Tom Ford Nail Lacquer in African Violet

August 5, 2013

Hello lacqueristas!  I’ve been eyeing the Tom Ford nail polish range for the longest time… given how much I love the cosmetic line, I expect the same quality from the lacquers as well.  The colors in the range are all gorgeous, classy and sultry, you would expect nothing less from the man after all.  I had a hard time picking, but finally decided on African Violet as it looked the most chic and stood out the most from the rest of the line.

Tom Ford nail lacquer African Violet

African Violet is a bright magenta with a purplish undertone.  It is a luscious cream formula that dries down extremely fast, leaving a super shiny finish.  This is probably the fastest drying nail lacquer I have ever tried, and is second best to none (perhaps except Guerlain, reviewed here) in terms of shine.

Tom Ford nail lacquer African Violet swatch

The only thing I noticed, was the formula itself is somewhat thin, and requires 3 coats to be fully opaque and streak free.  I was happy to see that these lasted a decent 3 days without chipping and only minor wearing off at the edges, not quite a world record but certainly far longer than some other brands (looking at you, Chanel!).  Tom Ford also uses the traditional narrow bristled brushes, but I did not have as much trouble with these as I do with some other brands.

True to the rest of the Tom Ford beauty range, the nail lacquers are priced on the luxury end of the market at SGD45 a bottle.  However, it does come with 12ml of product, slightly more than the standard 10ml, or a pitiful 6ml in some cases (that’s right, boo to ya, Lancome!).

So, have you had the chance to try out Tom Ford’s nail lacquers yet?

6 responses to “Tom Ford Nail Lacquer in African Violet”

  1. jordie says:

    wow, 3 coats, will think twice about buying this, thanks for the tip

  2. Gorgeous color – too bad it is too thin.

    • silverkis says:

      yeah…. 🙁 But i think Guerlain’s Fall collection will feature a similar shade called Madamebatifole. I hadnt had a chance to swatch it yet to compare though.

  3. I have read other reviews on Tom Ford lacquers saying that the formula is too thin as well. They returned it because they said it was not good value for the price it cost but i do love the shine on your nails from it. I want to try Guerlain ones though because i love so many of their products

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