TheFaceShop Ink Lipquid

June 23, 2015

Liquid lipcolors are all the rage this time of the year, and I’m seriously loving this year’s crop of new formula.  The latest to arrive is TheFaceShop‘s Ink Lipquid, an all-in-one liquid lip product.

TheFaceShop Ink Lipquid

The first thing that struck me was the innovative new packaging design used by TheFaceShop’s Ink Lipquid.  To be honest, I’m not sure if I’m completely in love with them, but they are functional with the window along the side to show the color of the product inside & an accurate color chip at the top of the cap to make it easy to identify during morning crush.  The doe-foot applicator is well-designed, hugs the curves of my lips, and makes application easy.  The tubes are lightweight and handy-sized, perfect for toting around a bunch of them in your purse for options.  And priced at SGD17.90 (approximately USD13.25) for 4ml they sure are easy on the wallet!

TheFaceShop Ink Lipquid

TheFaceShop’s Ink Lipquid is formulated to have the rich colours of a lipstick, long-lasting wear of a lip tint, and moisturising feel of a lip gloss.  The colour pigments are extracted from flowers, with the pink and purple shades extracted from the willow herb; beige, coral and orange shades extracted from saffron; and red and brown shades from apple blossoms.  TheFaceShop claims their Ink Lipquid  lasts for 12 hours on the lips, and maintains the lips’ natural moisture balance throughout its wear time.

There are 12 shades available in the 3 colour families.  I received 1 from each colour family, and here is how they look on my lips (all 2 swipes across the lips):

TheFaceShop Ink Lipquid RD02 Red Sing lip swatch TheFaceShop Ink Lipquid PK03 Shah Pink lip swatch TheFaceShop Ink Lipquid OR02 Orange Some lip swatch

I am most impressed by how perfectly comfortable these Ink Lipquids feel on my lips.  They go on as lightly as one of those oil-based lip glosses, and are completely non-sticky  Every lip product in the market claims to be hydrating, but these Ink Lipquids far surpass the competition.  I don’t feel the need to apply even a drop of lip balm even after consecutive days’ wear.

On the other hand, I found the wear of these Ink Lipquids to be closer to that of lip glosses on me.  They do outlast light sips of water, but pretty much go away when I eat anything.  That said, they do dry down after application to be somewhat satin and don’t stay at high gloss throughout, which is about consistent with most other lip stains.  The relatively short wear time may also be due to the fact that they taste like strawberries, and unconsciously start licking my lips after a meal!  The colour intensity is excellent, but the formula itself tended to be somewhat thin and required several layers to achieve full coverage.

And here are a couple of full looks to put the lips into their proper context.  I seemed to have missed one for Red Sing, and I’ll update accordingly if and when I wear it the next time!

MOTD featuring TheFaceShop Ink Lipquid PK03 Shah Pink

MOTD featuring TheFaceShop Ink Lipquid PK03 Shah Pink

MOTD featuring TheFaceShop Ink Lipquid OR02 Orange Some

MOTD featuring TheFaceShop Ink Lipquid OR02 Orange Some

Overall, really lovely lip-loving formula for daily wear!  I love the bright pops of color, and the fact that they do dry down somewhat makes them really handy for creating an ombre lip!!  And at SGD17.90 each, I don’t feel so guilty grabbing a few more for the stash!  😉

Did any of these catch your eye?

xo Linda

This post featured products that were sent to me by TheFaceShop Singapore for my consideration.  Regardless, all opinions expressed here are my own honest, unbiased views.

6 responses to “TheFaceShop Ink Lipquid”

  1. Lily says:

    Orangesome looks great on you! I always walk past TFS but never go in. Maybe I should go have a look at these 🙂

    • silverkis says:

      That’s interesting since you’re not the only one who likes Orange Some on me… it wasn’t my fav of the 3 originally, but now, i’ve got to look at it with a fresh pair of eyes!

  2. Celine Chiam says:

    Coral looks great on you babe! 🙂

  3. Oh wow. these look very juicy, lovely and affordable. I believe we don’t have this brand here but I will check it out.

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