By Terry Sun Designer Palette in Tan & Flash Cruise

April 29, 2016

Let the sun shine!!  I was initially planning on checking this out in person when it hits stores in Singapore before buying it, but after seeing this gorgeous By Terry Sun Designer Palette pop up all over Instagram, I couldn’t resist and ordered it from Beautylish.  And what do you know, it seems that this baby will be available in Singapore sooner than expected.  So, this should be a timely post for those of you still considering it!

By Terry Sun Designer Palette Tan & Flash Cruise

This post was originally supposed to be published yesterday, but then some disgusting sh*t happened, and I have been trying to shake it off all day, but finally decided the best way to get everything off my chest is to just pen it down.  For many years now, I’ve been telling myself that friends don’t come easily, and whether in business or in life, sincerity is the best policy.  I am a straight shooter when people are in the wrong, but also fiercely loyal towards my friends.  I’ve never been skilled at deceit or evil-plotting, and never fabricated lies to sow discord.  Yet in the 3 years that I’ve been blogging and active in the social media circle, I’ve seen more backstabbing than I’ve ever witnessed in my entire life.  What is the point, exactly?  Just to get a few more free products?  To earn a few more followers?  How pitiful!

I thought I chose my friends wisely, and that by treating people with sincerity they’ll return the same.  Until yesterday when I was practically slapped in the face.  I guess I was the one who has been dreaming idealistic dreams all along.  I’ve never belittled Instagrammers, but some people that I used to consider as “friends” have been accusing me of things that just proved to me how completely clueless people are about what it really takes to maintain a blog.  Even just writing a proper review takes hours and hours of work.  I am publishing 4-6 posts per week, that translates into hundreds of hours of work per month.  How dare anybody who only has to take 1 flatlay and a few sentences of “review”  cobbled together from press releases try to trivialise what I do??  So often I’ve read pure nonsense “reviews” with not a single makeup look or swatch.  Skincare “sharing” just days (if not hours) after receiving a product… *rolls eyes*

Oh and it gets better.  Apparently I’ve been writing to brand managers introducing myself as some-Instagrammer’s friend.  Seriously, grow a pair.  Get some balls.  Start penning down a real blog.  And tell me why I should have to introduce myself as an “Instagrammer” when I have an entire body of work right here to prove myself?!  If a PR can’t be bothered to click on a link to check out my blog, or doesn’t appreciate my blog, then it’s much better not to force a marriage.  And I’m not so desperate that I can’t go out and buy myself whatever that’s not sent to me.  In any case, my real friends know that I’m always more than happy to put them in contact with PRs if they even just ask.  If any of my friends were to introduce themselves as my friend, I’ll be flattered.  If a supposed “friend” feels otherwise, it can only stem from a deep sense of insecurity.  And after all these years of working with PRs, I’ve never been in a position where a PR would tell me of these nosy business, and I am seriously doubtful any PR would be that unprofessional.  Sure, we’ve all heard gossips about xyz writing to PRs, blah blah blah… but who has actually seen those emails??  Tell me, and prove me wrong it’s not all just bullshit crap started by jealous people out to flame their competition?

So yes, I’ve said my piece, and I’m sorry if this bored you terribly.  But I needed to get it off my chest.  And now, we can (and should) focus on the beautiful things in life!

By Terry Sun Designer Palette

By Terry has released 2 gorgeous face palettes called the Sun Designer Palettes.  I had a hard time deciding because they both looked equally pretty.  In the end, I took some advice from other Instagrammer friends overseas (probably the modern-day equivalent of pen pals???) who have seen both palettes in real life, and picked Tan & Flash Cruise (1).  The palette comes in a sleek mirrored compact with a stunning design on the cover that is replicated in the dimensional surface of the powders inside.

By Terry Sun Designer Palette - Tan & Flash Cruise

The palette is divided into 2 halves – the left contains 3 different-hued blushes, and the right contains a highlighter and 2 bronzers.  Each shade is a large enough sliver for a regular-sized cheek brush to sweep over without much fuss, but the blushes are so pigmented you really only need to press your brush gently and apply.

By Terry Sun Designer Palette - Tan & Flash Cruise

I absolutely love that this Tan & Flash Cruise palette has a wide variety of warm- to cool-tones, and matte to shimmer finishes!  Here are the swatches:

By Terry Sun Designer Palette - Tan & Flash Cruise swatches

From left to right, the shades are:

I was a little worried when I first opened up this palette because there was quite a bit of powder kicked-up within the pan.  However, once I started using this By Terry Sun Designer Palette in Tan & Flash Cruise, I was reassured that none of the shades are powdery at all.  The matte highlighter and shimmery bronzer is an interesting twist, and they actually work to give a luminous sheen to the cheeks.  The matte beige also works well to set undereye concealers and to tone down the shine along the t-zone that everybody is prone to in the hotter months ahead!  And as I already mentioned above, the blushes are pigmented!!  Start with a light hand, and blend blend blend!

Sabrina at The Beauty Look Book has swatches of both palettes here; and you can also take a look at Indigo Kir Royale’s review of Tan & Flash Cruise here.

Have a wonderful long weekend, spend your time wisely with people who truly matter, and don’t let nobody dull your shine!

xo Linda