had explained the novelty of these pressed cream & powder eyeshadow duos.  For today, I just wanted to very quickly show you 10 Dark Eyed Angel which is one of the most recent additions to the family.

THREE Pressed Eye Color Palette Duo Dark Eyed Angel

Unlike Love Evolution, Dark Eyed Angel is exactly the sort of color combination that I felt safest working with, and I was very much drawn by the beautiful multicoloured shimmery cream shade.  It comprises of a blackened purple cream and a mid-toned pink powder eyeshadow.

Here’s an off-focused shot to show you the gorgeous shimmers from both shades:

THREE Pressed Eye Color Palette Duo Dark Eyed AngelAnd a couple of swatches to show you how the eyeshadows translate on the skin:

THREE Pressed Eye Color Palette Duo Dark Eyed Angel swatchesAs with Love Evolution, the cream shade loses intensity when applied to the skin, although the shimmers show up better here.  The pink powder shade is paler and slightly sheerer than the lime powder shade from Love Evolution.  This pairing of Dark Eyed Angel certainly works much better worn layered powder over cream than singly.

THREE Pressed Eye Color Palette Duo Dark Eyed Angel swatches

I faced a lot of the same difficulties with Dark Eyed Angel as I did with Love Evolution, which was mainly getting the cream shade to show up on my lids (when applying with a brush), and getting it to stay put throughout the day.  However, I did find the shimmers showed up better here with Dark Eyed Angel, although that could be a function of the base color being sheerer than even Love Evolution.  Here is an eye look to demonstrate what I mean:

THREE Pressed Eye Color Palette Duo Dark Eyed Angel EOTD

For this look, I wore the blacked purple shimmery cream shade all over my lid from lash line to about mid-lid.  Thereafter, I layered on the pink powder shade all over up until the socket.  Added a touch of black liner to my lash line and mascara to finish.

And here is the full look in context:

THREE Pressed Eye Color Palette Duo Dark Eyed Angel LOTD

I am rather disappointed by the final look, which I find to be rather blah.  There is simply no life to the look, and such a far cry from how complex and shimmery the eyeshadows look from the pan.  Also, the cream shade settled into my hooded eye fold and caused the entire look to degenerate within hours of application.  Of course, if you don’t usually have problems with cream eyeshadows creasing on you, then this may not be a concern.  My lids have been known to kill all but the very best.

xo Linda


6 responses to “THREE Pressed Eye Color Palette Duo 10 Dark Eyed Angel”

  1. Bellyhead says:

    Sorry you were so disappointed! The more recent duos tha were released were a big disappointment to me, too! Low contrast, super low pigmentation, it barely looked like I put anything on.

    • silverkis says:

      Hey Belly, yeah I think my lids are death-con traps for cream eyeshadows! But I really had a hard time getting either one of these to show up on my lids…. I know you love them though!!

  2. Hmmm OK. I know many love THREE, but I’ve never tried because I am relatively sure the cream shadows won’t hold up. So sorry to hear it didn’t work for you!

  3. Lily says:

    Hey Linda, I guess some would call this wearable. Most people associate sheer colors with how easy it is to wear, but it’s a little different for us blogggers eh?

    • silverkis says:

      Yes you’re right, Lily. Wearable shades these are. Not terrible really, just that I keep asking myself…. where are all those shimmers?!??? LOLOL! Demanding wench i am!

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